Remington: A Snapshot

Remington: A Snapshot

Remington is just so much fun right now, and while I often write lots about her, there are some tidbits I want to remember.

For starters, she’s like 3.75 years old (I mean- she will just say she’s 3!), and some days she talks like a grown up! I hear so many adults telling me how big she sounds when she talks. Big words, clear pronunciation, full thoughts.

She’s OBSESSED with the Greatest Showman. We watch the movie, listen to the songs. She has a costume and a top hat. But she also often sends him “messages” from my computer and she’s even had me mail them letters.

She loves seeing how much she’s growing- and goodness! Has she grown! When this pandemic quarantine started in March, she was still just barely 36 inches. Now, she’s a solid 37 3/4! Her little foot is still little- wearing just a 6. But she’s gone up to a 3T and 4T in clothing. Pretty quickly!

She loves food. Pizza with all the things (supreme), interesting ice creams (she recently got a vanilla with cherries and pecans and ate the whole bowl). She loves tacos. She doesn’t like eggs, but will eat egg salad sandwiches (thanks to Daniel Tiger!). She loves to help me cook, too.

Sometimes, when the grown up talk gets over her head, she will say “Wait? What are you guys saying?” She wants so badly to be in the middle of it all!

She LOVES the dogs. She will often say “Look at cute little Mikey, momma!” and just loves that they will come see her for loving.

She can be SO strong willed and stubborn. She gets into these streaks where she won’t do it if it’s not her idea, and that doesn’t end well for her. Momma has to take toys away, give her time outs and other punishments.

She currently knows all of her letters (for most, capital and lower case) and also most of the sounds they make. She’ll be reading in no time. I think for Christmas I’m going to get her the “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” book that so many of my friends rave about.

She loves doing simple addition. We will play a game while we wait places where we take like 1 finger on my right hand and 2 on my left, and we add them. Then we do different combinations. She loves it, and often just asks me “Mom, what is 2 + 2?”

Books are still her favorite things. She loves to sit and read, both together and alone. She memorizes books like nobody’s business. We love library trips, and she just completed their summer reading program.

She’s just a unique kiddo. She is so loving and kind and gentle, but then can be filled with spitfire and sass. I wish I could bottle her up at this age. It’s really perfect. She can play alone sometimes, but she wants to snuggle, too. She can play games and do puzzles and some big kid stuff. She’s just the best.

Drive In Fun!

Drive In Fun!

Our nearby drive in has been showing “classic” movies all summer, and week nights are single features. We decided to go on a Thursday night because we are off on Fridays. And (despite her grouch face here), we all had fun!

They were showing Despicable Me, and Remi likes the minions, so it was a hit!

We got there, got hot dogs and candy, and settled in for the movie. On that Thursday night, there were probably 15 or so cars, so plenty of room for everyone. But even if it’s sold out, you just stay by your car, so it’s a very good activity for right now.

She thought it was so fun to see the big screen! Near the end, she got tired, but it was a fun family activity.

And it was mom’s first drive in movie, too! She enjoyed it as well!

Trying New Things at the Lake

Trying New Things at the Lake

Fridays have been pool days this summer (I don’t know if I’ve said it here yet, but my hours got cut at work because of Covid, so I’ve had Fridays off.) But Tyler is off on Fridays, too, so we’ve made them fun family days.

Instead of the pool, we hit the lake to try out the new paddle board and play on the jet ski.

I LOVED the paddleboard. Like, I can’t wait to hit the lake again. I took a couple of turns going around the swimming area.

Tyler got on the board, too!

Remi amazes us with her balance! She doesn’t paddle, but she likes sort of surfing on the board. She played “Beastmaster” on it- since we’ve been watching the Netflix obstacle course show. She loved that!

We made Remi face a fear of the jet ski, and she liked it. She didn’t want to ride again, but she had fun. Mom and I also went for a ride or two. It’s fun to spin around the little lake!

Mom took her turn on the paddle board as well!

And the funniest was when Remi and I tried together. The both of us trying to balance didn’t work well. We fell off within moments. But it was funny!

I’m so grateful that we have the lake and the pool and all of these fun things like the paddle board, jet ski and kayaks to play on! It’s been a great summer!

The Most Fun Little Girl

The Most Fun Little Girl

We’ve had lots of fun moments lately (and also some trying ones….not gonna lie, Remi is working through some defiance issues, but we are trying to focus on the good).

Her daycare is sparsely populated these days (both kids and teachers) but they are still having fun. They had their annual 50’s party, and she loved it! She wore her trusty poodle skirt (that I was smart 2 years ago and made adjustable!). And she learned a fun dance and participated in the “talent show” with her buddy Connor!

She was also having a rough time getting motivated in the mornings, so we pulled out ALL the fun clothes to try and help her get excited about getting up and going. She LOVED this Buzz Lightyear dress and bow! She got it for Christmas, and it was a bit big….but it fits this big girl now!

She and I had a little movie night watching She Loves Me (the musical) on PBS. She liked the music, but she liked her jelly beans more! (Yes, we are still eating Easter candy.)

We are enjoying this slower pace of life and trying to find the good in every day.