The Great Christmas Cookie Swap

Yesterday we hosted a cookie swap for a bunch of friends after church.
The friends were mostly people Tyler went to high school with…and a few other church friends.  It was SO FUN!
I didn’t get a picture of everyone there…but so many fun friends came out!  We really enjoyed talking (the women talked about pregnancy- there were 2 preggo ladies there- babies, work, faith, and funny stories…and the guys played with Tyler’s RC car and watched football after eating and eating and eating).  Such a great time.  We have already decided to have a superbowl party at our house so everyone can get together again!
Tyler put up the “Party’s Here” sign as we came home from church.
 I had the whole kitchen set up for food!  The wine table held the plates, napkins and forks.
 The first part of our counter had the sandwhiches….ham rolls, tortilla rolls ups, and club sandwhich puffs.  Pretty much everything was eaten!
 The next section had BBQ meatballs, chips with bean dip and salsa…
 The past the stove was pita chips and hummus, crackers and pepper jelly, bagel chips and cheddar dip…
 Chips and french onion dip, veggies and fruit trays…
 And for drinks we had crock pot hot chocolate (which was DELISH and such a hit!) and tea and water.
 Nancy spent some time holding baby Myles.  Mikey was HILARIOUS with the babies.  He didn’t bark, he didn’t whine, he didn’t bother you while you held them.  He just kept his eyes on you.  Here he is craning his neck to see the baby.
 Jessica also got to love on Myles.
 The whole kitchen was full of friends.  It is such a blessing to have friends to fill our home with laughter!
 These were all the cookies.  Everything from chocolate chip, mint cookies, white choc caramel, oreo bark, oreo balls, thin mints, and more deliciousness.
 I got to love on baby Myles a bit too!
 But Myles wasn’t the only adorable baby to visit!  Ian was asleep during the first part of the party, but when he woke up he got passed around too!  Ian is 9 months and so fun!  He was playing with some of my tupperware containers and some balls around our house!  Precious!
We stuffed ourselves from the food and cookies and then laughed off all the calories (I wish!)  
God has really blessed us with some great friends here.  I am so thankful that these people who grew up with Tyler have embraced me and loved on me too!  They are a fun bunch!  Can’t wait to get together again soon!


  1. looks yummy and like SO much fun!!

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