Daniel Tiger Live!

Daniel Tiger Live!

We took Remi to meet one of her heroes- Daniel Tiger! He was in Fayetteville and we HAD to go. We all adore Daniel- he has great lessons on his shows, and Remi is a big fan.

In true family fashion, we ALL went- Mimi, Gigi, Mom, Dad and Remi. And she ATE IT UP.

We had dinner before at Jason’s Deli. We all love their salad bar, and Remi is a big fan of the free ice cream.

Then we parked and headed to the theater. Nancy caught this adorable pic of us! Love our family!


We got right in line to get her a Daniel stuffy. She hugged him and she’s slept with him since.

Then while we went potty, Nancy waited in line for the photo op to take a pic with Trolley!


We couldn’t take any pics during the show, but it was wonderful. Like a mix of Daniel Tiger’s greatest hits, some new stuff, lots of dancing, and all the fun of an episode (make believe, story line, all the great characters).

We all enjoyed watching Remi just be so excited about it all.


After the show, we had bought tickets for a meet and greet VIP, and it was WORTH IT because she LOVED meeting Daniel and Katerina.

Daniel got a BIG hug.


And so did Katerina!


Then stuffy Daniel met real Daniel. And Katerina noticed Remi’s red shoes matched Daniel’s shoes – which was HUGE because Remi noticed that herself during the show and she got VERY excited about it.


We all got to come in and see them. Remi told Katerina that she took dance too (Katerina is a ballerina!).


I’m so thankful that our family shares all of these fun memories together!


2020 Night to Shine

2020 Night to Shine

Tyler and I volunteered for the Night to Shine prom again! It’s an amazing night for teens and adults with special needs, where they get to be king or queen of the prom! A limo ride, crowns, dancing, karaoke, food and fun!

We did it a couple years ago, but last year we were on our cruise. We weren’t going to miss it this year!

It was a good year- we were both paired with younger teens who had friends there, so we sort of joined a pack for the night.

I had a BLAST with my girls- we danced, karaoked Taylor Swift, and had a great night.

And I also loved wearing sequins. Any chance I get, thankyouverymuch.


This tent felt like magic.All these amazing people having the time of their lives! So wonderful!


Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Not long ago, I organized some stuff in our mudroom, including our outdoor toys. We have had a kite for a while, but I guess it was hidden in the mess.

As soon as I organized, Remi spotted it. I wasn’t thinking much about it- it’s winter. I figured one day when we were grabbing outdoor toys we would go fly it.

But Remi had other plans.

She was begging for us to go fly a kite! So on a Saturday, that’s exactly what we did. The weather was gorgeous, the wind was light, and she loved flying her kite.

I love watching Tyler teach her things. And I love her joy at holding the kite string once Tyler got it up in the air.


She loved watching it fly!


Lots of running around, whether it was flying the kite or trying to catch the tail! I can see many more kite flying days in our future.


Celebrating Gigi and other fun

Celebrating Gigi and other fun

We had a fun week celebrating Gigi’s birthday! We had a big family dinner together after gymnastics (for our memories…Remi kept asking us to come watch her do gymnastics with school…..so we switched her back to going after work so we can watch!). Then we also had a dinner for her on her actual birthday. Tyler was working, but we had a fun girls’ dinner!

We made Gigi “Silver Dollar City” skillets, brownie bites, and ice cream with her favorite- Nerds!


Remi LOVED making her those Olaf brownie bites! And she enjoyed eating one fresh out of the white chocolate.


We also had a quiet weekend full of LOTS of playing. I love who she is- blue lipstick, Paw Patrol pajamas, and trains. She’s unique and perfect.


She’s been very into new fun things. At the example of the “neighbors” on Daniel Tiger (the segments with real kids), we’ve played “Sink or Float” and then we made a blanket fort!  She and Daddy played Candyland in the fort….and then she slept in it all night long!