More Summer Fun

More Summer Fun

Just saving our summer fun memories!

Remi really enjoyed her last summer at daycare (well, she will probably return next year as an elementary student…but last full-time summer there). They had a fun princess party day, and she was in FULL Elsa gear!

She’s been VERY excited about getting stronger for gymnastics (side note: she “leveled up” by passing her first skills test!)…so she’s been joining me for my workouts. I’ve moved my equipment to the bathroom and we’ve been working out in there.

Tyler got a new fishing kayak, so he’s been on the lake quite a bit this summer. I went out one evening with him for a little fishing date night.

Remi completed the summer reading program at the library, and she got several prizes. One she was very excited about was a make-your-own-pizza kit from Papa Murphey’s. We had fun making it together.

Remi’s First Big Musical!

Remi’s First Big Musical!

We’ve taken Remi to some local theater, but we decided to try out our first touring Broadway show when Anastasia came to town.

I’ll be honest….it may not have been the best show to try. It was GREAT, but a little slower paced. But she really enjoyed it.

We had a fun day in Tulsa together- lunch and a little shopping. While the musicals are fun time for mom and I to spend together, it was fun to bring Remi into the mix!

A little later in the summer, we saw Annie at our local theater, and she LOVED that. We are taking her to the Frozen tour in October, and she’s gonna just LOVE that.

Crazy Awesome Fun Camp!

Crazy Awesome Fun Camp!

This was technically, the first year Remi could attend our church’s vacation Bible school, which we call Crazy Awesome Fun Camp. She tagged along last year since I was working it….but this year, her friends were there, too!

These girls are SO sweet! Norah, Remi and Journey- I hope they stay sweet friends for a long time. They were all in my mom’s small group.

Last year, I did the music, but this year I switched to being the emcee, and doing the Bible verse and theme stuff. Miss Lori did GREAt with music….and as always, it’s Remi’s favorite thing!

She’s still singing some of the songs.

I’m so grateful for a church that loves kids and really teaches them. The Bible story time was very impactful to Remi, learning all about Joseph’s story with some live action acting, too. I’m honored to be a small part of something so important to a kid’s spiritual growth!

4th of July Festivities

4th of July Festivities

We enjoyed several days of 4th of July activities when we got home from vacation.

It started on Saturday with our neighbor’s big party. They open their backyard up, cook a ton of food, and put on one heck of a fireworks show. We enjoy it!

And Remi LOVED getting to swim like a big kid (alone, without a grown up) in the pool.

We invited our friends Caroline and Grace to come over, since it was going to be fireworks without a huge crowd. Nancy had driven over in her side-by-side, and Tyler took the girls for a drive. They LOVED it.

They also played bubbles and ran around the yard. It was so fun to watch them play.

They were mesmerized by the fireworks. I absolutely love seeing the wonder in their eyes!

Sunday, Remi participated in our little Miss Freedom Fest pageant.

We got her all dolled up after church. She looked SO cute!

She didn’t win the crown, but she did win most beautiful and best personality. She also made a friend in her age category which was fun.

After the pageant, we went to watch fireworks at the next little town over.

On Monday (the actual holiday), Tyler was off work! We were so glad to have him around all day.

We started out early at the Square because it was HOT. I helped with a booth for our church for an hour while Remi hit the slides. We LOVE the 4th in our town. They have all these fun inflatables and a big festival. And it’s so fun to be surrounded by friends all day!

You get handed so many free things walking around- hats, headbands, popsicles, water, glow sticks, flags….

Remi looked like the 4th of July for sure!

We shopped the vendors, got Remi an airbrush tattoo, ate lunch and went home to nap. It was just too hot to be outside all day.

After naps, we swam at mom’s and then grilled hot dogs. We usually go back to the square for dinner, but it was too hot to be out on the pavement until the sun went back down.

We got there around 8, grabbed dessert and a good spot to listen to the music, and waited for fireworks!

There’s usually a dance band, but this year was a country singer. While he was great, we missed the dancing. Thankfully, after the fireworks, he played two dance songs…so we got to boogie on the Square with our friends before the night was over.