Nature Night

Nature Night

One evening after dinner, we were playing outside, which very quickly turned into nature night when we spotted a couple fun creatures!

Remi found a ladybug- and I was encouraging her to pick it up. She’s been a little leery of bugs lately, so I was very surprised that she went for the ladybug and let it crawl all over.

They are tickly little bugs! She liked it!


Then Tyler found this tiny little turtle under her trampoline.  It was shy, but we put it in the water table and it started swimming.


It was a tiny little guy, but we think he’s a snapper so we didn’t let Remi hold him.  We did, however, let him stay overnight in the water table (don’t worry, he had a place where he could get out of the water), and we released him the next morning.


Remi was so excited to see him the next morning. And daddy scooped him up and put him in the grass. Happy, long life to you, Mr. Turtle!


Ouch, But So Brave!

Ouch, But So Brave!

One Wednesday night after church dinner, we let Remi play on the playground with some other kids. She’s SO brave and fearless on the playground- she wants to climb high (and mostly by herself).  So I knew a crash was coming.

And thankfully, it happened at church- me, Tyler and mom were all there. And thankfully, the ground there is those soft rubber mulch- so the actual impact wasn’t bad.

But she fell and hit her chin on the way down, which was BAD. Poor girl cried, instantly had a bruise and was bleeding (both from her chin and her gums inside her mouth).

She was SO BRAVE, calming down in like 2-3 minutes as we rushed to the bathroom to clean her up. She heard our church choir practicing while we were cleaning her up, and she instantly said “I go listen!”


Then she wanted to go back outside and tackle the part where she fell- this time “Daddy help me.”

I’m so thankful she’s ok.

She had a tooth that got a little wiggly, but I think it’s tightening back up. And aside from a bruise, she’s no worse for the wear.



Family Park Picnic

Family Park Picnic

The weather has been so nice, so we wanted to play outside. For whatever reason on this particular Sunday evening, Remi kept wanting to come in. So we fixed that and went to the park so we got to enjoy the evening.

Silly girl wanted to wear her light-up Batman sandals, yes, with her frilly socks and church dress.

First stop is always the swings. She LOVES to swing. Daddy is still the best swing pusher because he makes her go so high.


We also did some slides. She invited me to play “Come follow me, momma” so I got to slide some too.


Daddy thought about bringing her bicycle, so she got in a little practice. The balance bike is slowly coming along.


We also packed some sandwiches (and stopped at the Dollar Store to buy chips and water bottles) and had a picnic dinner.


After dinner, some people came to play basketball, and Remi wanted to watch.  The people were so nice and passed her the ball a couple times, which she liked.  She’s such a people watcher, it’s fun to experience the world through her eyes.

All the Fun Things

All the Fun Things

This Spring has been full of lots of fun moments!

Tyler got the lawn mower out for the first time and Remi was SO excited to go for a ride. She was in the bathtub when she heard it start up outside. “Daddy mowing the grass?”  Yes, baby, he’s mowing the grass. “Hurry and wash my hair so I can go ride!!”


She earned a trip to the Monkey House for having 5 good nights of sleep (middle of the night wakeups/freakouts/trying to break out of her room have been happening) and after she jumped, she needed to show Gigi her Super Remi cape and mask!  Super Remi was flying around the parking lot!


We went to one of Daddy’s soccer games, and these sweet girls were SO WONDERFUL to Remi. Remi wanted to play with them (they were from the visiting team, and just little sisters waiting for the game to pass), and I am working with her on “Say hi, ask if you can play with them, ask their name” and these sweet girls went along with everything and played so sweetly with her. Tyler snapped this picture from his perch on top of the stands.


Our town had a great car show that we hit up on a Saturday. Remi thought the cars were fine, but she REALLY loved the snow cone and bouncy house!

I can’t get enough of this little girl!


Tough to take pictures, but she’s 100% a fan of bounce houses now. She REALLY wanted her little friend Revin to come in and play. But he was hesitant. She kept saying “Momma, help Revin! He needs a boost to come in!”


We went to a baby shower for our cousin Kelsey and baby Hattie.  She looked SO cute in her dress and pigtails.  She was A MESS at the shower- hyped up and wanting to help them open gifts (which they didn’t mind, but some guests who didn’t know her and their relationship were annoyed, I think).  But she looked cute, so whatever.


We broke out her Future OBU Tiger shirt (Thanks Alumni program!) for school and of course, we had to tiger growl before school.



This season of life is so, so good.