You Wouldn’t Believe Me If I Told You…

Last week, a few REALLY random things went down.

1. I was paid to do pageant coaching. Now, I did do pageants as a young girl.  I still go to Miss Arkansas every year.  But somehow I opened my big mouth to a friend at church whose daughter is competing in glitz-type pageants…and I met them for a pageant coaching session.  I coached her and a friend in “modeling” and talent.  It was actually pretty fun.  I’m meeting her again this week for a voice lesson.  I get myself into the craziest situations!

2. We went on an impromptu date Thursday night.  Originally, Tyler and his mom were going to stay here for the weekend, so I told Tyler I wanted to spend some time together Thursday evening (since we would be separated all weekend).  He wanted to go see Silver Linings Playbook, which was playing at the cheap theater.  It was a really great night!  We might make weeknight dates a regular occurance!

3. I may have gone a little crazy adding to my Hanson collection.  I decided to go through my cds and buy them cheap on Amazon if I was missing the disc or the case (gotta have a complete collection!), and I may have decided to purchase all the Hanson DVDs as well.  馃檪  Let’s just say that the UPS man will frequent my house soon.

4. Speaking of Hanson, they are playing in St. Louis at a food and wine festival the weekend of my birthday.  I told Tyler he had a choice.  He could take me to St. Louis or plan a party.  If I were him, I’d take the easy way out and get me to St. Louie! 馃檪

5. I made a DELISH chocolate cake at work.  A coworker said it was “the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten.”  I didn’t snap a pic of it whole, but I did get one of the little bit that was left after lunch.

  Here is the recipe:

Swiss Chocolate Cake with German Chocolate Buttercream
         1 box swiss chocolate cake mix (prepared as directed)
         陆 cup sour cream
         1 jar coconut pecan frosting
         1 jar chocolate buttercream frosting
         1 8 oz block cream cheese
        1 tablespoon cocoa
Mix the cake mix as directed, adding sour cream and 陆 cup of the coconut pecan frosting.
Bake as directed in two 8 or 9 inch rounds (mine took an extra 5 minutes or so because it was so moist).
Let cool.
Mix the rest of the coconut pecan frosting, chocolate buttercream, cocoa, and cream cheese well.
Frost cooled cake and top with optional mini chocolate chips. J

Happy random Tuesday!


  1. The cake looks and sounds delicious! My husband’s birthday is coming up, so I am bookmarking this recipe. 馃檪

    The Grass Skirt Blog

  2. 1. Um I’m totally requesting some of that cake the next time we see each other!
    2. You’re making me want to buy all of the Hanson albums I’m missing pieces of now…and the DVDs too
    3. I love that you’re doing pageant coaching and some voice training now. Do I see a new career in your future?
    4. I know I keep saying this but if Tyler wants to send you to St. Louis but doesn’t wanna accompany you: I’m free!!! 馃檪

    • 1. No cake. We are getting smaller. 馃檪
      2. Sorry I’m a bad influence when it comes to spending money.
      3. Girl, if I could make a legit living off bossing little girls around, I would totally do it.
      4. I know! I wish it were that easy! Gah! Boys make life difficult!

  3. I’m gonna have to go back because I missed the other days you talked about hanson. I only saw Day 1 and saw a few pics but just of my fave Zachary. I dont have all their CD’s and not sure I ever will. I still have my collection of Hanson stuff in a tubberwear tub in my room and it’s what I had from 1997 when I was big on liking them

  4. I know that there are a lot of haters out there, but I’ll be the first to say that pageants are fun! I hope you have fun coaching!!! Maybe I’ll catch you on TLC sometime. 馃檪

    • I love a good pageant! We go to Miss Arkansas every year…for a while I knew girls in college who were competing, but I’ve pretty much aged out of that! ha! I doubt I’ll go “pro” with the coaching anytime soon, but it was fun.

  5. That cake looks delicious!!! Will have to try sometime! That’s so funny that you were roped into pageant coaching. Sometimes I wish life had a rewind button, don’t you?!

    • Girl that cake was gooood (the one on your blog looks yum too!). I often wish I had a rewind button! I get myself into the craziest situations by opening my mouth. ha!

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