Family Weekend in Tulsa: Day 2

Family Weekend in Tulsa: Day 2

We obviously had a lot of fun on Saturday because we all slept past 8 a.m., which is UNHEARD of for Remington.

We had a slow morning at the hotel- enjoying breakfast, playing and packing up. There’s nothing Remi loves more than hotel breakfast.

We checked out, went for a little walk around the downtown area (we thought a store I wanted to check out was open, but it wasn’t), so we just strolled and looked at the murals.

Then we returned to the Gathering Place. It was nice out, and there were a few areas we hadn’t explored yet. We’ve never made it over to Slide Vale and it was fun! Thankfully, it had some shade, and Remi LOVED the big slides.

She asked Tyler to go slide with her down one that came from a little tree house. Emphasis on the little. ha! Tyler said he almost got stuck in there. He’s a good dad!

We also walked over to Swing Hill and some of the log climbing areas. I love the swing hill- it’s so fun looking over the river.

We finished our trip in a typical way that we end Tulsa trips when Tyler is with me- with lunch at Los Cabos and a trip to Bass Pro Shops. We met up with some of Tyler’s family- Norma and Randy- and had a great lunch and shopping trip.

I’m so grateful for the chance to get away and explore. Remi said she had “a total blast” on our family trip!

Daddy Daughter Drillers Game

Daddy Daughter Drillers Game

While I was at night two of Hanson concerts, Tyler took Remi to the Tulsa Drillers baseball game! She’s been to a Naturals game before, but she didn’t really remember it, so this was special.

They had great seats, and I loved getting this selfie from them!

Tyler took her over the kids area where she got to play.

And this girl always LOVES a mascot! She loved Hornsby, and got to give him a hug. She was very into watching him all night, and she thought he was hilarious when he shook his big belly.

There was a family in front of them who come to every game, and Remi made fast friends with their daughter. At one point, the dad bought her a Drillers hat to remember the game by! So sweet!

At the end of the evening, I made it just in time to see the fireworks with them (seriously just in time. I got there bottom of the 9th!). Then we got her hat signed by a player! They really aren’t supposed to sign because of pandemic, but one guy stuck around and signed lots of kids things.

We don’t follow baseball much, but this is Guillermo Zuniga, and he was the pitcher. So kind of him to sign stuff!

Remi thought it was a big deal to have his autograph!

It’s a night I hope they never forget! So special to do things like this.

Family Weekend in Tulsa: Day 1

Family Weekend in Tulsa: Day 1

Months ago when I bought tickets to the monthly Hanson concerts, I didn’t realize the two in September were over Labor Day weekend. I didn’t want to be without my people, and thankfully Tyler wasn’t on call (have I mentioned he got a promotion to a juvenile detective? It’s great…but he is on call some) and we could make a family trip out of it.

Friday evening, I scooted off to the concert (more on that later) and they hung at the hotel at Remi’s request. We take toys with us to hotels, and she often just likes playing there. New environment, new things to imagine! She and Tyler also watched some fireworks out their window in downtown Tulsa, did some hotel swimming, and walked around downtown looking at the ball park.

Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the Gathering Place. It’s an amazing park. We went 3 years ago (almost to the day!) when it opened, and it was fun to go back with a bigger, braver girl!

She wanted to do all the things. We took our time through the park, and it was much less crowded than it was 3 years ago on opening weekend. It was muggy, but we didn’t mind the sweat.

There are so many fun things here. I mean, a banana slide?

A flower garden to climb in?

A mirror maze?

A “unicorn princess castle”? Remi named it that. ha! Both me and Tyler got in it with her, and we ventured up to the VERY top!

They also have a fun water area with fountains and water tables and things to splash in. We let her get wet and explore. To be honest, the cold water felt great on my legs.

She loved this area 3 years ago and enjoyed it now too. The River Giants are so fun to climb and slide through.

The Gathering Place is known for awesome programming, and this Saturday they had STEM-Tacular with a lot of science, engineering and math activities, including a live science show. Remi got to participate on his homemade “hover board.” So fun!

After the park, we hit up Sushi Train for a fun lunch. There’s a real train that drives around, and you pick plates off of it. I took videos, but no pictures.

Then we took a nice long nap, and then did a little shopping across from our hotel. There’s a book store and gift shop I love, and then I took Remi to my favorite chocolate shop- Glacier! We shared gelato and cake and took home truffles for later!

That evening, Remi went to the ballpark with dad (more on that later) and I hit the second concert. A super fun day together!

Fun Time with My Girl

Fun Time with My Girl

Remi and I have had lots of fun lately! We had a little extra girl time with Tyler working overtime jobs, so here’s what we’ve been up to!

I took her BACK to the fair. Yes, we went again because we had some leftover tickets to use up. She loved riding rides, watching both shows, eating a treat, and seeing the animals again. She’s getting to be so fun to just be with- I love nights like this, where she’s acting like a big kid, I can say “yes” to so much, and we just enjoy each other.

This was a fun day we got to have as a family- we had two birthday parties in one morning! We started at a park for a friend from church and ended in another friend’s backyard. It’s fun to watch the kids interact together. Often, she’s with her friends away from us at school or church classes, so I like getting to see inside her world.

Tyler was working overtime at the skating rink, so we decided to go see him and Remi took a whirl on the floor! She tried out her skates on the baby floor, but she did make several laps around the big rink (with me following behind her on foot….momma doesn’t skate! I broke my arm twice skating as a kid and have an unreal fear of falling). She even did the limbo game and made it like 5 rounds! SO proud of her for trying something new!

I loved how she dressed herself for the skating rink. She looked like a teenager. So I was so glad when on the way out she wanted to ride with Buzz Lightyear. She’s still a little kid. Whew.

She loves to pick out her own outfits, and I like to give her that freedom as much as possible. She picked this very girl ensemble for church- tutu dress, bracelets and glitter high heels. She was FEELING herself.,

At our church mom’s group, a mom of teenagers spoke about how the “cherish it now, it will only get harder/worse/they won’t like you later” advice was SO wrong. She said if you grow your bond and do the work to set boundaries and such now, that your kids are just fun as they grow. And I know Remi is only (almost) five, but we are having more fun than ever. I like her, and I love her.

I’m thankful we get to do so many fun things together!