My Annual Hunt

My Annual Hunt

….or what should be called, my annual trip into a tree stand. We’ve yet to shoot anything together! ha!

Tyler is an avid hunter, but I’m usually home with Remi when he goes. He likes to take me with him, so he made arrangements for Mimi to watch Remi on a nice Sunday afternoon, and we headed to the woods.

This was his tallest tree stand- 20′ into a cedar tree.

I had to take some deep breaths climbing up, but I made it!

We had a great view and pretty great weather (I mean, it was cool with the wind, but it was sunny and clear).

Tyler does saddle hunting- where he hangs from ropes in the tree with a harness, so he climbed up and stayed next to me. We kept an eye out for hours, but we didn’t see any deer. Oh well! It was a fun time together. It’s not my favorite activity, but it’s important to Tyler, so I enjoy going occasionally. Maybe some day I’ll get to harvest a deer!

Ringing in 2021

Ringing in 2021

We had a fun NYE at home. I didn’t want it to be just another night. I know the world as we know it isn’t changing a ton when the calendar flips over, but we are all ready to put 2020 behind us.

We we decided to “party” at home. Us and the grandmas gathered for a fun evening.

I made a “reach dinner”- which Remi calls a cheese board because you reach across everyone to eat it. I love the ease of a board and it instantly feels festive!

Because it was a party….and my sequin dress didn’t get to see our Alaskan cruise….I decided to break the tags off and dress for a party.

And Remi had to dress up too. Her choice was a Cinderella dress!

Party at Club Living Room!

After dinner, we broke out the karaoke mic and tambourine and partied! We played Song Association (a new fave in our house!), and then just did some singing.

We also somehow had to play “chase the lizard” with Remi’s new lizard toy that Santa brought her. She cracks us up with her games, but we always dive right in!

We also ate ice cream, and then had our own little countdown. Pro tip: turn on a Youtube countdown so you can do it whenever!

After that, the grandmas left and Remi requested watching Home Alone. We let her stay up for the whole movie. She made it until 11!

Then Tyler and I stayed up until midnight (we were so close anyway!), and then passed out.

Here’s to a 2021 full of hope (and maybe hugs by the end of the year!)

Christmas Family Gatherings

Christmas Family Gatherings

I keep saying it, but it’s true. Things are just a bit different this year.

And family gatherings were no different.

Things were spaced out and windows were open. But we were glad to spend time together!

The day after Christmas, we went to Hot Springs. We took time to visit uncle Neil through the window. Remi was over it and ready to check into our AirBNB. ha!

But we enjoyed talking to him not through a screen.

We had a meal together, opened gifts and spent the night in Hot Springs.

Remi LOVED her new digital camera. The drive home, she was taking pictures of all the “pretty views” around us.

We also took time to let her get her wiggles out before the drive home, so we went by Family Park. This was the park of my childhood. Even if it looks a lot different now, it was fun to take her there!

After New Years, we also had a great family Christmas gathering with Tyler’s family! They came over for lunch and the girls played while we ate. Then we did our gift exchange- we do a good gift dirty Santa. We got several games in the mix, so we had fun playing Family Feud! Then we played some games on Youtube, like Song Association and some Name That Tune. I didn’t take a lot of pics, but it was a fun time together.

Cheering on our Friends

Cheering on our Friends

One of Remi’s best pals is Connor. I knew his momma from work, and at our birth class, we realized we had the same due date!

Turns out, Tyler went to school with his dad, too! And the kids go to daycare together. I love their little friendship.

So when she heard he was playing basketball, we had to go watch! They have everyone masked and distanced. It was nice to be there cheering for him.

She cracked us up, just yelling what the adults yelled.

I think he was excited to see her after. He ran up and gave her a huge hug!

It’s never too soon to learn the lesson that we cheer on our friends!