Zumba Core Training

Now on to the regularly scheduled programming. 🙂

Zumba has a new option for instructors who are members of the Zumba Instructor Network – Zumba Core training!

Zumba Core is no doubt inspired by the video game….but it is an educational module designed to teach instructors how to incorporate core-focused moves into their classes.
What does Zumba Core training entail?  Well, you buy the training in the “Continuing Education” area of the Zumba site.  You get a training manual and a DVD/CDset. You have to study the materials and take an online exam to pass the course.
What does this mean for students? This means that if your instructor gets training in Zumba Core, you will have access to the newest fitness routines and techniques available from Zumba Fitness! These routines are focused on the core of the body, resulting in more toning (and who doesn’t want that?).
I haven’t gotten my DVD in the mail yet, but I can hardly wait to watch it and learn how to make Zumba even more Core focused!
I also just purchased the Zumba Core video game!  I can’t wait to have some time to play it!  I LOVE the original Zumba Wii game, so I’m sure this one will rock too!  You can get your own Zumba Core video game by clicking below!
Xbox 360
or Wii
Zumba already works the core area with all the latin moves (and hip moves!) but this is another way that Zumba is equipping instructors to offer the most cutting edge, effective workout out there!

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