2020 Night to Shine

2020 Night to Shine

Tyler and I volunteered for the Night to Shine prom again! It’s an amazing night for teens and adults with special needs, where they get to be king or queen of the prom! A limo ride, crowns, dancing, karaoke, food and fun!

We did it a couple years ago, but last year we were on our cruise. We weren’t going to miss it this year!

It was a good year- we were both paired with younger teens who had friends there, so we sort of joined a pack for the night.

I had a BLAST with my girls- we danced, karaoked Taylor Swift, and had a great night.

And I also loved wearing sequins. Any chance I get, thankyouverymuch.


This tent felt like magic.All these amazing people having the time of their lives! So wonderful!


Girly Girl

Girly Girl

We were at the mall, and like a moth drawn to a flame, Remi was drawn to Claire’s.

I know the feeling. I was the same as a little girl. I used to beg my parents for money to go pick something out in Claire’s. I would spend entirely too much time looking around picking out the perfect “pretty.”

I let Remi go inside and pick something.  At first, she was settled on a Mashum, but I sort of hate those things, so I told her to look around and make sure.

And she found this makeup palette. It was real makeup, so I told her that it was going to be like paint is at our house- only using it at the right times and with supervision. And that we might have to wash it off.  She agreed and wanting it.

So she got it.

And she LOVED putting it on herself.

I stress that she’s beautiful (and mommy is beautiful) without makeup, but we use it because we like playing with it. But I do sort of love her sweet girly heart and that she likes “pretties” as much as her momma.


Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Not long ago, I organized some stuff in our mudroom, including our outdoor toys. We have had a kite for a while, but I guess it was hidden in the mess.

As soon as I organized, Remi spotted it. I wasn’t thinking much about it- it’s winter. I figured one day when we were grabbing outdoor toys we would go fly it.

But Remi had other plans.

She was begging for us to go fly a kite! So on a Saturday, that’s exactly what we did. The weather was gorgeous, the wind was light, and she loved flying her kite.

I love watching Tyler teach her things. And I love her joy at holding the kite string once Tyler got it up in the air.


She loved watching it fly!


Lots of running around, whether it was flying the kite or trying to catch the tail! I can see many more kite flying days in our future.


Running…again. What have I done?!

Running…again. What have I done?!

So in January, I set some fitness goals.  Along with trying to lose some weight, I’m ultimately just trying to be healthy and strong, and focusing on fitness is a great way to do that.

I am still doing my kickboxing workouts at 9Round, and I’m still teaching a weekly dance fitness class at work.

I had initially set a goal to also do the Morning Meltdown 100 in my Beachbody app.  However, 10 workouts in, and I realized that for a second-focus workout, I just wasn’t enjoying it enough to force myself to do it.

I still wanted something more. 9Round is AWESOME. I love it. I grow stronger and better there.  But I wanted something to “finish” and work towards.

Then some coworkers were talking about completing the Women Run Arkansas clinic starting in March. I got sucked in. I’ve tried running before (see the year I ran 13 races, plus a triathlon, in 2013), and it’s not my favorite workout. But….it’s something good to work towards. So I signed up too. It will be 10 weeks of personal sacrifice. 10 weeks of home late, making sure I meal plan ahead of time, 10 weeks of pushing myself physically. But I want to do it.


The run clinic typically concludes with a 5K in Conway, but we decided to do something closer to home. And also, something harder and crazier. It’s an 8K up the world’s highest hill (it’s feet too short to be a mountain). So we are signing up for it, too.  #whathaveIdone


Then I was telling one of my weight loss accountability buddies about all of this, and she said “Why don’t we meet up in the middle and do a 5K together?”  She lives in Missouri, so we looked…and we signed up for the NWA Race for the Cure together.  Lord, it’s gonna be one heck of an active Spring!


download (1).png


I’m not sure if I’ve lost my mind or if I’m about to get into great shape….but here’s to doing all of this by May! ha!