Fair Pageant and Fun

Fair Pageant and Fun

Remi wanted to enter the fair pageant, and since she couldn’t enter the county fair (because she was the title holder), we went to the AR/OK State Fair. I had to rush back from Tulsa, so it took a village to get her ready. My mom rolled her hair and Tyler let us use the FOP Lodge to get her ready in (so we didn’t have to waste time driving home and back to town).

She looked SO pretty!

The humidity made her hair fall, but I’ll be honest, I’m just letting her do them for fun and I didn’t want to stress her out recurling her hair.

She was SO brave on stage. She waved and blew kisses. I’m amazed at her confidence and poise. (pardon the screen shot. I took a video and we don’t have the professional pics yet).

She got 2nd runner up and was so excited to win a trophy!

After the pageant, we took advantage of the fair and let her ride all the rides she wanted. She did most of the kid rides, but her faves were the little fun houses. She had a wristband for unlimited rides and went round and round the fun houses.

She just LOVES the excitement at the fair!

And of course, we got some fair food! The roasted corn is ALWAYS my favorite.

We got a little rain, and we had to hide out in the Expo Center for a bit..but thankfully it cleared and we were able to finish our day doing everything she wanted.

Such fun family memories (even if momma was SO tired from the concert the night before -staying up until 2 a.m. isn’t for the faint of heart!) and the early morning drive. Worth it!

Saving the Best (Hanson Concert) for Last

Saving the Best (Hanson Concert) for Last

I headed back to Tulsa for the final Hanson concert in this streaming series. Not gonna lie, I was sad for these shows to end. It’s been AMAZING having something to look forward to and take me out of town, if even for an evening. And of course, seeing my favorite band in my favorite place was great.

For this last show, I reached out to my friend Liz, who was my sorority sister in college. We’ve been to 3 Hanson shows together over the years- she’s been a fan as long as I have. She lives far away near Austin, but she said the dates worked perfectly for her to come. And I’m SO glad she did!

We had a great time catching up and visiting.

When she got to town, we grabbed lunch at Andolini’s and then got in line at Cain’s. Liz said it felt like Hanson mecca.

The fans crack me up writing numbers on hands. We were 44 and 45, not that it mattered much. The venue doesn’t police the line and I know some groups got larger closer to concert time.

We got settled in line and sat and chatted for a long time. In fact, we were in line from like 2:30 pm until doors at 7.

We took a little break, thanks to nice people around us, and went and grabbed a snack. And we had to squeeze in a pic at the mural!

We got GREAT spots. 2-3 row! It’s still a dream to be front row….someday! We just couldn’t get there early enough this time.

But I mean, when you’re this close, it’s still FANTASTIC energy.

This was a Listener’s Choice show, so they let fans vote on the set list. That resulted in a great list of songs from basically every album. The energy was unreal. The order of the songs built into some SUPER fun jumping energy at the end.

My fave moments were when Liz and I got to jump to If Only together holding hands. If you would have told us 14 years ago at our first show together that we’d be here, I don’t think we would have believed you.

It was maybe the best show of the series for me. I know Anthem was AMAZING, but being there with Liz and just enjoying ourselves so much was icing on the cake.

We had heard that a local brewing company was carrying a few Hanson Brothers beers, so we jetted there after the show to check them out.

We got a Russian Doll and White Russian Doll.

And the FUNNIEST thing were these saint candles. Maybe a little sacreligious, but too funny not to take home with me. Cheers, boys!

After the bar, we went back to Cain’s to wait for the band to come out. We waited, and waited, and waited. Finally just after midnight, Ike appeared. But meet and greets are weird right now- there’s bars in between you and the band….so we decided to leave because we couldn’t get good pics. But man, Cain’s is pretty all lit up at night!

We both parted ways early Saturday morning, so it was a quick (not even) 24 hours. But man, we can pack some fun memories into a short time! Hopefully Liz can come up for Hanson Day and we can do it all over again!

