Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites!

It’s been a while since I’ve just shared some random favorite things with you.

So let’s talk about life, music, beauty and more!

  1. The Dear Evan Hansen Deluxe Album (listen to the tracks here– give the video a few minutes to “go live” then the music starts).  This show instantly became one of my top musicals ever when we saw it in NYC this summer, and the deluxe album features some never-before-released songs done by cast members (including the Evan and Connor that we saw!).
    download (2).jpg
  2. LimeLife’s Quench Cleanser. Easily removes my makeup (even mascara) and leaves my face feeling hydrated, which is SO important this time of year as things get cold and dry.  Buy it from my friend Allison if you don’t have a LimeLife person.
    LimeLife_Skin Care_Quench Cleanse_large.jpg
  3. A GOOD bra fitting. Mom and I were recently fitted at Muse Intimates in Tulsa (highly recommend if you’re in the area) and I finally feel like I have a bra that fits and does what I want it to do.  I was wearing a totally wrong size and style for me.
  4. This sweater from Anthropologie. It’s a little pricey but SO SOFT and so flattering.  Like hangs in the perfect way.  Mom and I both bought one (she got a medium, I got a large).4113529109481_065_b.jpg
  5. The Dream podcast. It’s a sort of “secret life of MLMs” expose and I can’t get enough.  Listen on iTunes or Stitcher.



What are you loving this week?


Another Fun Weekend

Another Fun Weekend

Another exciting weekend has come and gone! The time just flies by when you’re having fun, I suppose!

Tyler is still working football games on Fridays, so it’s me and Remi hanging out.

This week, we grabbed a grocery pickup order and then I mentioned going home and eating pizza (like a frozen pizza) but she asked for pizza and ice cream (our local pizza place), so I said yes! We had a fun night eating together and then came home for bath and playtime.

While we were laying in the floor playing she said, “Momma, take picture.”  Yes, ma’am! (I’m wearing a tank top, not naked as I might look lol)

On Saturday, I left Remi with Tyler and Nancy and mom and I headed to Tulsa.

We did some shopping (read: LOTS of shopping), had a great lunch and then did a little sightseeing around Tulsa.

This is one of my fave quirky Tulsa spots: The Center of the Universe! It’s a statue and an echo circle, but you have to visit!

We saw Love Never Dies – the sequel to Phantom of the Opera.  I’ll be honest- we didn’t love Phantom (I’m not a huge Andrew Lloyd Webber fan, to be honest) but we really enjoyed Love Never Dies.

After the show, we had a GREAT dinner at The Melting Pot. It’s all fondue- cheese, then you cook your meats in a seasoned broth, then chocolate. We were SO FULL after the meal!

Sunday was daylight savings time, but thankfully, Remi woke up at her normal hour, so we realy did get our extra hour of sleep! She was snuggly when she woke up, which I had zero complaints about!

After church, we had a quick lunch at Taco Bell (since we wanted to hit Walmart to shop on our way home before naptime) and she was cracking us up eating her tacos. She just looked so big and so small at the same time.

Sunday evening, my Hot Springs family came to town (for a college visit for Caitlyn, how did she get so old for that?) and we had fun eating dinner and playing together.

That evening, Remi gave everyone several hugs and kisses on her way out, and then she did her first prayer. We pray every night together but it’s the first time she’s said more than “Amen.”  She wanted to thank God for all of our family.

“Thank you God, Gavvy. Thank you KK,  thank you Wuke, thank you Auntie, thank you D.”  So sweet.  I was so proud.


A Baby Shark Halloween!

A Baby Shark Halloween!

We had some Halloween ideas, but as it got closer to time to really gather supplies, we changed our minds and went with what Remi REALLY wanted: Baby Shark.

She’s obsessed with the song and video, so we were a shark family.

She LOVED putting on her shark jacket- I wish I had videoed it because she totally got that she was now baby shark and enjoyed it. (The teeth were pretty stiff felt and bothered her a little)

Of course, Daddy and Momma Shark joined in.

And we introduced Gigi and Mimi Shark!

Our town does a big Halloween- high school clubs set up on the walking trail and several churches do a trunk or treat. Well, it was POURING down rain, so everyone moved inside. I was so thankful that the kids still had a great time.

We were going to hit the high school, but the line was long outside and Remi isn’t great at waiting in line yet…so we just came to church.

It was fun to see a lot of our friends, including sweet Eden who helps in the nursery. Remi loved her unicorn outfit!

We waited in line getting candy a little bit, but then she just took off walking around. Thankfully, everyone was in a great mood (and we knew like half the gym), so people would sort of let her come and go in between lines and games and walking around.

She ate several pieces of the candy she got on the spot (What’s Halloween for if not to eat too much candy?!)

She loved this shark game! The people running this booth were dressed like pirates (I think? It was a blur!) and the kids had to “walk the plank” through shark infested waters to get their candy! So creative! Remi loved walking the plank. (We had joined back into line with our sweet friends Sophia and Lyndi! It was a great night)

We did manage to get a great picture of our whole shark family! Remi was too busy eating her sucker to smile.

I joked we were famous locally because the next morning in our big town Facebook group was this post asking for pictures of the shark family. ha! A friend tagged me and I was able to share our picture. I’m glad people enjoyed it.  We loved it and had a great time.


We weren’t out late- at like 6:45 Remi was acting like she’d had too much stimulation (too many people, sights, sounds, packed into a church gym) and we went home. But she keeps talking about when she was baby shark. We had a great Halloween!

Work Halloween: Mean Girls

Work Halloween: Mean Girls

A lot has changed at work this year. Relaxing our corporate culture and allowing for a little more fun (and more jeans! Yay for a relaxed dress code!)

With the changes, we were able to dress up for Halloween and pay towards a fundraiser for a nonprofit. Our team decided that since Halloween fell on a Wednesday, that we would wear pink!

We got several team members in on the fun!

We had Janis, Damien, The Plastics, and Kevin Gnapoor (the mathlete!)

Our team did an AWESOME job dressing the part!

We had to have a little Plastics photo shoot

And with our amazing Janis! She nailed it.