Road Trip Day 6 Part 2: Gymnastics Olympic Team Trials

Road Trip Day 6 Part 2: Gymnastics Olympic Team Trials

Our original plans were to drive back to Springfield on Day 6. I’m SO glad we didn’t. First, we wouldn’t have had time to visit Casey, IL…but mostly, we rearranged our plans to attend the Gymnastics Olympic Team Trials!

When we pulled into St. Louis, we saw signs for it…and first I was like “Aw man, it starts right when we leave!” but then I realized we could attend Friday night on our way home.

We had to cancel the Springfield hotel, book a hotel in St. Louis and get tickets. Done, done and done!

So we got checked into our hotel and then had dinner at my fave, Shake Shack! I just love it so much. The best burgers!

Parking near the dome was NUTS but we got a good spot in a lot and walked over to the arena. I felt like I did at Hamilton- happy tears to be there! I love the Olympics, and I love gymnastics most of all. Being in the room with the potential Olympians (including the greatest ever Simone Biles) was UNREAL

Remi, our little gymnast, really enjoyed herself, too!

I was so into Simone’s performances that I never got a picture, but I did take a picture of Jordan Chiles, who was pick #3 for the team. They were all unbelievable. But when I saw Simone was UNREAL, I mean it. You know how bass can shake your core at a concert? I swear Simone Biles had the same effect on the floor. Her power felt like I could feel it up in the second level.

It was completely worth rearranging our plans (and paying like $85 each for tickets…they aren’t cheap). We all enjoyed ourselves, and it gave Remi excitement about the Olympics (proud momma!). We had fun at our hotel, too. It was near the airport, so we got to watch lots of planes taking off, which was super fun for Remi. We had a great spontaneous stay back in St. Louis!

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