Hanson Concert Update 2021

Hanson Concert Update 2021

I am a big nerd and I keep setlists of my Hanson concerts. I know 99.9% of anyone who reads this blog won’t care, but I occasionally post my stats here- mostly so I can easily look them up when I don’t have my spreadsheet available.

Here are my concert stats!

I’ve been to 31 shows:

7-Aug-04Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomUnderneath
27-Oct-07Austin, TXLa Zona RosaThe Walk
4-Aug-10Memphis, TNMinglewood HallShout It Out
9-Sep-11Memphis, TNDelta Fair and Music FestThe Musical Ride
5-May-13Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomHanson Day MOE
8-Jun-13St. Louis, MOUncorkedAnthem
15-Sep-13Austin, TXAntone’sAnthem
16-Sep-13Dallas, TXHouse of BluesAnthem
17-May-14Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomHanson Day MOE
16-May-15Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomHanson Day MOE
17-May-15Tulsa, OKThe Hop Jam
24-Oct-15Dallas, TXHouse of BluesRoots of Rock N Roll Tour
25-Oct-15Dallas, TXHouse of BluesRoots of Rock N Roll Tour
21-May-16Tulsa, OKBrady TheaterHanson Day MOE
19-May-17Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomHanson Day MOE
20-May-17Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomHanson Day MOE
18-May-18Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomHanson Day MOE
19-May-18Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomHanson Day MOE
16-May-19Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomHanson Day MOE
17-May-19Tulsa, OKTulsa Performing Arts CenterString Theory
14-Sep-19Hutchinson, KSKansas State Fair
9-Dec-19Dallas, TXHouse of BluesWintry Mix
10-Oct-20Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomLive and Electric Revisited
5-Nov-20Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomPerennial
5-Dec-20Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomThe Christmas Ball
9-Jan-21Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomListener’s Choice
2-Jul-21Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomMiddle of Nowhere/Against the World
6-Aug-21Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomUnderneath/Against the World
3-Sep-21Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomShout It Out/Against the World
4-Sep-21Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomAnthem/Against the World
2-Oct-21Tulsa, OKCain’s BallroomListener’s Choice/ ATW

Here are the songs I’ve heard live (by album). I’ve heard 682 songs total and 232 unique songs.

