County Fair Pageant Year 2

County Fair Pageant Year 2

Remi loves many things, two of which are dressing up and getting claps. And while pageants are a great outlet for both of those, I’m not ready to dive into pageant mom mode. But we do participate in a few small local ones. My favorite (because the experience is fun and the people are supportive) is the county fair pageant.

We did it last year and it was a great experience, so we came back.

And I’m so glad we did! Our girl just shined! She really was in her element.

I rolled her hair with Curlformers before nap, and it fell some, but gave her the prettiest waves! And I did just a hint of blush and some “lippy” (lip gloss) on her and she was glowing.

She got to go on stage twice- once for casual wear and again for her formal wear (or princess dress, as we called it!)

I’ll have pics from the photographer to share later, but she was SO wonderful- waving and turning and blowing kisses. She really was brave and confident.


I’m so proud of this $20 Zulily dress that I bedazzled. It looks so pretty on her.


I grabbed this while waiting on stage with her after she won. Her hair was blowing in the wind from the fan. And she just looks so sweet.


She was so proud of herself!


And of course, her biggest fans were there- her Gigi and Mimi.


And her momma and daddy.  We grabbed lunch after…and then she didn’t want to take her princess dress until bedtime.


She won’t be able to compete again until she turns 5 (unless they redo the age groups) because she can’t win the same division more than once. So we will probably milk this and do the Christmas parade and such with her title- to give her all the fun she get!

Growing Up! Starting P3

Growing Up! Starting P3

Remi just moved up to a new class at school (and at church!), and she’s PUMPED. She’s so ready to be more active and learn. She’s such a little sponge.

She’s also looking much bigger than I’m ok with! Where did our baby go?!

She’s almost 3- and she’s doing some AWESOME big girl things:

She’s helping SO much around the house- putting her laundry in the basket, picking up toys, taking her bowls/plates to the sink after meals, and praying for our food (often because SHE prompts us to!).

She knows many of her letters by sight, and she can count well past 20 (maybe higher, she sort of loses interest when we try at home), she knows all of her colors and shapes, lots of animals and animal sounds.

She is so confident and independent. I am sometimes in awe of the things she just jumps into without any hesitation. We arrived like two minutes late to gymnastics last week and I told her to go find her teacher (in a different room, walking past MANY other classes), and she never looked back for me. She just ran right in and found her class.

She is friendly, often asking “What’s your name?” to complete strangers.

We are just so proud of her.

Learn big things this year, baby girl. But most importantly, be kind. Make good choices. And know you’re so LOVED.


Partying It Up!

Partying It Up!

One of our sweet church friends had a birthday party- and we had a blast!

I went to college with Trinka, his momma. We spent one year on the same hall, and now they live in our town and Remi and her littlest are the same age!

Remi was THRILLED when we arrived to see their big trampoline. (I’ll be honest, this nervous Nelly momma was a little anxious about her jumping with big kids, but she did well)


It was a dino party, and this ThreeRex sign was THE CUTEST.  Trinka throws the cutest parties!


One of my dearest friends is marrying into their family, so we got to visit at the party! She is due ANY DAY NOW with a precious baby boy! I can’t wait for her to be a momma!


Remi loved the dino masks (blue, of course!)


And then they all played with the dinos (which Trinka had put tiny party hats on! SO cute!)


This is the best pic I could get of the busy birthday boy, Nash and Remi. They had opened his new bug catching kit!


Partying with friends is so much fun….and it just makes me more excited for Remi’s birthday coming up!

Mom Life Moments

Mom Life Moments

There are some moments that are just so totally #momlife that I capture them and text them to my friends (who are also moms) because it’s like, we can’t make this stuff up!

I got a moment of peace on evening while Tyler was giving Remi a balance bike lesson. It was five minutes of bliss in the hammock watching the hummingbirds fly.


Sweet and peaceful until 20 lbs of dogs decided to get in the hammock with me. I love these pups, but two wiggly pups in a hammock isn’t exactly comfy.


But then we came inside to eat popsicles and watch a movie. And Remi insisted on sitting RIGHT HERE. On my shoulder/throat. Gotta love those sweet snuggles, right? HA!