Road Trip Day 6 Part 1: Leaving Indy and Casey, IL

Road Trip Day 6 Part 1: Leaving Indy and Casey, IL

I woke up to Remi playing with her grandmas (with toys she had gotten at our various stops!) and was reminded this is why I love traveling with our whole family, and why I love AirBNBs, so we have plenty of room.

We loaded up to head back to St. Louis, but before we left, everyone obliged me in taking a quick trip down to the canal to see the Indy statue. I really wanted to see the city from the water.

We found the statue!

And then it started POURING. We took refuge under a bridge, but still had to go a bit to get back to the parking garage. We got a little wet, even though we waited until the rain lightened up a bit.

On our way to Indy, we passed signs for the World’s Largest Rocking Chair, and when I googled it, we found out that the town was SUPER quirky. It looked like it was worth a stop, so we planned to hit Casey, IL for breakfast and to explore.

We weren’t sure what we would find…but I’m SO glad we stopped! It was such a neat place!

We saw most of the town’s highlights: The World’s Largest Wind Chime, Rocking Chair, Wooden Shoes, Mailbox, Teeter Totter and Barbershop Pole….along with giant antlers, birdcage, cactus, crochet hook, ear of corn, knitting needles, mouse trap, pencil, rocking horse, top, Poke Ball, and yardstick.

The mailbox was SO fun. We bought postcards to mail from inside, because in order to be the World’s Largest Mail box, it had to be functional!

When you put your mail in the slot, it triggered the flat on the mailbox to go up. So neat!

The whole town was so neat. Lots of fun shops and restaurants, and several other tourists who stopped. We had a great time exploring! Then we kept driving to St. Louis!

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