Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

We had a very nice relaxing, family-filled Labor Day weekend. I love any extra down time, and I love it even more filled with people and things that I love.

We spent Saturday at the pool and lake, and then we repeated on Sunday- but with my Hot Springs family. Remi loves playing with them, and the older she gets, the easier it is for the kids to play with her.

Over the weekend, we did some fun tie dye! We did some hats, long sleeve t shirts, and sweat shirts. While the sweatshirts SOAKED up the dye, they turned out SO good.

Seriously proud of mine!

Sunday, we went down to horse camp to visit Nancy, my MIL. She was down there riding and camping, and we all met up for dinner. It was SO fun. The weather was nice, the kids played, and we ate great food.

And after dinner, we had a great bonfire and smores, which are always a treat.

Monday was more swimming and then I grilled steaks for lunch. They were so good.

It was a great weekend together. This has felt like the summer that will never end since we had so much togetherness during quarantine, but now that fall temps are tempting us, I am ready to move on to the next season.

All the Fun in One Post

All the Fun in One Post

I FINALLY finished Remi’s quilt that I started during quarantine. In typical Enneagram 7 fashion, I started something but struggled to finish it. But I got it done. She loves it. She’s using it as a bottom sheet so she can sleep with it every night.

She has asked to make desserts a lot lately. I am living for these cute dessert kits, and this one was pudding beach cups. She loved it and it came together in like 10 minutes. I’m happy to bake with Elsa anytime she wants.

We got together to celebrate our friend Tara’s birthday. We had dinner on a patio and then went ax throwing. SUCH a fun night together.

I was scheduled to go to the NWA Race for the Cure with a friend, which got canceled. But they sent us our shirts, so I felt like I needed to go to a 5k to earn it. I hit the pavement after work one day and even did some jogging. It felt good!

The Funniest Girl

The Funniest Girl

Remi’s personality is so fun. She’s vibrant, outgoing, adventurous, and so stinking well rounded (I mean, who can ride a 4 wheeler into the woods checking for trail cameras in a princess dress?!). She’s stubborn and she knows what she wants.

And we try as much as possible to let that shine.

Exhibit A: wearing her Anna princess dress (nightgown) to school. Sure. Why not?

I was out in our driveway digging holes for daffodil bulbs. And dad was spraying for weeds. She was playing inside (PRAISE hands for a kid who play for a little bit alone! She is good about not being mischevious getting into things she shouldn’t be.) She came out dressed like Princess Jasmin (with her princess high heels) and helped me look in the dirt for worms.

I sort of duped her into getting a hair cut. We were letting dad sleep in on Saturday, so we went for a car wash and donuts. She needed several inches cut off her hair, and after some tears from being afraid (which is weird because she’s had two hair cuts?!) she bravely went in and was so good during her hair cut.

She has also started being “shy” sometimes….which is VERY out of her character. She started a new class at church and didn’t want to go. I get it- it’s a new place and new people- but thankfully she saw Miss Monica (one of my mom’s friends) and then was happy.

She’s such a wonderful little girl. We are so blessed to be her parents.

Tambourine Queen

Tambourine Queen

My amazing friend Brandy had a birthday, and she invited me to Big Box Karaoke for a small private gathering. It’s a great option for right now- it’s a private Karaoke room- so you are just with those you came with. The food and drinks were AMAZING, but we had a great time singing for hours!

Brandy loves music like I do- we met at Zumba classes!

She’s such a special friend. We have lunch weekly, and I know having her as a sounding board means so much to me. And she’s always down for an adventure. We’ve done lots of new things together- we like to try new restaurants, new foods, and we’ve traveled together to fun new places.

Maybe the highlight of the night was the tambourine in the room. HOW, IN ALL MY YEARS OF SINGING AND DANCING DID NO ONE HAND ME A TAMBOURINE? It was SO FUN, and I think I was pretty good at it. ha!

I know the coronavirus is different in each part of the country, but these ladies all work outside the home (or for me, my husband does), so we feel like we have some regular level of exposure risk, so we felt it was ok to go together. They required masks inside, and we stayed in our rooms to eat and sing.

But they were kind enough to take our pic outside, sans masks. Such a fun night!