Birthday Fun

Birthday Fun

I’m now officially in my 30s, instead of “being 30.”  Hello 31.

It was a great ride into a new year!  It started the weekend before with a WONDERFUL brunch at Jeff’s Club House.  I was initially wanting to meet a bunch of girl friends, but that weekend was somehow busy for most people (vacations, ball tournaments, etc). But that’s ok- I got to spend it with some amazing people- my mom, Remi, Tyler and my bestie Brandy.

Candid shot that mom will likely kill me for, but it was so funny to watch Remi eat this yogurt parfait like a big kid.

Brandy was so sweet to join us! I’m so thankful for her friendship!

And momma drove me so I could indulge in some mimosas at brunch. (Side note: locals- don’t miss the Saturday brunch at Jeff’s! SO GOOD)

It was precious how happy Remi was to see Dada during the day!

My actual birthday was on a Tuesday- so I had to work. But my sweet coworkers decorated my cubicle, gave me a sweet gift and took me for snowcones (my fave!) (Side note: after years of being loyal to coconut with cream, I have a new favorite.  Butterbeer: butterscotch and cream soda with cream. YUM)

I went to 9Round after work for my birthday burpees and a workout, then to mom’s for a cookout with the family. Tyler got me this GIANT pool float, which was perfect.

We ate ribs and pie (my request instead of cake), and had a great time. Tyler’s cousins and grandpa even came over- which was so sweet to watch Remi play with everybody in the pool. She loved it!

It was a great start to 31!



Oh man, this kid is a water baby.  She enjoys swimming, but also just playing in the water.  The hardest thing is keeping her out of the dog’s water bowl because she just wants to play in the water.

We’ve had a LOT of fun with the water table now that’s it’s gotten warm.

One of the most fun evenings so far, we had the water table, music and bubbles going.  The toddler trifecta.

We also got out the little baby sprinkler that Gigi got her for Easter.  She LOVED splashing around in the water. 

Ok, so this isn’t water, but it’s another love- rocks.  She LOVES the gravel at the end of our parking pad.  We often take trips out there to touch the rocks before loading up in the car.  She’s a big fan.

One morning, she was standing at the back door yelling for WAWA! So I caved and let her play in the water table in her pajamas before we got ready for the day. She cracked me up being so stinking excited.

And then this silly girl tried to climb in the water table. Thank goodness it’s a little too tall, or she’d be sitting in it!

20 Months Old

20 Months Old

Oh my goodness. I blinked. Another month has come and gone.  It didn’t help that I’ve traveled a lot this last month, so it was a blur.

Still no measurements.  I should probably measure her at home for the next month update. She’s finishing the box of 4 diapers and will start wearing 5s soon.  She’s wearing 3.5 in shoes and mostly 18-24 clothing- a few 12m and a few 2T in the rotation.


She wore her first BIG GIRL PONYTAIL!  Her hair is so long.

She has 20 teeth now- all the canines have fully come in.  She does better some days with teeth brushing, but it’s typically a struggle.

TONS more words this month.  Hops are bunnies (thanks, Zootopia!).  Mess is a common word for us (especially after meals). She LOVES “outside” and knows all of the Sesame characters (Elmo, Abby, Big Bird, Cookie) by name, and she calls them out during the intro. She did say her first two word phrase “Eat momma” one morning!  Mostly it’s still one word, but she’s done two words a few times.

She has counted to two a couple of times.  She loves when we count in our books together.


She went pee pee in the potty on May 10.  We aren’t pushing the potty training thing, but she likes to sit on it and “go potty.”  Our timing was right one day and she went.  I think we will attempt potty training at the end of summer.


She’s Elmo/Sesame Street OBSESSED.  She likes to watch it, but she has also shown an affinity for Zootopia and Cars.  We are going to do Lion King sometime soon because she was REALLY interested in the preview on Cars.

Her favorite toys are balls, her water table, bubbles, and things that make noise. She loves to go outside and explore- play in the rocks, the grass, chase balls around the sidewalk. She loves to be outside. She also still LOVES to read.  She brings us books a lot.   img_3309

She took a big tumble at mom’s house and scraped her nose, but she handled it like a champ.


She moves around great- steps (sometimes with hands or the handrail). She LOVES to swim at mom’s. She can step in and out of the pool and loves to climb the ladder and jump into the pool from the diving board. She loves the toys in the pool, too.

As far as food goes, she’s still a GREAT eater.  Breakfast food isn’t totally her jam, but she eats great. She loves dipping things but makes a huge mess, so we don’t give her dips very much. ha!  She asks for berries on the regular. Girl LOVES blackberries and strawberries.  She loves to ask for “more” of the things she likes. “Bewwies” is a common word at the table because she loves to eat them. She will help me cook- sitting on the counter and handing me utensils. She’s a great helper.

She does great when I’m gone- staying with grandmas and playing with family. She slept great at their houses and was a good girl while momma was away.

This month we have a family trip to Branson and some summer fun planned. I’m excited about all of our adventures!

Remington, you bring us such joy! We can tell that parenting you will be a fantastic journey- you’re so independent and smart. Which are GREAT things. But guiding you is going to take some learning on all of our parts to learn how to best direct and teach you. You’re SUCH a good girl. So friendly, such a good listener, such a sweet little person.  We can’t wait to see how you continue to grow and learn and change.

So Puzzling

So Puzzling

In an effort to spend some time together that isn’t focused around the TV, Tyler and I decided to try working on a puzzle.  I will say, it was a great marriage activity. We were working together, having fun, but not really talking about the mundane of the day. It was nice.

I ordered this puzzle from Amazon, and when it came in, we were a bit overwhelmed.

The first night was mostly working on the border and putting together a few doors.  This puzzle was easy at first because it was simple to pick out the yellow pieces for the one yellow door, for example.

But as we moved on, it got a little more complicated.  There were several bright blue doors, lots of red doors.  We had to really concentrate to put the pieces in the right spots.

We worked on it for a couple hours at a time, maybe one night a week for about a month or so. It’s finished! I told Tyler he could pick the next puzzle for us to work on.  I’d like to keep this up – it was really fun!