Another week of fun

Another week of fun

I’ve been sort of falling behind on posting. Life is getting way too fun to care about being on my phone, which is a good thing. But I want to keep up with these memories- so here are pics from a fun week.

Remi loves to have “guitar lessons” with daddy- which is funny because I don’t think he can play in real life. But she loves to take him her guitar, sit in his lap and hit all the fun buttons. These two make my heart sing.

She’s so funny in the mornings. Most of the time, a little clingy and sleepy (who can blame her? A 6 a.m. wakeup and mom having you get ready fast?) but I just thought she looked so precious with her tired eyes and snow outfit!

Big girl wearing her new boots from Gigi!

Oh y’all. She’s into EVERYTHING. She got into some paper trash from a family Christmas with Tyler’s aunt and thought it was SO funny.

Oh sassy pants. She was running from my camera, so I snatched her up for a pic. Getting too big!

My Aunt Sandy bought her a basketball goal for Christmas and she loves to dunk it! It’s almost too big for our tiny girl, but she’s determined to do it herself. And she does!

15 Months Old

15 Months Old

What a magical Christmas season we’ve had! This month was full of fun events, family time and laughter.

Our Remi girl is 15 months old! Growing and learning so much!

We just had her 15 month check-up, so we have updated stats. She’s 21 lbs 12 oz, and 29.5 inches. She’s wearing size 4 diapers, and mostly 12-18 month clothing.  She’s wearing size 2 shoes still.  Around 50th percentile for weight and 20th for height (our tiny girl!)


This month’s highlights:

MUSIC. She LOVES anything that plays music. She will hit her radio until we turn it on. She loves watching music videos on the phone/iPad/ She will watch some parts of movies with music. SO much music.

WALKING AND MOVING.  She’s becoming a champ. She can handle up and down smaller steps and we’re working on holding hands while walking more. She loves to shut and open doors and drawers.


COMMUNICATION. She can communicate more and more. Snack, ball, banana, uhoh.  She is shaking her head no (but sometimes means yes, ha!).  She can show us where her tummy, ears, hair, mouth, feet and hands are. When we say “How big is Remi?” She throws her hands in the air.

EATING. Breakfast time has been hit or miss. We’ve had to do some yogurt smoothies to get something in her tummy.  But other meal times are great.  She’s now sitting at the table eating off plates. Her favorite food is probably olives at the moment. She’s repeatedly showing that eggs and peanut butter are not her favorite. I keep serving them, and she keeps not eating much of them.


CLIMBING. She’s a big monkey climber. She can climb into chairs (as long as she can reach) and she’s climbing toys and shelves. Oy.

TEETH.  Molars finally came! (well, three of them).  We now have 11 teeth. She dislikes brushing them.

FAVORITE THINGS. She loves to brush her hair. Loves to roll the ball. Loves the pup pups. Loves “nack” time. She loves music (favorite song at the moment is the Hot Dog Song). She loves her toy guitar. She also loves playing in water, which is often the dog’s water bowl. Ick.


SLEEPING.  This month’s sleep has been a little more interrupted with the appearance of the molars, but otherwise still good.  Goes to sleep easily and back to bed pretty easily. Takes one 2-hour nap daily, and some days (maybe 2-3 times a week), a quick 30 minute cat nap around 5 p.m. before dinner. She sleeps with lovey and sucks her thumb.


Roo bug, I can’t believe you’re 15 months old! You’re getting so big and just having the most fun all the time. You’re a happy girl and very social. This month at school, you showed compassion a couple of times, and we have just prayed that God keeps growing that friendly, sweet part of you. I loved hearing about you patting a crying friend on the arm. Too precious. You moved up to the bigger room at school with Miss Sam, and you LOVE having more room and bigger toys to play with. You’re so busy!  Stay adventurous and wild, sweet girl. We love watching you explore!

Fun Family Day

Fun Family Day

We don’t often get an entire day together. Because Tyler works weekends, we typically only spend the evenings together. Over the holiday, I had a day off work, so we had a great fun family day!  We decided just to stay in town and do some exciting stuff together.

We started at one of Remi’s favorite spots- Petco! She loves to watch the animals (hey free zoo!)

We did a little shopping next door- and since the store wasn’t busy, we let her roam free. She loved that!

Next stop was the mall play area. It might be Remington’s favorite spot in all the world. She LOVES to run around with the bigger kids and climb, especially on this frog. She was so happy there.

After all of that fun, it was lunch time. We hit up Larry’s Pizza, a pizza buffet.  Remi loved the pizza (and olives, of course!). She really liked that they kept bringing pizza by our table because the waitresses would talk to her.

She and daddy played a fun game in the game room after we ate.

And then she took like 10 rides with Barney and Snoopy.  She was a BIG fan of the ride.

After naptime, she went to stay with Gigi for the evening while me and Tyler had a nice date night.  I got to wear my “fancy dress” from Christmas and we went to Rolandos and a movie.

I wish we had more family time, but we cherish the time we do have!


The rest of Christmas break

The rest of Christmas break

I was off work a few extra days for Christmas, which was pure heaven. No alarms (well, other than Remi when she woke up! ha!), no big plans, and lots of fun.

Remi and I got to spend some extra time together.  She wore her ADORABLE outfit, which I wanted to document.  Our sweet friend Suzie MADE this sweet dress and bow.

That afternoon, Remi woke up early into her nap and was pretty upset, which is very unusual on all accounts.  I brought her into our bedroom and laid down with her (which we never do- she is such a great independent sleeper). But she fell asleep and I got to snuggle my girl- which was an AMAZING treat.

I won this ball at an arcade while at my work team building day and she LOVED it.  “Bah! Bah!”  We love to roll it back and forth.

More sled riding.  I captioned this “Pull me, peasant!” on Instagram….and it’s so true.

She was playing and I was sitting in the glider watching.  Pippin jumped into my lap.  A few minutes later, she climbed up on top of Pippin to lay in my lap. Silly girl!

We spent New Year’s Eve eating with our family. I loved her in her jacket and hat! (Side note: Daddy had a wreck New Year’s Eve morning on his way to work.  There was some ice overnight and he slid on a bridge leaving our little town. He ended up flipping his truck on it’s side and hitting a telephone pole…but somehow, thank God, he’s ok.  We spent the day at home letting him rest and recover.)

Before the food came, everybody got some Remi time.

New Year’s Day we went and played with our cousins. Remi LOVES them.

We also went to the mall for Dillard’s Sale because it’s tradition. ha!  We had a great break.