Against the WorldDon’t Ever Change6
Against The WorldAnnalie5
Against The WorldOnly Love5
Against The WorldOne1
Against The WorldAgainst the World4
Against The WorldStronger3
AnthemGet the Girl Back10
AnthemFired Up9
AnthemI’ve Got Soul9
AnthemScream and Be Free7
AnthemAlready Home6
AnthemYou Can’t Stop Us5
AnthemCut Right Through ME3
AnthemFor Your Love3
AnthemLost Without You3
AnthemTragic Symphony4
AnthemSave Me From Myself1
Condor SessionsGet So Low1
Finally It’s ChristmasFinally It’s Christmas2
Finally It’s ChristmasWinter Wonderland2
Finally It’s ChristmasWonderful Christmas Time/Come On It’s Christmas2
Finally It’s ChristmasAll I want for Christmas is You1
Finally It’s ChristmasBlue Christmas1
Finally It’s ChristmasHappy Christmas1
Finally It’s ChristmasJoy on the Mountain1
Finally It’s ChristmasPeace on Earth1
Finally It’s ChristmasPlease Come Home for Christmas1
Finally It’s ChristmasSomeday at Christmas1
Finally It’s ChristmasTill New Years Night1
Live and ElectricRock and Roll Razorblade4
Live and ElectricIn a Little While3
Live and ElectricEvery Word I say3
Live and ElectricOptimistic2
Live from AlbertaneGimme Some Lovin2
Live from AlbertaneMoney 2
Live from AlbertaneEver Lonely1
Live from AlbertaneShake a Tail Feather1
Members EPRoller Coaster Love9
Members EPBest of Times7
Members EPOn and On7
Members EPSound of Light6
Members EPWhite Collar Crime4
Members EPDance Like You Don’t Care3
Members EPDown3
Members EPNever Let Go3
Members EPOoh La La La3
Members EPSomebody that Wants to Love You3
Members EPStop Me In My Tracks3
Members EPFollow Your Lead2
Members EPGoldminder2
Members EPI Don’t Want to Go Home2
Members EPMan on Top2
Members EPNo Rest for the Weary2
Members EPPanic in the Streets2
Members EPGet Out of My Heart2
Members EPSomething Loud2
Members EPUp All Night2
Members EPYoung and Dumb2
Members EPBetter Man1
Members EPBad for ME1
Members EPBittersweet1
Members EPCall ME1
Members EPCall Out My Name1
Members EPDo You Believe in Love1
Members EPDressed in Brown Eyes1
Members EPFeeling Alive1
Members EPGhostwriter1
Members EPGive Me Your Best Shot1
Members EPGrace Unknown1
Members EPHeartbreaker1
Members EPJoyful Noise1
Members EPLift You Up1
Members EPNeed You Now1
Members EPNo Sleep for Banditos1
Members EPOn the Road1
Members EPReach out for my Hand1
Members EPShow Me the Way1
Members EPSiren Call1
Members EPSo Lovely1
Members EPSophia1
Members EPSunny Day/Cecelia1
Members EPThe Ballad of Seymour Better Times1
Members EPWhat Are We Fighting For1
Members EPWhat’s Your Name1
Members EPWorking1
Middle of NowhereWhere’s the Love17
Middle of NowhereMinute Without You17
Middle of NowhereMMMBop15
Middle of NowhereMan from Milwaulkee7
Middle of NowhereThinking of You7
Middle of NowhereLook at You7
Middle of NowhereMadeline7
Middle of NowhereWeird6
Middle of NowhereWith You In Your Dreams5
Middle of NowhereYearbook3
Middle of NowhereI Will Come to You3
Middle of NowhereLucy2
Middle of NowhereSpeechless3
OthersThe Ugly Truth3
OthersA Life Without You2
OthersAin’t No Sunshine2
OthersBeing Me2
OthersDancing in the Streets2
OthersHole in my Life2
OthersIt’s a Long Way to the Top2
OthersLiving on Tulsa Time2
OthersNever Been to Spain2
OthersOh Darling2
OthersA Song for You1
OthersChain of Fools1
OthersChristmas Ball1
OthersSexy Robot1
OthersDon’t Stop Believing1
OTHERSDream Girl1
OthersFavorite Christmas Sweater1
OthersGod Only Knows1
OthersI Want You Back1
OthersIt’s Your Thing1
OthersLet Love Rule1
OthersLove Me1
OthersMe and Julio Down by the Schoolyard1
OthersMovin’ Out1
OthersRocking Robin1
OthersShook Me All Night Long1
OthersSigned Sealed Delivered1
OthersStand by Me1
OthersSweet Home Oklahoma1
OthersTeach Your Children1
OthersHard to Handle1
OthersTwist and Shout1
OthersWaiting for This/Watch Over Me/RR Razorblade/In the City1
OthersWhole Lotta Love1
OthersYou May be Right1
OthersOnly Wanna Be With You1
PerrennialNothing Like a Love Song1
