Workout buddies, anyone?

I am needing to incorporate more strength training into my workouts.  These are easy and can be done at home for me.

However, it is the motivation to workout in the mornings, and not just lay on the couch sipping coffee.

I am throwing this out there….

I am wanting to do 15-30 minutes of strength training in the mornings (mostly with videos or clips from youtube)…is there anyone who wants to do this in the morninngs (around 5:15 a.m.) and we can do a little text chain to get us going?  I know there is no way for me to physically meet anybody that early (the gym I work out at is 30 minutes away…and I am NOT getting up that early to be at the gym at 5:15!).  But I thought maybe a little text chain would be some motivation.

I thought it might look like this:  whoever wants some early morning motivation, we would exchange phone numbers.  We would swap weeks sending texts every week day at a certain time.  These texts could be reminders to work out, quotes, workout challenges, whatever…but a little friendly boost to pick up my weights in the morning.

Any takers?  Let me know!

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