Zucchini Lasagna!

So quite often after work, Tyler and I eat at Cheddar’s in Fort Smith. It is so close to both of our work…and they have a great selection. Another plus is they have lots of healthy options for me while dieting. Well, one option temps me every time there. They have a baked lasagna/spaghetti dish that looks AMAZING…and it never fails that someone close to our table is chowing down on it while we are there.

Well, needless to say I’ve been craving lasagna! But my diet doesn’t allow for pasta (my carb choices are limited to 40 calorie bread, melba toast, and tortillas) so I had to get creative.

Tonight I made lasagna using zucchini as the noodles! It was sooo good!

Zucchini Lasagna- about 6 servings

-4-5 small zucchinis
-8 ounces cottage cheese
-8 ounces frozen spinach
-1 jar spaghetti sauce
-Garlic Powder, Italian Herbs
-1 pound ground turkey

For the pasta, I just took a peeler, and peeled the zucchini. Then I layed it down on my cutting board, and using the peeler, made long strips. Then I basically made lasagna as usual, but used the zucchini as noodles.

I also puree the cottage cheese. Its healthier than ricotta (more protein, less fat if you use the 1% cottage cheese) but I can’t stand the chunks. So I just ran it through the food processor with a little garlic powder and some Italian herbs…and its so yummy and turns out just like ricotta!

I also add some frozen spinach to the ground turkey as it cooks, it just sneaks in more veggies and fills out the lasagna.

I mix the fake ricotta with the browned ground turkey, and layer that with the zucchini and sauce. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until bubbly. It was VERY good!

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