No Motivation

I am one final, one paper, and one group project away from finishing my first semester of grad school.

There is one problem. No motivation.

I need to make it through my study guide for my Quant final exam tonight…but I would rather watch the gingerbread competition special on the food network (that I think I have seen before! haha).

Tyler always makes fun of me for watching things multiple times. I can watch the same shows over and over again because I notice different things, and I usually do several things at once….like write this post and watch TV, so I miss stuff the first time around.

Anyways, back to no motivation. I just want to go home, be with my family, do wedding stuff, and hang out. I don’t want to study or test. But whatever. I know I have to do all of it. And it will get done. But know that I don’t wanna.

Mixed Ramblings

There is so much going on, and so much on my mind, sleep doesn’t seem good anymore. Just tossing and turning all night (hey! thats an old 50s song!). I will get to sleep over Christmas break…which is so close now.

We have our first marital counseling session Friday- I’m really excited. Tyler’s pastor, Bro. Ronnie, who is marrying us, is so nice and full of wisdom. He is a great communicator of the word of God. And I feel like he really values and understands communication- so I like him even more!

This weekend is my shower at OBU. I can’t wait to see my friends and spend some time with them. Its weird not being with them all the time, and to think that season of my life where I had close friends within an arms reach 24/7 is over. I miss those girls. I hope people come to my shower. Its kind of like being a kid and wondering if people will show up to your birthday party.

Well, I must get ready for my loooooong Wednesday. Teaching, office hours, quant homework, class, teaching, 3 hour class, going to see Tyler (weather permitting).

At least we will FINALLY be turning in our huge quant paper today. What a burden to turn it in….praying for an A!



Yeah, I’m blogging about blogging. I love reading blogs. I used to xanga in high school (it was semi-lame, does it count?), but I don’t have a real “big girl” blog. So here I am.

I am writing a paper on blogging for my gender communication final for grad school, and its so interesting. I was reading how women in repressed Middle Eastern countries blog to find their identities. When they don’t have a voice in real life, they turn to a blog to find themselves. These women live for their blogs.

I don’t know that I want to live for my blog, but I would like a place to vent, think, and express myself. Maybe I’ll save a few memories along the way, and maybe make some friends. Who knows.

But anyway, here I am. Razorback Britt. NWA import, hog fan, diva, diy crafter, bride-to-be, grad student. That pretty much sums it up. Let’s see where this thing can take us…