Zumba on Youtube: Zumba 101

Today we are going to take a look at Zumba on Youtube. I even have a playlist of some Zumba Youtube videos for you!
Zumba on Youtube – one of my dance fitness videos
I get asked by many students how to do Zumba at home.  I tell them there are three ways: Zumba DVDs, the Zumba video games, and Zumba on Youtube.  Zumba youtube videos are all over Youtube. It is funny actually, because Zumba puts restrictions on videos that instructors post.  However, there are plenty out there to be found.  When I look for choreography, I often go to Youtube first. You can search a song name + Zumba, and you will get lots of results.  But how do you choose the good videos?  How do you know which instructors are doing Zumba properly?  How do you put videos together in a workout?
Well, I have created a Zumba workout playlist with 1 hour of videos!  This is an all inclusive workout!  From warmup (one of my dance fitness videos), to workouts, standing abs, and a cool down and stretch.  Now, these videos (except for two) are not my videos…so if they get taken down, I apologize.  However, at this time, all the videos are live.  You can access my playlist here.
There are also lots of great instructors who put their videos out there.  Here are some of my faves.  If you decide to do some Zumba Youtube videos, be sure to always warm up (just search workout warmup…or Zumba warmup) videos, and ALWAYS cool down and stretch after (again, search workout cool down and workout stretch…or Zumba cool down and Zumba stretch).
There really is no substitute for attending Zumba classes.  The energy, the guidance of having a live instructor.  But I know sometimes you are pressed for time, or you live rural, or you are afraid of taking a live class.  I would check out the Zumba DVDs because they give great instruction.  The Zumba video games for Wii and Xbox 360 are great as well, but in a pinch, Zumba on Youtube works.
If you have any questions about Zumba, please leave me a comment!  I love to hear from you!


  1. Great playlist! I’m a single mom & have been having a REALLY hard time making it to my local Zumba classes lately. I honestly am not a huge fan of the Zumba DVDs… they just don’t have the same energy as actually being at a live class. So most of these videos are perfect in that you can feed more off their energy while still getting a good fun workout in at home! Thanks! 🙂 zumbalove!

  2. What a great idea I never thought to check out YouTube for fitness instructions.

  3. Stopping by from Kellys Korner! Thank you so much for posting this video. I have been wanting to try Zumba but didn’t want to buy the DVD’s until I tried it. I had no idea it was on YouTube. I’m a new follower of your blog!

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