Zumba Dance Steps: Zumba 101

The fun of Zumba is the dance steps.  But the Zumba dance steps can also be a source of frustration to some.  If you are new to a class, you will have to focus on the steps at first.  But don’t worry….a few times in the class and the moves will become second nature to you!

There are SO many dance steps in Zumba….so there is no way I can cover them all for you.  In fact, Zumba has over 20 different dance rhythms, and each one has a different set of steps. But, there are a few basic Zumba dance steps to show you.

There is a series of videos on Youtube covering some basic sets of steps for Zumba.  I am happy to share them here for you.

If you have never been to a Zumba class (or still feel uncomfortable with the moves) get up from your computer and dance along!  She does a great job breaking down the Zumba dance steps to make them easier for you!

Cumbia is one of the core rhythms and a great beginner move to learn!

I love the name of this step!  The Sleepy Leg!  It is a classic, simple Cumbia move!

Salsa is one of the core rhythms.  The step is simple when you break it down…

This is some really basic bellydance Zumba moves.

Merengue is a very simple Zumba dance step.  Its basically a march.

This is a classic Zumba move named after the creator of Zumba- Beto!  We do this single, single, double thing a lot in Zumba.

So now that you have seen some basic steps, try a dance!


  1. Ah you’re killing me!! I can’t wait to go back to Zumba!!

  2. My friend wants me to take a Zumba class with her, so I’m hoping to learn some steps first. I’ve never been very good at dancing, so I think I would enjoy it more if I knew what was happening. I’ve seen her doing it before, and it looks like it would be fun, and good exercise.

  3. Rose Willey :

    Hi my name is Rose. You are right I never dance before and here I am taking a Zumba class at a Santa Fe Community College I was frustrated. I hope after practicing with these moves, I will get better and have fun the Zumba moves rather than stress over it.

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