Work and Rewards

Work and Rewards

This whole losing weight/getting fit/working out at 4:45 a.m. thing is hard.  Sure, I like the changes I’m seeing.  Sure, I feel great.  But some days its tough.

I think that you have to reward your efforts.

I’ve been steadily doing the 21 Day Fix for almost 2 weeks now, and I was ready to reward myself.  I think you can just feel it.  You can tell when its becoming more of a struggle and you need a pat on the back.

So yesterday at lunch, I got a pedicure.  I technically should have waited until this weekend to really mark 2 full weeks…but I’m going out of town this weekend…so I rewarded myself on a Wednesday at lunch.

2015-01-15 07_18_25-Brittney Lee (@brittneydeanne) • Instagram photos and videos

And it felt great.

It didn’t solve all my problems.  Eating on plan at dinner last night was still tough.  Not having a glass of wine after dinner was tough (I REALLY wanted one!).  Getting up this morning to work out was still tough.

But at least I’m earning it. 🙂

I know what my next reward will be.  I received a half hour massage certificate for Christmas, and I have it booked for the end of the month – 2 more weeks.  If I stick with it, I’m upgrading my half hour to a full hour.  Totally.

You gotta do what you gotta do.  Do you reward your hard work?  I think you should!


  1. I am ALL for rewards. I usually try to keep my rewards on a schedule, like you do, but if that reward is going to keep me from going nuts & ruining my good habits, I’ll splurge. Right now? My reward is an ice lolly from the shop next to Eggshells after I’m done with this round.

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