Big Girl Bed

Big Girl Bed

Remi may only be two, but we’ve had quite the history with sleep.

She slept GREAT as a newborn, but then a few months in, it all went to heck.  We did gentle sleep coaching around 6 months and she had a pretty great relationship with sleep.  However, anytime anything was off (ear infection, teething, stress), she would wake at night, which is pretty typical of kids.  However, she is easy to get into bad sleep habits (like she would have an ear infection, but then continue waking for weeks at like literally the EXACT same time every night), so we’ve had to make some adjustments with sleep over her two years.

Potty training caused some sleep stress, and we were quick to respond because we didn’t want her to have an accident. Well, we worked through that hump, but then she suddenly was MAD when we didn’t get to her fast enough upon waking and was trying to climb out.  I’m not sure if she was big enough to actually get out, but I didn’t want her trying and hurting herself.

So we moved to a toddler bed.

The first night was MAGIC.  She woke up once, put herself back to sleep and slept all night!

Since then, we’ve been working through some nighttime wakings.  I get it, it’s all new and strange.  We are working with Remi to feel safe and comforted in her new bed.  Bedtime is pretty good. She wants us to sit with her for a minute to calm down, but we don’t stay until she falls asleep- she falls asleep on her own in her big girl bed.

And we’ve told her when she gives us THREE nights of sleeping through the night, she earns a trip to “Monkey’s House” (Or the Monkey House- what she calls our bouncy house place).  Hopefully that will happen soon!

A week in and bedtime is DRASTICALLY improving- she can just stay in bed now! And we’ve had some nights without wakeups, so it’s a possibility. ha!


Here’s to new changes and a growing girl!



A group of friends has a group text going pretty much all the time.  We talk during stressful times, we ask for outfit advice, we vote on new hairstyles….and one day we decided we needed a Girl’s Night Out soon.

I’m so glad to have people who say “yes!”  We decided to dress all nice and head out for sushi and wine. Perfect evening!

We mayyyyy have gotten a little too loud at dinner, but I don’t think anyone minded. 🙂

So here are my sweet, beautiful friends!  We initially met at our church’s Wednesday night Bible study (well, Tara and Rebecca work together) but I’m so thankful they are in my life!

Tara- she’s wise, funny, organized and has an amazing sense of vintage style.


Sideways…but this is Rachel and Rebecca.  Rachel is fun-loving, resilient, and gives such sound level-headed advice.  Rebecca is one of the most caring, calm, patient people I’ve ever met.

I’m just so thankful for friends and time away together, even if it’s just for dinner!

Basketball Practice

Basketball Practice

Remi has been very into her basketball goal and balls lately. It’s been fun to watch. Tyler has taken his role of coach very seriously (a good thing, because I am NO good at sports!).

He’s helped her learn to toss the ball, moreso than just place it in the basket.  She really likes to yell “Miss!” or “Made it!” And the funniest thing was when Tyler was shooting and standing far back- he made a shot from far away and yelled “Downtown!”  Now Remi says “DOWNTOWN” when she shoots!

I know she’s my kid and she likes music, but I also forsee many more sports practices with Daddy in her future!

Very Particular

Very Particular

I don’t know if this is typical toddler or not, but Remi is developing VERY particular tastes. I mean, we’ve struggled for a while of cutting food only for her to FREAK OUT and want it whole (I’ve honestly taped a cookie back together and then advised her not to eat the tape).

It’s transferring now to clothing, cups, toys…all the things.

Sometimes she’s not picky, but other times it’s like “I had in mind EXACTLY what I wanted, and THAT’S NOT IT.”   She won’t rest until she gets the specific cup she wants (which makes me want to get rid of ALL the cups and only have one kind) or instead of getting a serving of snack, she wants “Whole bag!”

She’s also been picky some days about which shoes she wants. And the funniest has been bows. We typically only wear bows on the weekends (I just don’t worry about sending her in them to school- one more thing for her teachers to keep up with) but lately she’s asked for them.

We had several days of asking for this brown bow….

And then nothing but this big, red, polka dot bow would do.  Never mind that it DID NOT MATCH AT ALL.  I sent her to school with it anyway.

Trying to find a balance between “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” and letting her express her wants and her preferences.  You win some, you lose some. And some days she wears a giant polka dot bow because it makes her happy. You do you, baby girl.