How we told our moms….

I was reading back through baby blog posts and realize I never told how we told our moms we were pregnant. It isn’t anything spectacular, but it’s our story and I want to document it.

We told my mom first (it just happened that way).  I found out I was pregnant on a Saturday morning, and that weekend was ROUGH. We had just put dad in the nursing home following complications with this eye surgery (refresh your memory here). It was also dad’s birthday weekend…so it was tough. That Sunday night was GREASE Live on TV, and mom came over to watch it so she wasn’t alone.

I had made quesadillas for dinner and handed her a plate of food.  I had hidden the pregnancy test in the silverware drawer expecting her to grab a fork. Well, quesadillas are hand held. Wah wah wah….So I offered her a “fork” (aka handed her the test) and she sort of stared at it.

Then she was like “What? Are you serious?” And freaked out! I loved it.  It was the pick-me-up that we needed. God’s timing is always perfect. 🙂

We ended up talking through GREASE Live and had a fun evening together.

The next night, Nancy came over. Same thing. I had made some food, but she wasn’t hungry. Grr….so Tyler was trying to coerce her to “try this new peanut butter we bought. It’s SO good!” and he handed her a “spoon” (again, a pregnancy test). She was speechless.  Nancy’s response was much bigger.  She cried.  She sat at the table staring into space and kept saying “I can’t believe it. This is what this feels like.” It was precious.

It was fun to be able to tell them…but then they had to keep their mouths closed until our first appointment. ha!

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