You asked: Can I Zumba everyday?

You asked: Can I Zumba everyday?

One question my students and those friends I meet online ask is:

Can you do Zumba everyday?

Well, you can, but that doesn’t always mean you should. Let’s talk about how you could possibly take daily classes, along with some of the risks of daily strenuous exercise so you can decide if Zumba everyday is right for you.

Let’s talk about how you can do Zumba everyday.

Because of the accessibility of Zumba DVDs, video games, and Zumba on Youtube, you totally have the ability to do Zumba everyday.  You don’t have to wonder whether or not your gym offers daily Zumba classes because you have the ability to do Zumba each day right at your home. At the last publication of their facts, Zumba reported they had over 6 million people taking classes weekly in 50,000 classes offered in 75 countries….but that doesn’t mean there are enough local classes offered in your area for daily classes, so if you really want to do Zumba on a daily basis, you’ll have to invest in one of these at-home resources. So sure, you are capable of doing Zumba everyday, but should you?

Risks of taking Zumba Everyday

Over-exercising, no matter what the form of exercise is, can be harmful.  First off, it can put too much stress on your body, setting you up for injuries (which could sideline you from doing Zumba at all!).  But, several articles and studies have shown some negative side effects to daily strenuous exercise.  Zumba is a high-intensity, high-impact strenuous you need to use caution.
First off, two studies have shown links to daily strenuous exercise and heart attacks.  These studies have shown that 2-4 days per week and moderation are better for your body and your heart.
Another risk to doing Zumba each day is simply overtraining.  Overtraining can actually impede your body transformation because it doesn’t allow your body time to heal and muscles to rebuild. It can also cause you to use bad form while working out, because you are too sore to move properly. Overtraining can also weaken your immune system, causing you to get sick more, cause a loss of appetite, and simply cause you to burn out.  It’s not good.
So how can you prevent overtraining?  Honestly, I think you might want to refrain from doing Zumba everday, but instead aim for 2-4 times per week.  Now those other days, you don’t have to be sedentary, but you might want to try “active rest” days.  You can walk, do yoga, stretch, or maybe do some light swimming.  All of these things will keep you moving, but allow your body the ability to heal and rest.
So while you could do Zumba everyday, I think you would benefit from some rest days, or active rest days.  Take caution when planning your workout schedule.  I know Zumba is fun…but doing it everyday may not be healthy.  Even if you’re trying to reach goals…taking rest days or active recovery days is important to keep you on track.
Even though you want to do Zumba everyday, it may be better to take a rest day.
Let me know if you have any questions!


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