Work It

Work It

Real talk time.

I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday because it’s what you do.  I don’t really care about pro football, but my mom and I always make a bet because that’s what my Grandpa would have done.  I also like to get together for the food (see, I told you, real talk). This year, I did make healthier food (lightened up enchiladas, dip with veggies instead of chips, and a lightened up Weight Watchers cake).

But the best part of the Super Bowl is always the halftime show.  Except for that year it was The Who.  Coulda cared less.  I was pretty excited about Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz…but then you heard that familiar “ding da ding ding” of “Get Your Freak On” and I went NUTS.

MISSY ELLIOT? Is that you?!

And then she came on and performed some of her greatest hits. And I loved it.

I went and downloaded some of her music and have been listening to it non-stop.

But the best part of the whole ordeal is the young people who think Katy Perry introduced a new artist. hahaha

2015-02-05 07_43_42-Missy Elliott_ It's 'cool' kids think I'm a 'new artist' - NY Daily News


What did you think of the half time show?  Missy Elliot fan?


  1. I didn’t watch – because I was sick, and because I just don’t care. But I was excited to hear about Missy Elliott (still haven’t watched – but I will one of these days). I thought it was so funny that younger (and older) people have no clue who she is! Guess you have to be a special kind of 90’s kid to know Missy 😉

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