So Creative

So Creative

I’ve been loving Remi’s creativity and her desire to learn! We’ve been having a great time together.

She’s suddenly VERY interested not just in puzzles, but in the strategy behind puzzles. We’re working through picking out the edge pieces, corners and doing them in a way that makes more sense than just picking out matching pieces. She’s always so proud when she figures it out!


We went to swim at the gym I used to teach Zumba at…and she LOVED it. She cracked us up saying “Those are for exercise, we have to stay over here” about the swim lanes. She was right….but where did she figure that out?! She loved spending the evening at the pool.


She wanted to paint her toes…and I let her. They were ALL blue at first, but then I showed her to just do the nails, and the second foot was much better. Always learning! (And I say that learning is made in messes!)


She wanted a “tea party” one morning before church.  We made “tea” (flavored water) and then it turned into a birthday party and she asked me to make her a card. She also brought ALLLL the things from the playroom. They all had a purpose. I love watching her mind work.


This is mostly just a pic of that cute fox dress. But she’s LOVING church these days. She LOVES the songs and stories. She knows that Jesus loves EVERYONE and that God made EVERYTHING.


She wanted to make a lemonade stand, so we did (except, no lemon juice…”lemons are spicy” – AKA sour). Daddy and her set it up, and I was her first customer. She cracks me up!  She loved using her cash register and giving us change and yelling “open for business!” when they were all ready.


This girl is just too much. In the best way.

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