Spring Flings

Spring Flings

We’ve had some fun things pop up this spring!

One of the most special was Remi’s school Mother’s Day luncheon. They had it a week early (since their Graduation was Mother’s Day week), and it was so sweet. For starters, Remi wanted to match me, so we wore matching leopard and black pants. Then, as she got ready, she gave me her little crown ring so I felt special.

They had a sweet little program for us, where I did cry happy tears as she sang a “Happy Mother’s Day” song to me. We ate lunch at the sweetest little tables. Her school goes all out. They had made us crafts with their handprints, set tables with flowers and tablecloths, and served us a precious lunch.

That evening, we snuck up to Fayetteville for the Popovich pet show. I had won tickets, and we took a little girl’s trip for dinner and a show. The show was so fun! Remi LOVED watching the dogs and cats and birds and pig and horse doing tricks.

That weekend, we got lots of rain (it felt like it rained for two weeks straight), but it was clearing up so we were able to hit up our town’s car show. Because of the weather, there weren’t food trucks or bouncy houses, but we did enjoy meeting people. In fact, Remi got to meet people who brought their baby goat and another with a baby raccoon! Random fun.

We went for brunch after the car show and then got to work building her a new backyard playset. She’s outgrown the one we bought years ago, and we saw a good deal on this one.

It took Tyler and I two days and a total of 13 hours putting it together. We needed our moms’ help for a bit with some of the big pieces (the roof and the swingset legs), but I’m proud of how we got it all put together.

And Remi LOVED it!

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