5 on Friday: Ultrasound and Other Fun

5 on Friday: Ultrasound and Other Fun

Here are 5 awesome things we did this week:

  1. We saw these tiny little feet wiggling at our 4D ultrasound.


2. We saw this sweet smile and sweet cheeks.LEE, BRIT_9LEE, BRIT_14LEE, BRIT_28LEE, BRIT_30

3. We watched Remi be an acrobat. Feet right by the hands next to the face. Sister likes being squished up.


4. We went to a NWA Naturals game last night with the moms. It was a fun evening. Ran a couple errands, ate way too much at PF Changs and then saw several home runs!

5. I stopped by to hug the necks of some of my Zumba girls. I love these 4. Ava (the one in the middle) is moving to the East Coast, so they had a little going away dinner for her. I was so glad they invited me so I could say hello and see you later. I don’t miss teaching, per se. I like my evenings and have enjoyed the slower pace. However, I miss the people. 


So that was my week! How was your week?

Closing a Chapter

Closing a Chapter

Tonight is my last Zumba class. I’m not sure if/when I’m coming back. We have a new life to adjust to. And while I know I will want the activity and the outlet, the thought of working all day and teaching Zumba after (while basically not seeing my baby those days) hurts my heart….so I’m saying “See You Later” to my classes instead of a traditional maternity leave with a return 6 weeks after baby (which is what some other trainers at the gym have done).

I’ve been teaching Zumba for over 5 years. My classes started at just 5-6 people (one of which is still sticking around 5 years later!) but has grown to be a full class of 20+ most days. It’s been an honor to watch them grow in confidence, have fun, let loose, relieve stress, lose weight, and reach goals.

Teaching Zumba (most days) was super fun. Of course, like any job or obligation, there are days when you don’t want to be there…but those were few and far between. Most days I found such a release from dancing, smiling, having fun, and leading these classes. Part of me worries how I will find that without my regular classes – but I know I can attend classes, dance at home, or find another release entirely. I also know that I want to stay active, especially during the pregnancy. My main plan is to walk the dogs, walk with Tyler and mom, and maybe do some prenatal yoga. However after baby, I want to jump back into home DVDs. To be honest, some times teaching Zumba got in the way of other fitness goals I had. That may sound odd, but with the obligation of having to teach, I couldn’t fully exert myself on my own workouts (because I felt like I needed to save some of myself for my classes).

I’ve had some great highlights- Zumba brought me some of my best friends, gave me a local community when I felt like an outsider, allowed me to give back through Zumbathons, took me to convention where I had some fun times of learning and dancing.

I’ll still be subbing at the gym once in a while, so I’m excited to stick around some.

But for now, it’s turning the page on this chapter of my life. I’m hoping to get back to the shape I was a few years ago after baby (ha!) and I’m sure Zumba will be a part of that in one form or another…but I’m also excited to have my life back! I’ve been spending 2-3 nights at the gym for 5 years! I’m ready to enjoy going home after work and being with my people.

It’s a bittersweet goodbye, but I’m excited about where life is taking me!1149031_554956384552615_318560563_n.jpg

Weekend Recap: Fun and Sickness

Weekend Recap: Fun and Sickness

I didn’t have time to be sick…but on Friday at work, I went from stuffy to stuffy with a headache, chills, and warm skin….so off to Urgent Care I went.  Two hours later, I knew I had an ear infection and sinus infection and a prescription.  I didn’t want to miss everything for the weekend, but I knew I would have to rest in between.

Friday after work, I had committed to helping with a Zumbathon.  Thankfully, she had me up first, so I taught and went home to rest.  Tyler had to work…so I was in bed by 8:30.

But, I’m a “fake it till you make it” kinda gal…so I don’t look sick in these pics, even though I felt miserable.




We had a big group helping out.  I love our local instructors…we have so much fun together!IMG_8808.JPG


And it was Cece’s birthday!  I hated to miss the celebration after, but there was no way I could do it all.IMG_8809.JPG


Saturday, mom and I headed out of town.  Gram stayed with dad, and we we stopped at first to tour a Memory Care Unit nearby.  The visit was good.  The home is nice, the people are caring, and we know that when the day comes, we know where we want to take him.  That was pretty tough…but we sloughed that off and headed to NWA for the day.

We did some shopping, ate lunch at PF Changs, and then saw “Camelot” at the Walton Arts Center.  Somehow, I never take pics of mom and I…but I promise we were there. 🙂

Saturday when I returned, Tyler was still pretty tired…so we just stayed home.  We had a snack dinner and relaxed.

Sunday, we got quite a bit of snow. We had to go to the police station for Tyler to do a piece of paperwork after church…and it started snowing on our drive home.  Well, it was snowing pretty heavy south of town, and when we pulled into our driveway, we already had an inch or so.  And it kept coming down!


We just rested, cooked, and watched the Oscars Sunday night.  I needed the rest, apparently.

How was your weekend?  Did you get any snow?

Weekend Recap: Dancing and Date Night

Weekend Recap: Dancing and Date Night



This weekend was great.  Lots of time to connect, do some fun stuff, and also get things done.

Friday night, Tyler had to work, so once he left, my friend Rachel came over for dinner and a movie.  I made some lasagna rolls (wish I had taken pictures and notes of what I did – they were GOOD!) and we watched The Other Woman. It was SO funny.  We loved it.

I didn’t go to bed until after 1 (which is SO unlike me!).  Rachel and I talked so much that we didn’t start the movie until after 11! ha!


So, on Saturday, I slept in a bit until 8:30, and then when Tyler got home from work we hung out for a bit.  When he went to sleep, I headed out to Zumba and lunch with the family.


Saturday afternoon was great.  I took a little nap, we got up and walked the dogs, and then we went downtown for dinner.  We keep trying to go to a new restaurant in town, Bricktown Brewery, on date nights…but the wait is over an hour and #aintnobodygottimeforthat so we ended up at the Hamburger Barn. It’s an older place in town, but I had never been.  I had a yummy Greek burger with feta, olives, and onions.  While we were eating, mom texted that they weren’t using their tickets for the night, and if we wanted them we could have them.

*Side note: I HATED this for her.  The tickets were to see Vicki Lawrence (from Mama’s Family- we watched it when I grew up) and she was so excited.  But dad wasn’t having a great day (I hate you, Alzheimer’s) so they weren’t staying for the show.  We picked up the tickets from mom and got to the show right as it started.

Tyler had no idea who Vicki Lawrence was, but she was funny.  She even came out as Mama and sang a few songs, too.


The show was at the casino, and we messed around a bit after.  We didn’t gamble, but we watched a few people hit it big.



Sunday was a fun day.  We had a special Zumba combo class scheduled, so after church and lunch we went to the gym.  I taught Zumba Toning first, and then Cece taught Aqua Zumba.  We had a GREAT turnout with a full class of 40 people!




Several of my “regulars” came, but also some new people. LOVED it. And since it was all Toning, I got to wear the cool head mic and be Britney Spears for class (I don’t mic up for regular Zumba…you cue with your hands…but for Toning, you have to give verbal commands).IMG_8598.JPG


And our instructor friend Kylie came, which was fun. (and this pic shows me and Cece matching….who wore it best? ha!)IMG_8600.JPG


Sunday night, I just food prepped and hung out with Tyler.  We had dinner, watched some TV, and rested.  Great weekend!


How was your weekend?  Anything fun happen? Fill me in!