Putting Up Christmas

Putting Up Christmas

Tyler left for deer hunting for five nights, so in the spirit of both having something to occupy our time and starting traditions, I decided when daddy is gone hunting, the girls will decorate for Christmas. It’s not a tradition that’s important to Tyler. Remi and I had fun sprinkling some cheer around our home.

While I like to wait until after Thanksgiving, I’ve decorated early for a couple years. We can honor Thanksgiving with trees up. 🙂 We are also doing a family thankful Turkey and I have a little fall still up around the house.

I love my collection of Christmas trees, and a Christmas portrait of my little 1 year old Remi.

We have a little tree, full of personal ornaments. Remi didn’t want tinsel this year, so we only used the beads. She HAD to have a star, so we grabbed one at the store. She choose one with like DISCO flashing lights, but she loves it, so I love it.

We also had to make the gingerbread house I had bought. I did the frosting, but she placed all the candy. It’s posted in the kitchen for Santa to see. 🙂

Tis the season!

Playing Catch Up

Playing Catch Up

Just putting some fun memories in a safe place to keep them.

Remi wore this adorable fox dress and if you asked her “What does the fox say?” She would sing it!

This fall has been very warm and beautiful, weather-wise, so we had lots of time to play outside (and wear sleeveless dresses).

After having a terrible Covid outbreak (and my dad being positive), we got to see him. They have a safe contained space for visits, but when the weather is nice, they take the visits outside. It was great since dad can’t see, he responds best to touch. So his nurse was there to rub his head and pat him, since we had to keep a distance. He was “talkative” and happy. He responded a lot when we played him a video of Remi singing.

We decorated for Christmas, and this little girl had to wear a Christmas dress to church immediately following. 🙂

We LOVE Emily’s Wonder Lab on Netflix, and Auntie got her a science kit for her birthday, so we had to set up our science lab the other day. She is very into looking at the slides under her microscope (they have pictures of bugs and plants and such), and doing experiments. Love her curiosity!

Exciting Girls Day

Exciting Girls Day

Tyler was planning on hunting, so I scheduled a fun girls morning for Remi and I. (He ended up having terrible poison ivy, so he didn’t hunt…but he rested, so all good!).

We dropped the dogs off at the groomer and went to run around town with my mom.

At Remi’s request, we started at the park. She played for a good hour running around to everything.

But she WOULD NOT take a picture with us.

We did a little shopping, including a stop at Creative Kitchen. Remi HAD to have a cookie. Look at that cute turkey!

We hit up another store, lunch at Tacos 4 Life and Target before getting the call that the dogs were ready.

After nap, I headed to Tara’s to catch up with my friends while daddy and Remi played at Gigi’s house.

Tara jokes that her house is a zoo- lizards, dogs, cats and a bird. And Teddy bird loves to fly around. He landed on my head for a while. Tara says that means he loves me!

We all brought cheeses and snacks and made a board. It’s our friend group’s fave thing!

We all made plates and drinks and headed outside by the fire. We chatted and watched football- the perfect night!

I’m SO thankful for friends who can gather in our comfy clothes, spill EVERYTHING about life, encourage each other, laugh together. It’s just such a blessing.

And it was the perfect day. I spend a LOT of days alone right now, working at home still. It can feel lonely. So days where I’m full of people and laughter and life, I am grateful.

Tulsa Girls Trip

Tulsa Girls Trip

I headed back to Tulsa for another Hanson concert! I’m LOVING these socially-distanced shows! They are just so fun, and a great excuse to get away for a night.

This trip, I took my friends with me! Rachel and Brandy were down for some fun with me, and I was so grateful. Get you some friends who will go to a concert with you and have fun.

We got to Tulsa and had a great Mexican dinner. We ate outside all weekend because the weather was great. Brandy had to take a pic with the cute murals!

I made a Hanson jean jacket with some iconography from their albums. I loved it. It’s a work in progress- a few more patches are coming to me for it.

We headed into the show and had a fun night. They made me laugh- Brandy was taking pics and boomerangs of me dancing. 🙂 This show was all fan club music around their new album release, Perennial. It was SO fun!

We had a fantastic table. Right in the middle, like three tables back. I had a clear view of the entire stage. SO good!

We stopped on our way back to the hotel at Glacier, and then hit the hotel. We stayed up talking and laughing (and checking election results), and crashed. WE SLEPT UNTIL 9 AM, which is unheard of for any of us!

We laid around, eating breakfast chocolates and then we got dressed for brunch.

We had brunch at Que Gusto, and had DELISH empanadas!

After brunch, we hit a cute boutique, Trader Joes, grabbed a quick snack at Weber’s Root Beer and then drove home.

It was like a quick 24 hours away, but we had a GREAT time!