Crazy Awesome Fun Camp

Crazy Awesome Fun Camp

I’ve never really been involved in children’s ministry at our church. I’ve search with preschoolers, women and music. Well, I kept seeing a need for our Crazy Awesome Fun Camp (Vacation Bible School) for a music leader….and I kept feeling nudged to do it. I sort of bartered with God. “God, I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t know the children’s ministry people well. Summers are busy. But if the role is still open May 1, I’ll reach out.” Well, of course, it was open May 1 because I was being called to do it!

So I did.

And goodness, WHAT A BLESSING it was!

Leading these kids (and leaders!) in worship and helping them hide God’s truth in their heart in song was such an honor.

At home, Remi watched the songs with me, so she totally felt like she was 2nd in charge! ha!

And because I was there, Remi got to do some events, too. She’s technically one year too young since it’s for incoming kindergarteners, but I let her go to a couple rotations with me for a day or two….then I let her go with her Mimi (who was a leader) on days 3 and 4.

She loved going. She learned so much and had a blast. She keeps saying “I miss Crazy Awesome Fun Camp” and we’ve listened to the music 100 times since then. I’m so grateful that our church pours into kids and teaches them about God’s love for them!

Summer School Fun

Summer School Fun

Part of being the kid of a working mom is school year-round…but I’m so thankful that Remi’s school makes summer SO fun.

They ditch the curriculum and take the kids on such fun adventures and parties. Last summer, she got to do a few of the “big kid” things (and she’s been a part of the parties since she was a baby), but this summer, she gets to do it all!

The summer fun started when she got to go to swim lessons at school- which things clicked BIG TIME for her! I honestly think she was able to focus a bit more than when we all came as an audience. Of course, we all took turns going to watch some, but she had a few times where she just focused on the lesson.

Thankfully, another mom snapped this cute pic and sent it to me!

They have a super fun luau party each summer…and she always wears this headband that I made her when she was just a baby!

She looks SO big!

They have done snow cone days, swimming days at the daycare owner’s home, putt putt, nerf gun wars, and more!

They have a big 4th of July party where they make these cute shirts each year. The blue “star” area is a handprint…but you can’t see it for her sassy pose! ha!

They also have a fun bike day where they get to bring their bikes and ride around the parking lot! So fun!

They also had a super fun Nerf gun war! They painted their cheeks and set up some targets. So fun! (forgive the screenshot. I can’t save pics directly from the daycare group)

If she has to be at school, at least she gets the most fun summer possible!

Hanson Concert- Middle of Nowhere

Hanson Concert- Middle of Nowhere

The night before our big July 4th (I mean July 3rd?) celebration, me and a friend snuck to Tulsa for a Hanson concert!

They are doing a streaming series of 2 shows each month, and most of them are themed to one of their albums. I’m so lucky to have local friends who love Hanson, and Audree went with me to this show. She has been a fan since they came out, too, and while she’s seen them several times, this was the closest she’s been! We were able to hop in the fan club line and get in first.

This concert was themed to their first album, Middle of Nowhere, and they played EVERY SONG from that album, plus some!

They played for two hours straight. It was so fun!

They did some new music- they are releasing a new single every month through the end of the year, so we get new music at each concert!

I always loved concerts, but after the pandemic, I’ll never take a big live show for granted! This was the first general admission, no restrictions concert. Since I’m vaccinated, I feel comfortable going and getting out there again.

I can’t wait for the August show! I’m attending each month (with two shows in September!). Going to be so fun!

4th of July Weekend

4th of July Weekend

We had a super fun 4th of July weekend packed with exciting things!

The 4th was on Sunday, and our town had their big FreedomFest on the 3rd (Saturday), so we got extra celebrations.

We always LOVE FreedomFest! It’s one of my favorite days in our little town. The whole town comes out, and you just get to see all your friends!

They set up bouncy houses for kids, including some with water. Remi LOVED those this year! She was so brave on the big slides.

One of Tyler’s best friends in high school (and actually, our best man) was in town visiting his parents (our pastors), and Remi got to play with his little boy, Jameson. It was fun to see them together!

We hung out for lunch, and then went home to nap when it got hot.

We came back for the evening to explore the booths and we set up our chairs near the stage to listen to music.

It’s a little loud by the stage, so Remi wore her headphones the whole night…which was good because she wanted RIGHT in the middle of it!

I got up to dance with some friends (which is sort of a funny thing….very few people were dancing, but me and my gal pals are dancers! We all met at Zumba! And the whole town is out there….but we got up anyway! I want to teach Remi to go have fun and live your life boldly without worrying what other people think!), and she joined me on the dance floor!

I had so much fun dancing with her!

She was living her best life. They hand out glow sticks and pinwheels….and she was munching on our friend JB’s popcorn. She got face painting and a new stuffed animal (they had a mobile build-a-bear type thing!)….living her best life.

It’s so fun to watch fireworks in our town square (that’s really a circle! ha!) with a bunch of friends.

On Sunday, we did church, lunch and nap…and then Tyler had to go work the fireworks in Fort Smith.

Remi and I had a little private pool party. Mimi and Gigi were with friends, so we swam just us. It was fun to play together!

She drug out ALL of the pool toys. Her imagination is the best!

We got changed and headed to the fireworks downtown, and Mimi met us. We parked near where Tyler was working so we could see him. We had to walk quite a ways to go to the bathroom, but on the way back, Remi played at the bike park. She’s so brave climbing on everything!

The sunset on the river was so pretty while we waited for it to get dark!

Tyler was thankfully stationed there to direct traffic with a partner, so there were times it wasn’t busy and he could come talk to us. We managed to snap a quick family picture before the fireworks.

On Monday, we were all off work and school, so we had another pool party. This time, we brought the dogs with us. Mikey loves being out there, and Pippin not so much! Which is so not like him…but he stuck close to us when we weren’t swimming.

Remi ended up staying the night with Mimi, so me and Tyler snuck away for dinner and a movie (A MOVIE! In the theater! First movie date post pandemic!). It was a great weekend!