A Very NYC Birthday Party

A Very NYC Birthday Party

We celebrated my mom’s birthday, and having a quarantine birthday isn’t totally wonderful because you can’t have all your friends and can’t go where you want.

So I tried to bring the fun to her. We LOVE NYC, and of course, we can’t go there anytime soon (though we have a trip already planned for early October- who knows if we can go or not). But I brought NYC to her!

I set up my kitchen- and my friend Tara made an AWESOME cake topper for us.


I ordered the Shake Shack at home kit from Goldbelly, and I contacted Shake Shack corporate to ask if I could buy some paper products to really hit it home- and they CAME THROUGH. They sent me a big box of everything for free with the sweetest card for mom.

And the burgers were SO good. I also made some “concrete” ice cream by mixing a couple of flavors with some marshmallow fluff to make it softer- and it was delish! Just like being there. I played some NY and Broadway music.


And she got her gift in the bag the Shack sent us!


My friend Melissa makes cakes and this was SO good. It was chocolate chip cookie dough cake. Yes, please!


After dinner, I let her choose a musical from BroadwayHD (a musical streaming service through Prime), and she picked Oklahoma. We had a fun night “visiting” New York for her birthday!


A Week in the Life

A Week in the Life

Just another week of social distancing. I hit a breaking point one day and had a meltdown. Emotions are all over the place, and while most days I can see the good, some days I just grieve what is gone- fun things, time with those I love, “normal.” And I think it’s important to document that.

Working at home with Remi can be a challenge. I was writing and she was bubble-wanding me.


We are making mom into a country girl!  Remi is LOVING 4 wheeler rides lately, and one evening, we let Mimi take her for a spin.


Remi is missing traveling, too.  We went to run an errand, and she had to bring her suitcase with her. Bless it.


Tyler picked up this used bike on Facebook Marketplace, and we’ve been working with Remi on it.  She’s had her little trike, but sitting up higher on a bike is a new skill. She’s enjoying it!


Pippin is SO clingy. He always wants to be touching me, which wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t smell like a dog. ha!  He is so shaggy, and running after the horse in the pasture every day doesn’t help. The groomer is SLAMMED since everyone is home and can bring their dogs in- so they can’t get them for two more weeks.  I’ll be glad when they get their summer shave.


That’s another week in the life. So exciting- haha.



After 9 weeks of only phone calls, FaceTimes and porch visits, I finally got to see my friends.

Side note for those readers from other places in the country: Our area has not been hard hit by the coronavirus. We have like 3 active cases in our county- and our state is “opening up” somewhat with restaurants and churches back open. Each of us has an essential worker in the home, so we felt it was ok to get together since our level of “risk” is similar. My heart and soul needed it.

We got together to celebrate Caroline’s birthday! I picked up dinner from Rolando’s (our original plan was Stonehouse, but when they reopened to the public, they changed their menu…boo!), and I grabbed some margaritas from the liquor store (because Arkansas was NOT cool like other states to offer take-home drinks). And Rebecca set up the cutest little party in her kitchen!

I love a good party hat!


Just LOOK at this cute set up!


We ate dinner, laughed, enjoyed some bubbly, and just LOVED being together in person.  All of the “normal” times when we see each other like church or running by Tara’s coffee shop is gone, so we have really missed each other.

You realize how amazing your friends are when you are forced to do life without them.  I’m just so thankful for them.

Our Silly Girl

Our Silly Girl

Remi has had lots of time to imagine and be silly. To be honest, the downtime has been such a gift (as much as other things have been hard and inconveniencing).

She’s been doing “gymnastics” all over the house, including these funny moves- and then telling us to take her picture while posing. Funny girl.


We’ve been working on the balance bike. She just prefers pedals. But we’ve been trying it more and more. She and dad have been riding a lot!


And LOTS of dress up. So much dress up. She’s been playing princess and also lots of “wedding.”  She says she’s a “wedding girl” a lot!


This morning, she hid in my clothes because “they were warm and cozy.”  She sat in there for a good 5-10 minutes alone.


One evening, we did a FUNNY thing. After cleaning up, I said to her “Do you trust me?” And I changed her into all black clothes and taped some glow sticks to her. Then we went into our bathroom and turned off the lights for a dance party in my mirror. We had a BLAST dancing in the dark with the lights. SO much fun.