Zumba Music: Zumba 101

The BEST part about Zumba (to me, anyway!) is the music!  The music is international…meaning it comes from all over the world.  At first, you might be annoyed that you can’t understand the music (I know I was when I first started Zumba years ago) but then you realize you feel the music better with your heart and soul than you would understand it with your brain!

I find Zumba music all over the place!  I like to browse iTunes Latin charts.  I will Youtube a song and see what pops up on the side as similar.  I will sometimes even listen to a Zumba station on Pandora!  (Yes!  You can Pandora “Zumba”!)  A few of my favorite Zumba artists are Pitbull, Don Omar, Ricky Martin, Winsn Y Yandel, Shakira, and Groupo Treo.  You probably only recognize the ones you hear on the radio (like Pitbull and Shakira).  I will post some videos of Zumba music that I use so you can catch the beat!

*side note: Zumba does produce LOTS of their own music.  Some of this music is available on iTunes…just search “Zumba Fitness”  Much more music is sent each month to instructors that are a part of the Zumba Instructor Network (or ZIN).  However, we are unable (according to our license agreement) to post or share that music.  So if you want more original Zumba tunes….become an instructor and member of ZIN!*

This is one of my class’s favorites…. Pegate by Groupo Treo.

My class calls this the “angry song” because we like to yell alot during this song! 🙂

Pitbull actually partnered with Zumba for Pause.  Here is the Zumba video for Pause.  Its a super fun song!

This is our “sexy salsa”  Just listen to it and TRY not to get swept away to another place!

We also LOVE this song in my classes. It has a fun vibe. “Lo Que No Sabes Tu” by Chino Y Nacho. I love the groove at the beginning of the song!

We also use some pop songs in between the latin/international stuff.  Some of our favorites are Sexy and I Know It (LMFAO), Dance Again (JLo), anything by Pitbull, and even some country stuff like Luke Bryan’s Country Girl Shake It for Me! 🙂

What Zumba music do you love in your class?


  1. Listening to these at work. They instantly make my day better 🙂

  2. dancing in my chair!! 🙂 our class does your “angry song” too 🙂 and of course “Pause” is a favorite I LOVE ZUMBA!! ps i need to get my shirt from you!!

    • Yes! Text me and we will make some plans! I work over on Rogers Ave now…so I can meet you sometime at lunch or after work one day. Just let me know! 🙂

  3. Brittney you rock, girl– I had no idea there’s a Zumba station on Pandora! *does happy dance* I listen to Pandora regularly and it never crossed my mind to search Zumba… the music is actually what really turned me on to Zumba, it’s such high energy..

    Loving this Zumba series 🙂


    • Mandi…I adore the Pandora station. It can instantly perk me up. Music is so powerful! Glad you are enjoying the series. I’m keeping them coming because there is so much to talk about! 🙂

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