Road Trip Day 5: Exploring Indianapolis

Road Trip Day 5: Exploring Indianapolis

Since it was all of our first time in the city, we wanted to explore, so we set out to see some sights! We started at the City Market for breakfast. While most booths didn’t open until lunch, it was neat to see (and we got some yummy things to eat!)

Then we headed out to a park and splashpad. We wanted to let Remi play, but it was also fun to drive through different parts of town.

It was a little cool out, so she was hesitant to get wet….but once she did….she was IN for the fun!

This splash pad had a fun pirate ship! We all got into the play!

It also had a super neat playground, and she was fearless climbing to the top!

After drying off, we decided to stop by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We saw some awesome Corvettes speeding around the track (Chevy had rented the speedway for a private dealers event), and then we headed into the museum.

We got to see some neat exhibits, like an Indy car we could sit in!

We took a behind-the-scenes tour which took us into a couple of buildings around the middle of the speedway. We could see just how HUGE it was, and we got to see the bricks at the finish line (though we would have loved to get down there and kiss them!)

After the speedway, we grabbed a BBQ lunch and then hit another park and splash pad.

This one had some fun fountains that danced, and Remi LOVED running through it. She also made friends with some little kids, which was fun to watch.

The park was awesome with lots of things to climb!

Lastly, we went down to Monument Square to explore. The monument was HUGE and so intricate! I’m so glad we walked around down there. I was a little bummed when we left, because I thought the city light show would have happened while we were there (thanks to a confusing website).

We tried to find ice cream….only to find YET ANOTHER closed ice cream shop! So we drove about 15 minutes away to another one. I didn’t want any, but everyone else loved it.

We got back and got Remi to bed, and the rain cleared, so Nancy stayed with Remi while me, mom and Tyler went back down for the light show. I really wanted to see it, so they went with me.

It was SO neat to see the displays on the buildings downtown!

Yes, I’m in my PJs. No regrets.

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