First Talent Show

First Talent Show

Last year when Remi helped with the county fair pageant (because she was a title holder), she saw kids singing and dancing in the talent show…and she wanted in on that action.

She knew she had to be 5….and she was waiting impatiently. When the time came to sign up, we were stunned when they had cut the under 10 category….but momma bear made a few phone calls and they added the category back in. 🙂 Sometimes you just have to fight a little (nicely) for your kids)

She prepped a song from the movie Sing 2, “Break Free” (also by Ariana Grande). It was a quick under 2 minute song…but she took the time to learn the lyrics (the correct lyrics…she thought she knew them!), and work on her singing with momma. We got a dress she loved (she requested silver and stars). And she was READY.

No fear. At sound check, she took the stage confidently and started singing. In fact, she was mad when I told the sound guy we were good and didn’t let her sing through the whole song!

There were four total kiddos in her group: a dancer, another singer, and a violin player. They all did AMAZING.

Remi did so great! She sang, had TONS of moves and personality, and we were so proud. But since all the kids in her group were awesome, we had no idea what to expect at awards time.

We were all so thrilled when she won her age division!

She was very proud of herself. And goodness, we were too! I can’t believe at 5, she’s so confident and fearless. She is determined- she learned her song, made up her own moves, and did it on stage proudly. I love that she won so she got to feel extra proud of herself. You can hype the whole “do you best” speech, but winning does feel good!

We are so proud to be her parents!

Cheer Live for My Birthday!

Cheer Live for My Birthday!

Months ago, we got an email about Cheer Live coming to the ampitheater near us. I LOVE “Cheer” on Netflix.

It was a show that came out during the height of the pandemic (or at least that’s when I found it). I watched through it several times when Tyler wasn’t at home….and the second season came out, and I loved it, too….so I asked for this performance to be my birthday celebration.

We headed up after work, ate Mexican food and settled in for the show. They had to delay it a bit because the sunset was in the cheerleaders’ eyes…

But when it did start, it was two hours of PURE delight!

Remi LOVED watching them dance and flip and cheer. They are so talented. The show was so clever and cute. I wasn’t sure what to expect- a cheerleading show isn’t anything that I’ve seen before. But they blew us away with two hours jam packed with excitement. And for fun, the two coaches were there, too! We all enjoyed the performance!

It was a great way to spend my birthday!

Turning 35

Turning 35

Since we went camping for my birthday (and then Cheer Live with the family), I didn’t have a big bday celebration. Instead, it was quiet. A little introspective. Not bad.

I did get a little fun- I wanted a lemon raspberry cake, and I’m the only one in my family who likes them….so I got a tiny one all to myself!

This last year has been a lot of growth and change. I’ve done a ton of therapy and learning about myself- healing past wounds, growing, dealing with my triggers, anxiety and depression. I feel better equipped to live the life I want than ever before. I feel like I’m a better wife, mother, friend, worker, servant….and I know I’m not “there” yet, but having made a ton of strides in the last year has been great.

I started my actual birthday watching the sunrise come up on Mt. Nebo. I kept thinking “The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning…it’s time to sing Your song again…” I hope this year is a new day, and that I keep singing God’s praises in the good and bad!

Camping at Mt. Nebo

Camping at Mt. Nebo

Back in 2020, we ventured to Mt. Nebo State Park to hike…and it was gorgeous. So when we started camping, I wanted to come back.

They only allow small campers up on the mountain because the drive up is VERY wind-ey. But we made it up, and we spent my birthday weekend camping and enjoying the park.

When we first got there, we had something VERY exciting happen- Remi lost her first tooth! We were taking a family photo and realized it was hanging by a literal thread.

So it came out. A few tears, but she was VERY proud of herself. And the tooth fairy visited us at the campground!

I LOVE her imagination. She spotted this empty patch of sand, and grabbed a stick and started writing. Then, she used a flat rock to “erase” her words. I love that camping gives us time to be bored and find fun things to do.

We settled in, ate dinner and played on the playground (which was right by our campsite), then played with glow sticks in the dark…and crashed for the night.

Saturday morning, we had breakfast and we had to go register at the visitor’s center. We did a little shopping there, and then we explored the park in our truck.

We trekked down to the vista at the visitor’s center for some fun views. Tyler started pretending that we all had call signs and pretend walkie talkies. Remi thought it was so funny!

LOVE these people.

We happened upon the waterfall trail, and we could hear water, so we got out to explore. We were in our pajamas. Tyler and Remi had on crocs and I was wearing Bikenstock sandals, so not exactly dressed for a hike…but we did it anyway. It was a pretty easy hike- just down lots of stone steps (and then back up). I love my adventurous girl. We call her trail blazer. She loves to go ahead of us. We let her do that (until we want to be close by for safety). You gotta let them feel that independence!

The waterfall was running. Not a ton, but enough to be fun to see!

After the hike, we hit the (very very cold) pool. It had gorgeous views and a fun slide! While I would have preferred to stay warm and reading on the side, I got in. You gotta embrace the fun, even when it’s cold!

We dried off and ate lunch, then Remi was BEGGING to ride to the visitor’s center for ice cream. It was .6 mile away, and I was hesitant to think she would do it. But she did! We like to say “Girls don’t give up!” and she said that to me as we were riding.

After the ice cream break, we went to a scavenger hunt with an interpreter. We were the only ones who showed up- and it was an awesome guided hike. She gave us a sheet of things to look for- berries, feathers, different colors (green, purple, yellow). She said there were some things we may not see- animal tracks and mushrooms (it wasn’t super wet for mud for the tracks and moisture for the mushrooms). But we amazingly found it all! Tyler spotted deer tracks here, and then Remi found our last thing- mushrooms! We had all walked past them….but she spotted them! Old eagle eye!

We did dinner and of course, smores!

Then we drove down to sunset point to watch the sunset. So pretty!

Remi’s new funny thing is “showing twos” (peace signs). She kept wanting me to take her picture.

A nice lady took our picture (after I tried to get our family and the sunset)- and I love it. Love our adventures!

We went to bed early, because I was setting the alarm to watch the sun come up!

We woke up at 5:15 (well, I was up early- my elbow was hurting- I’m having tennis elbow issues….) but we got dressed and drove over to sunrise point. It was GORGEOUS to watch the sun peak over the horizon. It was my birthday, and I loved starting it this way.

We did lots of relaxing. Reading, drawing, blowing bubbles….

On Sunday, we did one more (cold) swim.

And then we packed up. And Remi slept almost the whole way home. We had a big weekend!