The Most Fun Easter

The Most Fun Easter

We had a wonderful Easter! It started the night before when THE BUNNY HIMSELF came to see us!

When Remi woke up Sunday, she put on her church clothes before she ever left her room….and came in our room yelling THE EASTER BUNNY CAME! We got up and let her dig into her bucket (we leave an empty bucket out, like a stocking, for him to fill). She got some fun (Target Dollar Spot) things and a Mighty Pups Paw Patrol car she didn’t have.

A few minutes later, she said “I wonder if he put out eggs? If he did, I bet he left us a note.” So we scrambled around the house, and she found a note on her chalkboard. An egg under a tree and the sun- there are eggs outside!

She ran outside to find bunny prints and eggs filled with candy. (Don’t worry, we talk about Jesus bringing new life- the eggs- and how the eggs are like the empty tomb when you take the candy out).

Church was amazing. It was like everyone who hadn’t been to church in a year decided to come. We had 6 services, and I know that two of them hit full capacity.

I thought about last Easter- having to hang out outside, because Tyler had moved out due to Covid concerns, and having to air hug him. And how the bunny showed up to make Remi’s day magical. And how we watched church online and how weird it felt.

And HOW great it was to worship with our church family for Easter.

After church, we had brunch at the house, but we took a few photos first.

We took some naps and played outside and enjoyed all our Easter fun things- Remi was covered in stickers from eggs and ate WAY too much candy. She LOVES Peeps, and leave it to a grandma to give you a Peep pop where you eat 4 Peeps on a stick. hahaha

We are beyond grateful to serve a Risen Savior and that we can worship Jesus everyday, but especially Easter!

Family Egg Hunts

Family Egg Hunts

While the Hot Springs family was in town, we decided to dye some Easter eggs together! I’m thankful for how her cousins love her- college and jr. high kiddos doing eggs and a hunt with her.

She loved our “egg dying party!”

We did some tye-dye kit and regular dye and got some beautiful eggs!

The big cousins “hunted” for a few eggs and then let Remi go to town finding the rest. I loved this pretty egg waiting to be found!

Then after the weekend, we invited cousin Hattie over for an egg hunt on Monday night. It was Hattie’s first hunt, so Remi helped her see what to do.

They were so sweet playing together.

We got them matching buckets, and I used my Cricut to put their names on them.

I love Easter season! It’s a special time to celebrate Jesus dying for us (and his resurrection!) but I also love all the fun traditions, too.

I’m thankful that last year Easter looked VERY different, but it’s more normal this year.

The End of Soccer Season

The End of Soccer Season

I can’t believe how quickly Remi’s first season of soccer went! She’s learned so much and done so well.

For her last game, our Hot Springs family came up (and dang it, I forgot to get any pics) but Remi was SO excited to see them there cheering her on.

She played well for her last game- scoring one last goal! She’s learned how to handle the ball better, how to be more aggressive, how to be a good teammate- we are just so proud of how hard she’s worked!

Fun Outside in the Perfect Spring Weather

Fun Outside in the Perfect Spring Weather

This spring weather has been awesome. Warm, sunny evenings with a light breeze. It’s made it very easy to spend time outside.

This pic is blurry, but I just love it. Remi LOVES to ride her bike at the park (our driveway isn’t ideal for riding because it’s gravel) and she loves for daddy to ride with her. I’m hoping to get a new bike that works soon to join them. I remember us teaching her how to use that bike at this park and how it was so hard for her. So proud of her for continuing to try.

We had an evening where we decided to try the camp stove for our upcoming camping trip. Remi played in her new water table and her sand table and her little playhouse while I cooked (and enjoyed a cocktail). Then we ate outside. I love when Remi thinks we are doing things for the first time- like eating outside- which isn’t true at all….but she’s like “We’ve NEVER eaten outside! How great!”

I’m just loving our evenings outside together. They are perfection.