Figuring the world out

Figuring the world out

More making memories with our girl.  She’s learning SO much and figuring out how this big world works.

We met some friends at the park for a Sunday afternoon playdate. The playground equipment at this park was a little too big for her.  She did spend a LOT of time going up and down the stairs and walking around, but she wouldn’t slide with the big kids. But then she discovered mulch. And she had a GREAT time with my friend Whitney’s little girl (who’s about a year older) playing in the mulch.

One evening daddy was working late, so we went to see him at his overtime job.  By the time we left, we were both hungry, so I decided to stop at our pizza/salad bar place.  She was SO BIG eating her salad and waited so patiently on the personal pizza we shared. She’s so good!

She LOVES bubbles. She can say it clear as day and she often goes to where we keep them and points “BUBBLES”. I loved this little tongue sticking out while we dipped the bubble wand.  She can’t exactly blow her own yet, but playing in the bubble juice is just as fun!

Remi the Explorer

Remi the Explorer

Our girl is getting so brave and so curious. It’s amazingly fun to watch her explore the world.

At our playground, she is FEARLESS.  She took up this climbing wall with no fear and no help.

This was one of my favorite moments EVER.  We were at the park walking and playing. She heard the babbling creek and pointed and “oohed” and sat down to watch.  She patted the ground, telling us to “ssssit” and watch it with her.

I love that she makes us slow down and enjoy the little things in life.  Our precious girl!

19 Months Old

My goodness!  Another month is a memory!  It’s crazy how fast times flies.  This really is the longest, shortest time.  Some days feel never ending, but then I blink and you’re SO BIG!

I honestly have no idea about measurements. I haven’t bothered with them at home and we haven’t been to the doctor.  She’s moved up to 24m pajamas- she got too tall for the 18m ones. But she can wear anywhere from 12-24m clothing.  Size 3-3.5 shoes.  We are finishing the boxes of 4 diapers and going to size up soon.

Her hair is SO LONG and growing so fast.  She asks for bows a lot, and it’s getting harder to fix her hair because she’s squirmy in the mornings.  She still loves to have her hair brushed and blow dried after a bath though! It’s one of her daddy and my favorite times.


She continues to grow into a toddler.  She’s telling us more about her pottying- we may try potty training this summer (gulp!).  She tries to help removing clothing- she wants so badly to do it herself, but she still needs help with shirts and pants.

She’s talking SO much and so well.  She struggles with the T and hard C sounds, but otherwise, mimics us well and also uses words on purpose well. Some new words: bug, chips, please, cup, cheese, school, church, socks, shoes, bubbles, eyes, nose, Elmo.  She says “Amen!” at the end of our nightly prayers.  She signs and says “more” when she wants more food or more books read to her.

She can count to two with us (sometimes. Toddler are anything if not inconsistent.)

She likes to play “night night”.  She hands me a blanket and lays on the ground.  I cover her up and tell her night night, then she closes her eyes. She will be still for a second then POPS up and laughs.

She also LOVES to read books.  She will point things out in the book (balls, buckets, eyes, Elmo) and will act out things when I ask her (stomping, crying, sleeping, dancing).  We love to read together.


She can handle steps all by herself.  Sometimes she more crawls up them, but she can take big steps with a hand or the handrail. And she can sometimes step down or she will sort of sit and scoot to the next step.  She loves stairs and ramps.

She is doing well eating with a fork and spoon, and while she can often scoop food herself, she prefers for me to do it for her.  She takes a bite and hands me the utensils to reload.

She is FINALLY EATING EGGS!  I made an egg casserole with spinach, rotel and feta cheese and she will eat it!  She hasn’t been a big egg fan, but she loves this and has eaten it for two weeks for breakfast.  She still eats great. Lots of meat (she tried shrimp this month and loved it), tons of fruits and veggies.

We’ve worked this month (actually it started right before I left for a work trip, and daddy did a great job being consistent while I was gone) that lovey is for bedtime and the car ONLY. No more carrying lovey around.  She tends to suck her thumb with lovey, so we are limiting it. We will remove it from the car this summer, likely.  In the mornings, she kisses lovey goodbye, waves bye and we don’t get lovey again until nighttime.


She still mostly only cares about Sesame Street, but she also will watch Zootopia.  She saw the police animals and says “DADA!”

She says Momma so much more- and I couldn’t love it more!

Remington, we love your little personality. We pray that we are molding you to be kind, loving and helping to grow your brain and body.  We love watching who God made you to be emerging!  You light up our worlds!  Here’s to the second half of your second year. We have many adventures planned for the summer!

The spiritual side of parenting a toddler

The spiritual side of parenting a toddler

I really feel like we are in a super sweet spot with Remington.  She’s got SUCH a fun personality, wants to learn, wants to listen (sometimes), and is just generally easy.

(And please spare me the “this will change soon” speech.  I know we go through phases and know that she may not always be easy.  Let me enjoy it while it lasts.)

But one thing I’ve learned in our 1.5 years into this is that I’m understanding SO MUCH about God through being her momma.

I’m learning how much God loves us.  Through several things.  First, how incredibly much I love her- knowing that God loves us infinitely more is unreal. Second, knowing that God gave HIS SON for us (Jesus) while understanding how much I love Remi and how I wouldn’t give her up for anything- He loves us a lot, y’all.

I’m also learning grace and patience. I’m learning by depending on God when the days and moments aren’t as easy, and being led to be gentle and graceful to Remington during trying times. God is THAT  MUCH MORE grace-giving and gentle to us.

I can also VERY CLEARLY see humanity and sinfulness through Remi.  Yes, she’s precious and innocent, but she has a sin nature.  She clearly defies me, disobeys me, and can even be conniving (faking a boo-boo when she wants down from dinner, already!).  We are sinners by nature at birth and WE NEED JESUS.

I’m also learning that so many times God protects me from things- and that I’m not always thankful or even realize it.  I work hard to protect Remi from things, some she knows, some she doesn’t. Sometimes it makes her mad (when she can’t play with the electric plugs, for example) but I have to do it because I love her and care for her.  God does the same for us. He sees more than we can see, and He understands more than we could ever comprehend. So we have to remember that when we don’t understand.

Parents, what does God teach you through parenting? I’d love to hear!