Saturday, I hosted a Zumbathon charity event for Relay for Life!  We worked for a little over a month at work to organize and promote it.  I was so worried that we wouldn’t have anyone show up…but I had prayed for at least 20 people…and we had about 25 participants!  God is faithful (once again!)  We had 5 local instructors (including myself) and it was so fun!  Here are some pictures from the event!

Me leading the warm up

Everyone dancing

My turn teaching

Shake it!

Another local instructor, Tatiana, lead some songs too

Next it was Sunny’s turn to lead!

Tracie did some great songs…she is great at bellydancing!

Cece got everybody going with lots of fun pop songs

I led a booty battle!  So fun!

The crowd dancing!  We had a great turnout!

All the instructors! 


  1. Ah this looks so fun!!! I want to get Zumba for Wii and see if I can do it!

  2. That’s awesome Brittney! I am glad it went well!

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