Zumba Music Playlist: Zumba 101

I always get questions about my Zumba music playlist!  I have talked before about the Zumba music….and people LOVE seeing my playlist!

A typical Zumba playlist should consist of at least 70% international music (including Latin, Belly Dance, Carribean, and other world music) and 30% of whatever the instructor wants!  I use everything in my 30% from Country, to Hip Hop, to Broadway!

Also, a Zumba playlist should always have a warmup, a “toning” song (where you warm up and work major muscles, like legs, abs, arms), then have the workout portion, and then have a cool down/stretch section.  I also usually include an ab song toward the end.

Here are some screen shots of some of my Zumba playlists.  Most of my playlists are 45 minutes.  I used to teach an hour class, so I got to do a few more songs.  Usually a 45 minute class will accomodate 12-15 songs.

This is my sample Zumba Music Playlist #1.  I have a mix of different music styles including merengue, salsa, hip hop, and more!  The Cup of Life is our warmup, Let’s Dance is our “toning” song, “Boyfriend” works our abs (see my video for that song here!) And then the cool down to Save the Last Dance and we stretch to My Girl.

This is my second sample Zumba Music Playlist.  I often will use custom warmup mixes that I find online.  Some of my favorites come from DJ Baddmixx.  He makes warmup mixes for Zumba instructors!  Find his music here!  In this playlist, everything is international except the warmup, toning, abs, cool down/stretch and the Britney Spears song.  Songs that come from Zumba Fitness are songs I got for being a ZIN member.

In this Zumba Music Playlist I used another warmup mix along with rhythms such as salsa, reggaeton, belly dance, and more!  This is a very international mix with only Bang Bang and the warmup and stretch being in my 30%.

So those are some samples of my playlists for Zumba.  Zumba is great because we can use music from all over the world!  I have some Brazilian pop, some French songs, some songs from India….anything goes!  It just has to stick to the Zumba formula with 70% international music!  Easy when there is SO much music to put in your playlist from all over the world!


  1. Cool to see what other Zumba classes are doing! We have a sub teacher right now because our regular is on maternity leave. She’s from Brazil and I love her! One of my favorites of hers right now is Loaded by Ricky Martin. My least favorite is Brainwash, but it’s a good workout. Lot’s of squats and I can barely breath when it’s over!

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