Zumba Convention Day 3

Zumba Convention Day 3

Day 3 was a day where I had to push past the tired.  I wasn’t totally feeling my choices for the day (mostly because they were intense and I was tired….) until I saw Sheila in my toning master class.  We got by each other and I was glad because there were a couple partner songs…and they are much better when you know your partner. 🙂
After the class, we took a picture with our FIERCE teacher, Jani Roberts.
Next, I had Zumba Core. It was a good class and I got some great ideas.
After Core, I was eating lunch and talking to Tyler on the phone, telling him I thought I might just sit and watch my last class.  I was tired.  Well, my last class was Zumba Warrior, again with Jani Roberts from above.  It was a demo class for her new concept of a mix between Zumba, martial arts, and boot camp.  And I did it.  And I gave my absolute all. AND I LOVED IT.  It literally changed the way I think about fitness.  I hope they make it a Zumba speciality soon.
We got ready for the party that evening…and we stopped to take a picture with some ZES.
Then Lauren and I slipped on our costumes!  We were unicorns.  Everyone thought we were adorable.  We took lots of pic that night. 🙂
My favorites were the Lollipop guild!
This was our River Valley crew!
The band was a girl from the Voice.  I don’t know her name but she was great.
And then this guy came out.  All the Spanish speakers went NUTS. Taking pictures, videos, crying.  We asked who it was and they said “Marc Anthony!” so I took some pictures.  Turns out, it was a Marc Anthony impersonator! ha! He had them all fooled!
We didn’t get back to the room until like midnight.  We party hard, kids. 🙂


  1. Zumba Warrior class sounds awesome, I want to try that!!

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