Zumba Fashion: Zumba 101

Zumba Fashion: Zumba 101

Zumba is not just a workout.  It really is a way of life!  One aspect of that is the Zumba clothing!  Zumba sells their own line of Zumbawear.  But beyond that, Zumba fashion is about three things: cargo pants, bright colors, and customized clothing! Zumba fashion is for both instructors and students!
One thing that Zumba is known for is their cargo pants.  It is a joke at instructor trainings that until you buy your first pair of cargo pants, you aren’t a real Zumba instructor!  We have “the look” that is typical with one pant leg up, and one pant leg down….as seen in the Zumba shop.
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Now let’s take a look at the bright colors of Zumbawear!

This is a group of instructors at our Zumbathon last year (I’m on the left in the pink shirt and purple pants!).  Notice the purple pants, bright tops, hats, jackets, and more!  We also love to pile on the bracelets!
 Workout clothing comes in bright neon colors now.  You can get neon compression capris, bright pink sports bras, and neon green tank tops. Zumba is the perfect place to rock those bright colors!

Customizing your clothing by cutting it up is also popular in the Zumba fashion world.

At the most recent Zumbathon, I cut up my shirt…you can see it here.  I wore a bright, contrasting color underneath to accentuate the cuts.

The photo above is me (in the black tank…I was headed to dinner!) with a bunch of Zumba Education Specialists at Zumba Convention in 2013.  You can see all the trends- Zumba cargo pants, slashed capris, neon workout clothes.  It’s so fun!
Even if you don’t have Zumbawear, Zumba is a great place to express yourself with your clothing!  The bright colors only add to the fun atmosphere of Zumba!  So in your next Zumba class, break out the bright colors!

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