Such Fun Lately

Such Fun Lately

We’ve just been having SO much fun with our big girl lately.

She’s really getting into imaginative play, being creative and just playing. And I LOVE it.

She has really been digging her princess getup lately. And this day was extra funny.  Early morning.  She had watched an episode of Daniel Tiger (with Prince Wednesday) so she declared herself Princess Friday.


She and Daddy made a HUGE tower with ALL the blocks!


She dug this little smocked dress out of our “too small” pile (which, turns out, it still fits but it’s more of a shirt/tunic now than a dress ha!), declared it her Princess dinner dress, and then she set a table for us.

She put a tablecloth down (a “table blanket”) put her baby doll down with a bib, made me sit down and she got food out for us.  We did lots of pretend eating, drinking and saying “yummm”


Blue is her FAVORITE color.  She always wants a blue bow.  And this day, she got her backpack full of toys, put it on and was ready to go with Daddy.


And thank goodness, it’s been nicer out, so we’ve done LOTS of backyard swinging and jumping and sliding.  This particular day, she thought it was too bright and needed her sunglasses.  Her little face and nose are almost too small for the glasses, but she looks like a little diva with them on!


This season of life is just SO fun!

Creative Little Mind

Creative Little Mind

We’ve really been able to see Remi thinking creatively outside the box recently. It makes me SO happy to watch her make sense of her world and figure out new ways to interact with it!

The first is how she’s been playing gymnastics ever since our trip to see the Razorbacks. We had her butcher paper rolled out to color and all of a sudden, she backed up, ran down it and jumped at the end, saying “I do nastics!”  Since then, it’s evolved.

The HAS to back the paper up the wall.  She has us mark a spot where she jumps- the line in the blurry pic (for some reason, our living room lighting is TERRIBLE for photos), and then she rolls over the end of the roll.  It’s so fun!

She has played with her magnetic tiles for a while, but she usually builds one type of square tower using square blocks.  The other day, she grabbed a triangle for her base and built a triangle tower! It may not seem like much, but her realizing these other pieces could be used was a BIG deal!

And she’s not naked, but her little back and booty is popping ha!  But she took her train set- which she usually asks us to set up- and started creating her own road.  She made a tunnel under the bridge and made this road.  She was pretty proud when she had used up all the pieces (even if she had to be told “It’s ok that they don’t all connect- not all roads are circles!”

I love watching how she is learning and developing!

Daddy Daughter Date Night

Daddy Daughter Date Night

Our church hosted a Daddy Daughter Date Night. And these two were SO excited to go!

After work, I got Remi all ready. She picked out her blue bow (blue is her favorite color!) and she was so excited to leave. (side note: she didn’t realize I wasn’t going and was pretty upset for a few minutes yelling for momma when they were leaving)

The church took some of these sweet pictures.  They had dinner and then danced together.  Tyler said she got down!

They also had a fun photo booth.  We sing songs about baby shark (duh) and another one about a green frog- and Tyler said she HAD to have those things for their picture!


I’m thankful our church pours into families and that Remi has such a great daddy to make her feel special and loved.

Momma Got to Have Some Fun

Momma Got to Have Some Fun

I’ve had some evenings where I’ve had some fun lately- which are WONDERFUL.

I’m thankful for my people understanding that I need to fill my cup as well.

The first fun was a night in Fayetteville to see A Bronx Tale musical.

We had dinner at Mockingbird Kitchen- which was SO good!  And the best part was it was “Tini Tuesday” so we got some of their fun martinis!

A Bronx Tale was good…a little too much going on (mob story, love story, racism story, etc.) but it was entertaining and the cast was great.


The second fun happened while Tyler and Remi were at Daddy Date Night.  I got to meet up with Brandy for dinner!  We usually meet for lunch dates, so it was nice to meet and not have a lunch time clock ticking. I’m so thankful for this friend! 

The next fun day came on the weekend when Mom and I went to Tulsa for the day.  We started at the Woody Guthrie Museum to learn about the folk singer (he wrote This Land is Your Land). Very interesting to learn about Oklahoma in the early 1900s and what inspired Woody to write so much.

We initially went for the Leonard Bernstein 100 exhibit. He’s a great American composer and conductor- and the Woody Guthrie museum held part of it.  Really neat to see the life and times of this very talented man!

There other half of the exhibit was at the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art. This was mostly about his religion and West Side Story! We got to go into a “recording studio” and sing part of “America” from West Side Story! So fun, until we realized you could hear us outside the “studio!” ha!

We also got to see the desk where he wrote the musical and notes with the original score an lyrics. Just neat parts of musical history!

And they had a fun Jews Rock! Exhibit with guitars decorating for famous Jewish rock stars!

We grabbed a quick lunch at Torchy’s! We love it and usually go in Dallas, and the Tulsa location is pretty new. We were excited to try it out!  We split that chicken and waffle taco- yum!

After lunch, we saw The Play That Goes Wrong. OMG it was SO funny! If it comes near you, you HAVE to see it!

Then we did some shopping and ate dinner at Smoke before heading home. It was a great day!