Zumba Tips: Zumba 101

Today in Zumba 101 let’s talk about Zumba tips.  Hopefully, after all this I have inspired you take a Zumba class.  If not, you REALLY should give one a try!  Whether you have taken Zumba for years, or are brand new, here are some Zumba tips for you!
Zumba tip #1: Leave your ego at the door.  In the Zumba world, instructors hear this alot…but it applies to students too.  If you are concerned with how you look, who is dancing better than you, if the instructor is watching you, etc….you will never get a good workout and have fun.  When you walk in the door, leave your ego outside.  Know you are going to look silly…and that is the point!  When you let loose, you move.  When you move, you burn calories.  When you burn calories, you lose weight.  So quit worrying about yourself!  EVERYONE in the class is watching the instructor, so no one is watching you.  Stop worrying about it.
Zumba tip #2: Wear the proper shoes.  I know I have posted about the best shoes for Zumba before, but many people after a few classes will quit going because something hurts.  While a few aches and pains are normal when starting a new workout regimen, joint pain is not normal.  Most knee, ankle, hip, and back problems in Zumba are caused by wearing the wrong shoes.  Shoes should be supportive, but have little tread on the bottom.
Zumba tip #3: Give it your all!  Doing anything halfway isn’t going to get you results.  Even if you feel like a fish flopping about, try and “complete” the moves.  This means doing the entire move.  Mimmick the instructor.  Make your moves big and complete and you will get a better workout.
Zumba tip #4: Ask your instructor questions.  ALL THE TIME I have students asking after class “Can you show me that step?”  “How do I do this step?”  “What is the name of that one song…”  Its ok to ask questions about Zumba dance steps.  If your knees hurt when you do a certain move, ask your instructor how to modify that move.  If you want to perfect a step, ask for a quick demo.  Instructors are there to INSTRUCT.  We are not rockstars, we are there to help.  So ask questions.
Zumba tip #5: Make friends in your class.

Some of my Zumba buddies who keep me motivated.  When we all dance together, we laugh and have a great time!

If you are there even a minute early, small talk with those around you.  Not only will you have more fun in class because you will build some friendships (even if they are only based on Zumba talk!), but it will motivate you to keep coming because you feel welcome.  Some good lines to small talk are “How long have you been taking this class?”  “I like your ____ (tennis shoes, shirt, watch, etc).  Where did you get it?”  “You look familiar.  Where do you work?”  (only use this one if you honestly think so!  But I think everyone looks like someone I know…so I use it a lot to figure out where I know someone from! ha!)  

Zumba tip #6: Have fun!  Yes, Zumba dance steps are skills to learn.  You might be trying to translate the Zumba music or memorize the Zumba music playlist. Don’t!  Zumba is exercise in disguise…..so go to have fun!  If you have fun, you will get the workout in that you need.  Make sure to laugh at yourself!  I find people dance better when they smile (true story!  I tell my classes to smile a lot!).  So enjoy yourself!
Well, those are my Zumba tips….I hope you find them helpful!  Do you have any other tips for Zumba?  Leave me a comment!


  1. Ok! I’m asking for those Zumba shoes for my birthday!!! Yay!

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