Weekend Recap: The Most Low Key Weekend Ever

This weekend was JUST what I needed: no plans, lots of downtime, a couple naps, and plenty of binge watching of the Olympics.

Friday got started with a bang when my team won our canned soup drive at work.  Let’s just say my team is SO competitive (something I’m not!) and they literally bought out all the soup in the River Valley.  We donated over 1000 cans of soup from our team alone!  The other 5 teams gave another 1000 or so cans…so we donated a ton from our work.  Because we won, we get a jean day today (woohoo!).

Friday after work, I went to the gym to workout.  I forgot my headphones, so I did a bit of cardio and weights…but was getting bored without music.  So I went into the Zumba room and finished my workout by making up some new Zumba dances.

After the gym, Tyler picked me up and took me to dinner.  He was DYING to try the parmesean crusted torellini from Olive Garden, and it didn’t live up to his expectations. ha!  When we went into dinner, it was hardly spitting snow…and when we came out, the roads were covered, slick, and traffic was moving slow.

Because my car was at the gym, I had to drive home in it.  I was SO nervous, but I’m glad I drove home because my car did pretty well.

We continued to get snow all night as we watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics (which btw, my commentary: too much Russian history.  Would have liked some live performances or something).

We woke up to several inches of snow and a completely frozen pond!

We did venture out with my parents to get brunch and go grocery shopping….then we stayed at my parents for a couple hours while I sewed and Tyler watched speed skating with Gram.

We came back home and Tyler went hunting while I curled up on the couch with my fleece blanket to watch MORE Olympics. #junkie

Sunday, I sang at church, so it was a bit hectic getting there early and coordinating being in both services at the right time to sing…but it’s an honor to serve that way.  I love hearing how people were touched by my music.

After church, we got lunch, came home and tidied up the house, and then went BACK to church for a Date Night event.  It was a dinner with a speaker (and childcare for those with kiddos), and it was fun.  We sat with my parents and our friends Mandy and Chris…and laughed the whole dinner.  Mandy even won a gift card! It was too funny because it was the LAST door prize…and she just knew she had won.  She was whooping and hollering for the pastor to draw a name for the last prize and get on with it…and by golly she won!

The speaker was very light hearted and fun and encouraged us to remember why we love each other, remember to communicate, laugh at the mishaps, and serve each other.  A great reminder.

Hopefully after work today, I’m going to tag and title my new car with mom…and I say hopefully because there is more winter weather coming supposedly.  I hope we get it all done before more snow moves in!

Have a great Monday!

What is your favorite winter Olympic sport?  Mine is probably skeleton, figure skating, or ski jumping (I changed my answer after watching some this weekend, Taylor!). What about you?

Weekend Recap: Olympics!!!

I had a pretty laid back weekend.  Let’s recap, shall we?
Friday at work, we had a Fun Friday with caramel apples and cotton candy!  I DID enjoy a caramel apple! 
After work, I did my Friday routine.  To the gym to swim for 30ish minutes, then hot tub, sauna, and a cold shower.  I love it.  It is so nice to do a relaxing workout, then relax in the hot tub and sauna.  Well, the pool was really busy, so I couldn’t swim laps…so I just did some water walking/water weights in the free swim area because all the lanes were full.  It was ok. I DID get the hot tub to myself! I put some music on my iPhone, and chilled.  So relaxing!
On the way home, I picked up some food from Green Papaya (fried rice, noodles, and some chicken and veggies…and egg rolls!) and had myself a nice mixed plate. 
My MIL came over and we ate and watched the Olympic opening ceremony. Tyler was a little late coming home (he had a meeting at the RC track) but we all stayed up and watched the Olympic parade.
Saturday, I got up and hit the Fort Smith Flea Market.  They have it every 2 months.  I got there right when it opened.  I brought my Fiesta collector’s book to make sure I wasn’t overpaying for anything, and that proved to be a great strategy!  Vendors were calling me over saying “Fiesta here!” and then they would give me a discount to sell me their wares!  Good stuff!  I got a vintage gray dessert bowl and a seamist small pitcher.
Then I hit the gym for 1.5 hours of Cardio Dance Party and then I did a little bit on the cross trainer and watched the Olympics.
After the gym, I cahnged into my swim suit and picked up Mikey.  He and I had some quality time at the lake getting some sun.  We were the only ones there.
He was soo funny!  I couldn’t get a picture, but he laid in the water right by me…like he was sunbathing too!
Saturday I just napped and watched the Olympics all afternoon and night.  A good day.
Sunday, I got up and made some monkey bread (while watching the Olympics!)

We had lunch and went to my MILs for a little bit.  Then we came home and I ran to Walmart and to get gas for the lawnmower.
Then I started on a quilt for my best friend Alden.  I cut 108 squares, arranged them, and ironed them.

Now I’m watching the Olympics (surprise, surprise!) and hanging out with Tyler.
A good weekend.
Do you like the Olympics?  I have it all recording on DVR, so I can catch it all at night!  Go Team USA!

What I’m Loving Wednesday: iPhone Edition

This week, I’m loving some fun stuff!  Here is a recap from my phone!
I‘m loving…. this CUTE necklace I got on eBay!  Ever since I bought the bubble necklace online, I’ve been scoping out some online jewelry boutiques on ebay.  I just start searching for something (found this beauty with “bib necklace”….I’m bidding on one that I found searching for “anthropologie necklace”) 
I got this for $8.78 with FREE shipping.  Free shipping has got to be one of my favorite phrases. 🙂
I’m loving….that in 37 days we go to NYC!  We are a bit bummed, though.  The main reason we were going was so my mom could see Ghost on Broadway.  However, we got an email yesterday that the show is closing in 2 weeks.  Boo.  So we are trying to find another musical to go to.  Newsies, The Book of Mormom, The Lion King, and Once are in the running.  I’m going to spend my lunch break watching vids of The Book of Mormon and Once to see which one we want to see.
I’m loving…that the Olympics start Friday!  I am SUCH an Olympics junkie.  I have the apps on my phone ready to go.  One has news coverage and a schedule, and one has live videos so I can watch all the time!  My coworker Christina knows how pumped I am, and she let me borrow her Time magazine that was all about the Olympics.  Hello Ryan Lochte… 🙂
What are you loving today?
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