Roots of Rock N RollHold On I’m Coming3
Roots of Rock N RollI Want to Take You Higher2
Roots of Rock N RollThinking Out Loud2
Roots of Rock N RollI Believe in a Thing Called Love1
Roots of Rock N RollRemember the Time1
Shout it OutThinking Bout Something13
Shout it OutWaiting for This13
Shout it OutAnd I Waited9
Shout it OutGive a Little6
Shout it OutVoice in the Chorus5
Shout it OutCarry You There4
Shout it OutKiss Me When I Come Home3
Shout it OutMake It Out Alive3
Shout it OutMe Myself and I3
Shout it OutMusical Ride2
Shout it OutThese Walls1
SingleI Was Born2
Snowed InLittle Saint Nick2
Snowed InMerry Christmas Baby2
Snowed InRun Rudolph Run2
Snowed InWhat Christmas Means to Me2
Snowed InWhite Christmas2
Snowed InAt Christmas1
Snowed InBaby Please Come Home1
Snowed InEverybody Knows the Claus1
Snowed InRockin Around the Christmas Tree1
Snowed InSilent Night1
String TheoryBattle Cry1
String TheoryBreaktown1
String TheoryBroken Angel1
String TheoryChasing Down My Dreams1
String TheoryDream It Do IT1
String TheoryGot a Hold on Me1
String TheoryI Was Born1
String TheoryJoyful Noise1
String TheoryMe Myself and I1
String TheoryMMMBop1
String TheoryNo Rest for the Weary1
String TheoryReaching for the Sky1
String TheoryReaching for the Sky Part 21
String TheorySiren Call1
String TheorySomething Going Round1
String TheorySound of Light1
String TheoryThis Time Around1
String TheoryTonight1
String TheoryTragic Symphony1
String TheoryWhat Are We Fighting For1
String TheoryWhere’s the Love1
String TheoryYearbook1
String TheoryYou Can’t Stop Us1
The WalkBeen There Before9
The WalkWatch Over Me7
The WalkSomething Going Round4
The WalkGreat Divide4
The WalkBlue Sky3
The WalkGeorgia2
The WalkGot a Hold on Me2
The WalkTearing It Down2
The WalkFire on the Mountain1
The WalkGo 1
The WalkGreat Divide (acapella)1
The WalkI’ve Been Down1
The WalkRunning Man1
The WalkThe Walk1
This Time AroundThis Time Around14
This Time AroundIf Only10
This Time AroundIn the City9
This Time AroundYou Never Know5
This Time AroundHand in Hand4
This Time AroundA Song to Sing3
This Time AroundRunaway Run3
This Time AroundSave Me4
This Time AroundWish That I was There3
This Time AroundLonely Again2
This Time AroundLove Song2
This Time AroundCan’t Stop1
Three Car GarageStories4
Three Car GarageRiver2
UnderneathPenny and ME17
UnderneathLost without each other13
UnderneathCrazy Beautiful10
UnderneathStrong Enough to Break7
UnderneathBroken Angel6
UnderneathGet Up and Go7
UnderneathDancing the Wind5
UnderneathWhen You’re Gone2

Some song stats:

My most heard songs: Where’s the Love, Penny and Me and Minute Without You are tied for 17 plays.

I’ve heard these albums completely: Middle of Nowhere, Roots of Rock N Roll, String Theory, Underneath.

I’ve heard MON, Members EPs, and Underneath most- with them being around 15% each on the list.

Saying Goodbye to Mikey

Saying Goodbye to Mikey

We said goodbye to our first baby, Mikey. Our sweet boy had lost his vision and his hearing. He was really anxious all the time and startled so easily when we went to pet him or help him outside. It was time.

It was a hard choice to make, and goodness we will miss him.

He was a good puppers. We’ve had him for 10.5 years- almost our entire marriage. He was so playful and spunky. He loved his little owl toy, Hootie. He loved playing in deep snow. He LOVED saltines and tortilla chips – which we gladly fed him all he could stand his last night with us.

He saw us through building our home, running Tyler’s shop (he used to go to work with him every day!), bringing home Pippin, bringing home Remi….he’s been there through it all. There’s a paw sized hole in our hearts, but we know he’s running free over the rainbow bridge.

The night he passed, Remi prayed “God, please take care of Mikey. Give him food and water and treats. And let him outside so he doesn’t go potty at your place.” Sweet girl. Yes and Amen.