22 Months Old

22 Months Old

Oh Remi girl, this month has been mostly pure fun.  Like, we just find joy in your joy. And you have SO MUCH of it.  We laugh so much at how social, friendly, playful and happy you are.


How big is our girl?  Home measurements (because, thank goodness,  she’s been healthy all summer!):  26 lbs and 32 inches.  Still wearing 18-24m, some 2T and size 4 shoes. Still wearing size 5 diapers.

She’s being a bit more agreeable brushing her teeth (some nights).  One 2-year molar has broken through, so a total of 17 teeth.

New words everyday- and stringing them together.  Two and three word sentences this month.  Lots of “my ___”   “My book.”  “My beans.” She also likes to boss us- “Momma sit”  Her first three word sentence was “I like beans” while we played with her beans!  Then she started on a TON more the next day. It’s amazing to watch lightbulbs going off.  She is saying a ton of “I got ___”  “I got boots.”  “I got flowers.”  It’s precious.


Puzzles have been a new love. I can tell she’s getting new connections because she’s loving sitting and figuring out puzzles. She has also really enjoyed her baby dolls this month- lots of putting babies (and other toys) to “night night.”  She will cover them with a blanket, pat them and say “night night.”

She also LOVES playing outside- water table, kicking the soccer ball, just roaming the grass, she loves it all.

She moved to the 2 year old class at school and instantly seemed so much bigger! She does more independently in that class- using the water fountain, sitting for breakfast at the table, putting toys away. Such a big girl!


Favorite movie is still Zootopia, and she enjoys Sesame Street as well. She did sit still for Rio and Bolt- so obviously, animals are her favorite thing.

She is starting pretend play- more pretend cooking (where before she played with the kitchen and food, not she’s “beeping” the buttons on the microwave, pretend washing dishes and more), “feeding” her toys the play food.


She’s always loved playing with momma, but has been sort of equal opportunity daddy and momma girl.  This month, she’s been a momma’s girl. Prefers me for everything (I don’t hate it!).

She’s obsessed with family. Asks about them often.  Faves are obviously the grandmas, but also “Wuke” (Luke), Pawpaw, KK and Kelsey.


Remington, we love you so much it hurts. You’re the best parts of our every day. Watching you have fun, learn and grow is just the best. You also give us the gift of being more present, taking time to notice things. You want to stop and smell flowers, run in the grass instead of rushing inside, wave at the cows….and we try to say “yes” as much as possible. Why not? The world will rush you enough- we always have time for your little heart and mind. We love you, sweet girl!

Running PR Update: Week 2

Running PR Update: Week 2

I had good intentions this week, but only got one run in (but I did get several cross training workouts).

Another night, I was headed to the park after Remi went to bed, and the bottom dropped out and it started POURING, so I never got to run.

But the run I did get was GREAT.  It had rained all day, so I wasn’t hopeful to hit the pavement. But it cleared out after dinner, so me and Remi went to the park (I’ve been trying to run without the stroller, because I think running with it bothers my knee…but Tyler was gone for the evening).

We did a few laps of walking and running, and everytime I stopped running, she would say “Momma run!”  Talk about encouraging!

They are calling for MORE RAIN, so I don’t know how much I’ll get to run in the next few days….the park’s creek (that’s usually just a foot or so deep) was overflowing and running like crazy. We’ve had so much rain.

I’m actually not 100% certain I’m doing the 5K in August (just family conflicts, really) but we did sign up for one in October, so I’ll keep running and training until then (or keep going to hit my PR).

New Things Every Day

New Things Every Day

We are just constantly cracking up at all the new things Remi is picking up on.

Let’s start with these boots.  THESE BOOTS. “I got boots!”  These are actually a size up for rain boots/muck boots that I bought on Zulily (gotta stock up when the sales happen) and when they came in, she became OBSESSED. Wears them constantly.

She had her first “Remi got hurt” boo boo at school.  She’s had bumps and bruises, but busted her lip. Initially, her teacher FREAKED ME OUT telling me she busted her lip and it was bleeding, but it was pretty minor. I promptly got this pic of my smiley girl to reassure me she was ok.

It’s not her first cake, but the first time she WENT NUTS on cake. She calls it “happy cake” since we sang Happy Birthday before eating it. She didn’t move it the entire time she was eating.

And she’s OBSESSED with puzzles, and she can do this one without any help!

And I don’t have a picture, but I want to remember that all of a sudden one night she asked for a blanket.  She had been playing with a blanket at mom’s house with Caitlyn, and wanted a “banket” at bedtime. So we gave her one for the first time (yes, at 22 months. Safe sleep is important to us), and she’s asked for it at nap and nighttime ever since.

Just learning something new every day!

Busy Weekend

Busy Weekend

We had a busy, but fun weekend.  The main event was a garage sale with some friends.

This started a few weeks ago when I sent a message to my Wednesday night girls saying I had a “few things” and would like to join someone’s garage sale.  Well, once I had a taker, a “few things” became a car and truck load.  #oops

We set up Friday evening and then had the sale Saturday morning.

It was fun with 4 families- all of us from church.  We all did well, and at the end of the day, we were only off like $12 from what we thought we had made (making notes of who sold what) and the cash….so a win.

Rebecca and I manned the check out table and Tara and Debbie were reorganizing the sale as things were being purchased. It was a great combo.

Tyler had the day off, so he was there making deals. This very nice gentleman had been back several times throughout the day, so we were being very friendly.

Tyler told him he could $5 off our side table if this man tried on the popcorn costume…and he did! So funny!

We actually brought Remi home this pirate ship that my friend Debbie was selling.  Best $5 we spent all day! She LOVES it.

Saturday evening, I went with mom and her friends to see My Fair Lady at the Little Theater. It was great!

Sunday was pajama day at the church nursery, so Remi stayed in her PJs all day!

We had lunch at Arby’s and she saw the Arby’s sauce and kept asking for “salsa!”  I thought it might have too much kick, so I gave her some honey mustard.  She was happy with her “salsa” and dipping the sandwich. We were cracking up!

After a great nap, we played around the house and had the best time.

She plays with her beans all the time, but Sunday she exclaimed, “I like beans!” and did a GREAT job of listening and keeping the beans in the bucket (we usually have some splatter to clean up).

She wanted to eat a bean (very confusing when she DOES eat lots of beans) and I told her these beans needed to be cooked.  So she took off with a cup full headed toward her play kitchen.  She said “Oven! Cook!” and thankfully, I caught her before beans went all over the play kitchen.

Bless it.  But she’s making connections like crazy, so I’ll count it a win that she’s rambunctious. We had such a great weekend!