Zumba 101: Weekly Series

So, I am becoming quite the Zumba afficianado.  My blog posts that mention Zumba get more traffic, and I always get comments about Zumba.  So, since I know quite a bit about it (I am a Zumba instructor and have taken Zumba for 7+ years) I thought I would do a little weekly series on some Zumba topics.

So, if you don’t care anything in the least about Zumba, don’t visit my blog on Thursdays for the next couple months! 🙂

So here we go with Zumba 101.  Here are some topics I will be covering (these are questions I get asked alot…so they are questions you might have!):
What is Zumba like?
The calories Zumba burns
Zumba Fashion
The Best Shoes for Zumba
Zumba Music
How do you become a Zumba instructor?
What is the Zumba Instructor Network?
Zumba Music Playlist
Zumba Dance Steps
How to Find a Zumba Class
Is Zumba effective?
Zumba Tips

and really anything else I can think of that pertains to Zumba…


  1. I’m a zumba newbie, so I will be staying tuned for Zumba 101! Especially interested in the Zumba fashions & music!

    Looking forward to the new series 🙂

    Mandi @ the Sassy Fit Mom

  2. I love Zumba, but I quit when my gym stopped offering it during the day. 🙁 I even have Zumba shoes! I need to find somewhere else to take it I guess. I did buy Zumba for the Wii. It’s okay, but not nearly as much fun as a live class.

  3. Thinking about taking a zumba class once we move. These posts sound like fun!

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