Silver Dollar City!

Silver Dollar City!

The main reason we went to Branson was to visit Silver Dollar City for Christmas!

We LOVE SDC. Remi talks about it alllll the time. And the city is just magic at Christmas.

We got there when it opened and walked around for a few minutes killing time at the front of the park before lunch.

We hit up the Wilderness Church, where Remi and I looked at the hymnals.


The Christmas decor is so cute! (Also spy that rock candy that the grandmas bought her! ALLLLL the sugar at SDC).


We had lunch with Santa (more on that tomorrow), and then we played. Remi wanted to go play at Fireman’s Landing. She loves the big ball room (and I feel like this is where we caught the flu…more on that later).

But it was fun, nonetheless.


And PRAISE BE, she was FINALLY 36 inches, which meant she could ride almost allll the rides (thanks to a pair of tennis shoes with a thick light up sole ha!).

Her favorite ride were these little swings. She rode them time and time again.  The park did get very busy at dark, but during the day, she could exit and walk right back around and get on again without waiting.



They had a fun meet and greet with Bumble from Rudolph. She loves anyone in a mascot or costume. No fear.


We also had to get a cookie on our way out of meeting Bumble (they are smart…we didn’t buy a photo but we DID buy a cookie!) and decorate it.  And of course, she picked blue icing!


Which resulted in this blue face for the rest of the day. ha!

This was us on the big elephants.  She got a little scared up high, but I was proud of her being so brave (and I was also loving that she was choosing to ride with momma).


But she also got to ride some with Gigi (poor Gigi in these tiny frogs!)


Snuggling her new Pikachu that daddy won her playing a game.


I was SO HAPPY to see her loving rides after crying on rides in Spring and Summer.


And then Mimi got to ride the butterflies with her.  She didn’t want to make her butterfly “fly” in the sky much, but she liked pressing the button for a second to make it bump.  Poor mom was so bumpy from the ride! ha!


She LOVES the talking bear shooting gallery.  This feels like someday soon they may put something in that makes more money for the park, so I’m afraid someday this will be just a memory. I had to take a picture. She LOVES to shoot all the things and watch them move and talk.


We caught the Christmas parade from a great spot. Remi loved watching everyone come by, but she did ask where the candy was. She’s used to our hometown parades throwing candy. ha!


After the parade, we caught the puppet show. Girl LOVES puppets, and this cute show let the kids on stage. She was RIGHT up front.


And then they got to stand up and dance. She was a big fan!


It was getting late and cold, so we hit the candy shop and then the big Christmas tree at the entrance.  Then we headed back to our condo.  Such a fun day together!


Family Branson Trip!

Family Branson Trip!

We took a fun family trip to Branson the first weekend in December.

We left after work on Friday, and we had to stop by daddy’s favorite for dinner on the way- Kobe for sushi in Fayetteville.

Remi loves any opportunity to eat Asian noodles.



She’s such a mess.


We did a lot of fun stuff including breakfast at one of my favorite places in matching shirts with my girl. 🙂


We stopped by the Butterfly Palace. It’s a great indoor place (that’s at a nice tropical temp) for the winter, and we all loved getting to see the butterflies up close.

They give you little nectar flowers to attract the butterflies.


They had little safari hats and magnifying glasses for the kids, and Remi ate it up!


We also hit the Disney Store. She was running around wanting EVERYTHING.  I took pictures with all the things she wanted as we went and then at the end, she picked out a couple toys, including this.  She LOVES to cook- and while she has lots of food and cooking toys, she loved that this had eggs and a knife.


And the outlet mall is always good for a ride on the coin operated ride ons.


When we got home, she put all her new toys (including a new Bo Peep!) and didn’t stop until we made her to go bed.


It was so fun to get away as a family, have some fun and make memories.

Looking a Lot Like Christmas

Looking a Lot Like Christmas

After church one evening, we decided to take advantage of a little free time and went looking for Christmas lights.  Our little town has a drive thru display at the park. Remi loves unbuckling and riding around.

Her biggest reaction was the firetruck!


They also have a great tunnel of lights, so we had to get out and run through it!  Remi did several laps running up and down through the laps. We loved it!


It’s been SO FUN to have Cousin Caitlyn (KK) here for college. We were glad she could join us for the lights!


We also stopped by a house that had an amazing light display set to music.  We watched like 4 songs that were all different. It was SO cool. Remi LOVED this.  she kept finding new things- “Look!  There’s Santa!  Look!  A star!  Oh I see baby Jesus!”  Since it was a Wednesday night, nothing was busy and it was so fun to just sit and watch.


Remi also wanted to pose by the tree with her “not spicy” candy cane.  She finds peppermint “spicy” so I bought her a fruit one at a store downtown. She was SO excited.


Super Laid Back Thanksgiving

Super Laid Back Thanksgiving

We had a super laid back Thanksgiving.

We started with a dinner with Tyler’s family before the holiday began. We love to meet up at a Mexican place in their town (about 25 minutes away from us), and what a surprise….more family was in town, so we had a big old table.

Remi is loving cousin Hattie being more alert and sitting up. And it was great to see cousin Rashelle.


It’s blurry of Remi, but I love Uncle Joe’s smile here. He’s had a hard year, losing his best friend (Tyler’s grandpa) and his wife, sweet Aunt Verlene.  But he’s doing well, and I just loved seeing him smile as Remi played with him.


On Thanksgiving, we actually let Jeff’s Clubhouse (a local restaurant) do most of the cooking, buying their meal package. We still made some desserts and sides, but they made the turkey, dressing, macaroni and mashed potatoes. It was weird but great to not wake up early and start cooking.

Instead, we hung out in our pajamas and watched the parade!


Mimi and Gigi came over early, so we all hung out. Remi got horse rides on Gigi…


And she danced with Mimi…


And what’s a holiday without some forbidden food? She LOVES butter (comes by it honest, I used to try to eat butter as a kid!), so Mimi let her take a bite out of the stick! ha!


We ate our meal and then played some Candyland! It’s fun that she’s getting big enough for game time.


We ended the evening just being together- watching movies at home.


On Friday, we helped Mimi put up her Christmas tree and did some more snuggling and relaxing.


These two in their matching hats was precious. Love them!


I also spent some time basking in the beauty of our Christmas tree.


We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well! We have MUCH to be thankful for!