Road Trip Day 5: Exploring Indianapolis

Road Trip Day 5: Exploring Indianapolis

Since it was all of our first time in the city, we wanted to explore, so we set out to see some sights! We started at the City Market for breakfast. While most booths didn’t open until lunch, it was neat to see (and we got some yummy things to eat!)

Then we headed out to a park and splashpad. We wanted to let Remi play, but it was also fun to drive through different parts of town.

It was a little cool out, so she was hesitant to get wet….but once she did….she was IN for the fun!

This splash pad had a fun pirate ship! We all got into the play!

It also had a super neat playground, and she was fearless climbing to the top!

After drying off, we decided to stop by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We saw some awesome Corvettes speeding around the track (Chevy had rented the speedway for a private dealers event), and then we headed into the museum.

We got to see some neat exhibits, like an Indy car we could sit in!

We took a behind-the-scenes tour which took us into a couple of buildings around the middle of the speedway. We could see just how HUGE it was, and we got to see the bricks at the finish line (though we would have loved to get down there and kiss them!)

After the speedway, we grabbed a BBQ lunch and then hit another park and splash pad.

This one had some fun fountains that danced, and Remi LOVED running through it. She also made friends with some little kids, which was fun to watch.

The park was awesome with lots of things to climb!

Lastly, we went down to Monument Square to explore. The monument was HUGE and so intricate! I’m so glad we walked around down there. I was a little bummed when we left, because I thought the city light show would have happened while we were there (thanks to a confusing website).

We tried to find ice cream….only to find YET ANOTHER closed ice cream shop! So we drove about 15 minutes away to another one. I didn’t want any, but everyone else loved it.

We got back and got Remi to bed, and the rain cleared, so Nancy stayed with Remi while me, mom and Tyler went back down for the light show. I really wanted to see it, so they went with me.

It was SO neat to see the displays on the buildings downtown!

Yes, I’m in my PJs. No regrets.

Road Trip Day 4: The Indianapolis Children’s Museum

Road Trip Day 4: The Indianapolis Children’s Museum

When we got up, we ate breakfast at the hotel and enjoyed more of the “train ghost” statues around. Remi’s favorites were these boys climbing aboard!

Then we headed to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum- the whole reason we decided to visit Indy!

It was UNREAL. The building was HUGE. 4 stories with exhibits for every interest! We got there 20 minutes after it opened at 10, and we left when it closed at 5. We never even stopped for lunch!

We started outside in the sports area- they had AWESOME mini sports courts for every sport. It was so fun to play them and feel what it would be like in a real stadium.

Remi’s been obsessed with Mighty Ducks, so we really enjoyed the hockey area. We returned here at the end of the day- she liked it so much!

We also played some soccer. The weather was PERFECTION. Low 80s and cloudy. We also played football on the Colt’s field, ran track and played a pickup game of baseball with some other kids.

Inside, we started at the bottom and worked our way up. There was a HUGE Chihuly sculpture, and you could make your own!

Some of our favorite exhibits were things like the Space Station! It was so neat to feel like you were inside! They had some things you could “fix” with tools, and Remi loved that! There was also a theater on this level, and we happened to be there right when a Sherlock Holmes-style show was starting, so we took a break and watched it. Very cute!

We saw a Dora the Explorer exhibit…

Saw LOTS of Barbie occupations…

Me and My Ken. 🙂

Of course, I had to take a turn in the Barbie box! I was a total Barbie girl growing up!

This was the big Colt’s field. So fun to try and make a field goal!

At the top, there was a carousel. Another day, another carousel ride.

We met Sue the giant T Rex!

And she played in the little kids area for a while!

We ran into their dino at the end of the day on our way out.

But nothing compares to the GIANT dinosaurs on the outside of the building. Their main dino exhibit was closed for renovations, but these guys were neat to see!

