Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Not long ago, I organized some stuff in our mudroom, including our outdoor toys. We have had a kite for a while, but I guess it was hidden in the mess.

As soon as I organized, Remi spotted it. I wasn’t thinking much about it- it’s winter. I figured one day when we were grabbing outdoor toys we would go fly it.

But Remi had other plans.

She was begging for us to go fly a kite! So on a Saturday, that’s exactly what we did. The weather was gorgeous, the wind was light, and she loved flying her kite.

I love watching Tyler teach her things. And I love her joy at holding the kite string once Tyler got it up in the air.


She loved watching it fly!


Lots of running around, whether it was flying the kite or trying to catch the tail! I can see many more kite flying days in our future.


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