Finally Family Time

Finally Family Time

We had been playing a sort of tag trying to get together with our cousins to celebrate Hattie’s first birthday. We had a Covid exposure, so we wanted to make sure we were negative before being around them. Then they were out of town. Thankfully, we got to see everybody and we hung out at the splash pad together.

The weather was a bit touch and go at first- with some rain and lightning, so we enjoyed pizza under the gazebo while it passed.

We bought some little cakes and a candle for Hattie to enjoy, since we missed her real party.

She enjoyed that!

And they also loved playing on the play ground together. Their family has the thrill-seeking gene. These girls enjoyed big slides at a little age!

After dinner and splashin, we piled into Tyler’s truck to go see the bison and cows nearby (it’s a private road, so we can all ride in the back of the truck). The girls LOVED being on top of the truck. So big!

We love our family! I’ve always been grateful for the way they love me, and they also love my momma in the mix as well. We are so blessed to have this one big happy family together.

Last Day on the Farm

Last Day on the Farm

One last morning of chores- letting out the ducks and chicken, milking the cows and gathering eggs. Eric and Hope had been SO welcoming- bringing us in the their home to wash eggs, let Remi play, and even getting out their violin and guitar to play music for her.

They are really special. This place is special.

We hit the outlet mall in Branson for a couple quick stops. We had hyped up the Disney Store to Remi, and it was sadly still closed. But she handled it well, being excited for a toy at another store.

We ate a GREAT lunch at Aranda’s Tacos, and then hit the road for home. A packed car and passed out passengers. A great trip.

Exploring the Farm

Exploring the Farm

After being off property, we were ready for another fun day on the farm.

Remi helped with morning chores, with her favorite being gathering duck eggs and feeding Nugget.

She was SO interested in the gardens (there were a few smaller ones scattered around), so we asked Hope if she could show her around while she worked. She was so gracious and patient, helping her gather lots of product, and then giving it to us for dinner!

Remi LOVED this funny carrot that looked like it had legs!

Then we got to pick blueberries!

She got to pick green beans, which are one of her favorite foods. It was neat to see how they grew!

After gardening, we cooled off in the creek- in a spot at the end of their property line which was not as slippery or swift. Much better swimming hole.

I took the fish net and caught little tiny bait fish. And Remi LOVED playing with them for a few seconds before tossing them back in.

The farm was stocked with awesome games, including this fun one which was Flickin’ Chicken- sort of like golf with rubber chickens.

We did some more pond fishing. I was good with that cane pole and corn!

And Tyler caught a big perch with Remi’s Frozen pole. ha!

And we took a spin in the paddle boat. Bless Remi in that too-big lifejacket.

And we had to document our tie dye shirts!

While we waited for chores, we played Sorry! It’s fun now that Remi can play some games.

After chores, we caught fireflies while Dad and Gigi went fishing.

Mom and I wanted s’mores, so we made our very own fire. I was pretty proud of us!

We all slept so good from all the sunshine and fresh air.

A Full Day of Farm Fun

A Full Day of Farm Fun

Day two was a FULL day of fun on the farm.

It started early when Remi woke up, but then she crawled into our bed and fell back asleep. They were cute when I woke up.

I used the GORGEOUS farm eggs to make breakfast. All the colors!

After breakfast, we headed to the creek. It was SO clear (and a little cool) but it was slicker than snot on the rocks. Remi was having fun, but she hated feeling so slippery.

We had a blast playing together though!

They had some floats by the kayaks, and Remi liked floating a lot better, except that it was flowing pretty well, so we had to keep a good handle on her!

On our way back to the cabin, we found a big caterpillar, and this bug-lover had to catch it for the day.

While she napped, I read in the hammock. 10/10 recommend this book. I laughed, I cried, I said, “Amen.” Very good.

I also enjoyed this duck parade while I read. Quack quack quack quack…

After I read, mom and I went on a long walk to the end of the line on the creek, where we couldn’t walk any more without crossing water.

Then Gigi got to the farm, and we all fished! Their pond was stocked with little fish, which I had GREAT luck catching with corn and their cane pole.

They gave us a bucket to put the live fish in so Remi could see them swimming. she loved that.

She caught some of her own, too!

And Tyler found one of a few big bass in the pond!

She and Gigi got to visit for a while on the bench. So sweet.

After fishing and before chores, we did some tie dye shirts.

Then we did a bonfire and s’mores after dinner.

A pretty perfect day!