We were all hungry, so we went to a real Jewish deli (another of mom’s faves) and it was all SO good. We had all the classics: matzo ball soup, potato pancakes, corned beef on rye, stuffed cabbage, cheesecake…

And then we checked into a cute little AirBNB house near Fountain Square. We crashed for the evening, for sure!

Road Trip Day 3: Grant’s Farm to Indy

Road Trip Day 3: Grant’s Farm to Indy

On our last day in St. Louis, we headed to Grant’s Farm. We started our day with a Clydesdale behind the scenes tour, which was SO neat.

Remi was AMAZED at how big the horses were!

We got to tour some of the property, pet the horses over the gate, and then we got to go into the stable and help brush one!

Because of the pandemic, the hitch teams aren’t traveling as much, so the Dalmatians were in town since they weren’t out with the horses. They were SO sweet!

Of course, petting the puppies was a highlight for Remi! (In fact, on this trip, she had to stop and pet MANY dogs on the street. “Is your doggy nice?” was her most said phrase!)

And at the end of the tour, we were given some free Budweiser. It may have been morning, but when in Rome…

Then we made our way over to the farm and explored the whole thing! We bought Remi a fun pass, so she got to feed some baby goats…

Ride a carousel…

And then Mimi got her a ticket to ride a camel! They enjoyed doing that. She was SO brave on this trip trying new things.

The animal show was cute. I loved the Annheiser Busch parrot at the end.

At the end of the day, she was begging to get her face painted. The line was SO long and we wanted to hit the road. I decided face painting is my motherhood pet peeve. Long line, expensive, and it was gonna rub off by the end of the day. But whatever. I was grouchy, but she got one. ha!

After the park, we stopped for White Castle, one of my mom’s favorite midwest foods from her childhood.

Then we drove to Indianapolis. Our first night we were staying downtown at the Crowne Plaza in a TRAIN CAR! We stayed in rooms in actual converted trains on tracks. It was so fun!

We went for a late night walk around town, walking by Colt’s Stadium and around the Union Station plaza. It was fun, but we were all ready to sleep!

Family Road Trip Day 2: Union Station

Family Road Trip Day 2: Union Station

We spent a full day at Union Station in St. Louis. When I was younger, it was a mall, but now it’s a huge entertainment complex with an Aquarium, Ferris wheel and more.

We started at the aquarium. It had this SUPER neat virtual train ride to start the experience, and then we made our way through all of the exhibits. It was really neat and not crowded at all.

There were lots of touch tanks, and Remi wasn’t very excited about those….

…but she did LOVE the big fish tanks!

One of the signature creatures is a blue lobster named Lord Stanley, after the year that the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup. Remi’s into hockey right now, thanks to Mighty Ducks, and she was super excited about meeting Lord Stanley.

There was also a neat dress up area in the kids section that was a big hit.

After the aquarium, we did all of the activities around Union Station. Remi rode the carousel. This ride she didn’t want an animal that went up and down, but that quickly changed as we went on in the trip.

There was a mirror maze, which was Remi’s favorite. She wanted to go back.

It had drizzled a bit during the day, but we stopped for lunch and then it cleared up, so we took our turn on the St. Louis Wheel. It’s Remi’s first Ferris Wheel. She LOVED it.

It felt like we went around and around forever! So neat!

The Ferris Wheel was a big hit!

There was a ropes course inside, and the grandmas wanted to do it, but there was a wait. So Remi decided to do the kids course. She’s been scared of the zipline at gymnastics, so it surprised us that she took off down this one….and she did it a bunch of times!

The grandmas had fun up in the air!

The craziest was when they swooped over the opening, like 4 stories up!

After Union Station, we went in search of ice cream….which began our saga of difficulty in finding ice cream. The first place was closed, and the second place was out of ice cream! We settled for cookies, and then rented a scooter to go back to the car.

For dinner later, we headed to The Hill for Italian food. It was really good!

Another awesome full day in St. Louis!