Meeting Santa!

Meeting Santa!

The police department had a fun little family Christmas party over the weekend and we got to meet Santa for the first time!

We will get an official copy of the pic soon, but I snapped one while she met him!

She was happy and just chewed on her new favorite toy- her hand!

Before we met Santa, we snapped some pictures with our girl.

Sweet Tyler put on this shirt to coordinate with me since he knew I would love that.  I love that man.

The moms went with us to watch her meet Santa.

Remi with her Grammy.

And with her Gigi. 

It was a fun night, even if we just showed up, talked to a couple people, saw Santa and left. She was too little to enjoy the cookies and punch or run around with the other kids.

When we got home, I had to snap some pics under the tree since she had on her Christmas red.

I love this one. That sweet face.

Merry Christmas, sweet baby. You’re the best present under the tree!

Week 8 highlights 

Week 8 highlights 

Holy moly! Another week has gone by. You’re almost two months old! (Right? She turns 2 months on the 8th, right? Even though she is 8 weeks at the end of this week? I think that’s right)…

Anyway, this was a quieter week with some more home time. Tyler worked 1.5 weeks straight until Tuesday, so once he was off work, he was home on his days off to spend some time together. It was nice.

I decorated for Christmas, and I was able to get our stockings personalized! We’ve had these stockings for years. I actually have two more (probably for dogs…but just in case of another baby), but I never put our names on them. I wanted to wait for a child. Well, here they are! I love them!

This girl is LOVING her playmat. BIG smiles.

She wore her first Christmas jammies. Not impressed! ha!

One day we went and had lunch with Tyler while he was working. It was fun to see him, even though he couldn’t really hold her. Too much equipment on his vest. Too many sharp/hard things so not baby friendly.

Other than that, we had lots of playtime, snuggle time, and another great week together.

I’m so thankful for our family and for this time together.

Friday Five- early morning edition

Friday Five- early morning edition

Remi usually sleeps awesome. And she usually sleeps until 8 or 9 in the morning. However, this morning she was up at 5:30. I think maybe her tummy is bothering her. Either way, I’m up rocking a Wiggle Worm. So I thought I would share 5 favorite non-baby things of the moment. 

1. The Hamilton Mixtape. My favorite musical (well,   let’s be honest. I don’t know if anything can totally compete for my love of Rent and Annie Get Your Gun) came out with a mixtape of famous musical people doing songs inspired by the musical. They have been releasing songs for the last few weeks, and it’s fully out today. The 6 or so songs they released early were awesome. Favorite is Ja Rule and Ashanti singing Helpless. 

2. In a similar vein, one of the stars of Hamitin came out with a Christmas album. It’s very chill and smooth. Love it. His name is Leslie Odom, Jr.  Check it out. 

3. I’ve been a bit obsessed with LulaRoe because the clothes are comfy and easy to move in. I snagged a pair of Christmas leggings that are too fun!

4. I started the She Reads Truth Advent study. It’s through their app- which makes is easy to do since I can read it while I’m feeding Remi or I always have my phone on me. It’s not too late to start it! 

5. One of my favorite bloggers, Plain Chicken, was SO NICE on Twitter. I asked her for easy to make recipes for our Christmas party next weekend. I thought she might send me one or two. She basically did the entire menu for me! 

That’s all folks! I hope you have a great weekend!! 

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

It’s so special to experience these holidays with Remington. I know she has no idea what is happening, but we are starting family traditions and it’s so fun.

We usually do Thanksgiving at my mom’s…but the family was staying in Hot Springs, so it was just us. So we headed to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving with Tyler’s family.

Before we left, we took a pic all together. That girl and her poses already!

Me and my girl. She stayed in the Ergo during the meal which was great to eat with both hands. ha!

She got passed around all the cousins and aunts and uncles. 

We had 4 generations there! Uncle Joe smoked a brisket and everyone brought dishes. There was SO MUCH FOOD. So fun to visit with family from all over. 

We also spent a little time hanging at grandpa’s and he got to hold his girl, too. 

Tyler worked Black Friday at Walmart for overtime, so we got a nap on the couch after we got home. It was great! I love snuggling with my girl!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, too!