Zaggora Hot Pants Review

I kept seeing ads on Facebook for Zaggora hot pants…then I heard about them on Good Morning America. I was intrigued.  I was given a pair to review…and I’ve gotten to wear them several times, so here is my honest opinion on the HotPants 2.0 capris from Zaggora.
The pants are not my favorite workout capris.  They don’t stretch as well as my compression pants, and I had trouble really doing more than just walking in them. They just felt a little uncomfortable.
They also are made of a thick neoprene (like a wetsuit) that is NOISY when you wear them.  Every time you stepped and your thighs rubbed together, you heard a “whoosh” sound. ha!
However….all that said…they did make me sweat a TON in the pants. The challenge was to wear them daily for 2 weeks and measure (which I couldn’t do…I’ll explain in a second), but I could totally see how they could help you lose some water bloat while you are working out.
I couldn’t wear them daily because they have to be hand washed and hung to dry….and ain’t nobody got time for that.  I was able to wear them about once a week…but never had time to hand wash them more often.  So if you want to give them a fair chance, you’re probably going to need a few pair.
All in all, they aren’t a total waste of money, but you’re going to have to wear them more than once a week to see the added benefit.


  1. i JUST cant see me wearing these for two straight weeks. haha but I need to try them out!

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