Wardrobe Words Week 2 Recap

Wardrobe Words Week 2 Recap

Week 2 has come and gone, and it was full of fun outfits!

Day 7: FREQUENT. For me, leopard print is a frequent thing in my wardrobe, so I wore my leopard cardigan. We went to the races, so I wanted something cute and comfy, and this outfit did the trick!


8. POWER. So enter, my power pants! I got these from Amazon and while they were different, I really liked them. I paired them with a floral, and it felt really bright and noticeable, which adds to the powerful feeling when you’re commanding attention.


9: MEMORY. I decided to go with an item that has a memory attached to it. I remember buying this sweater after Ouachita homecoming when I spent a day shopping around Hot Springs by myself. It was just a nice relaxing day where I leisurely shopped alone- which is a treat I never get to do these days, so it’s a happy memory. 🙂


1: STATEMENT. I went with a color that made a statement: my statement was I’m ready for Spring!  I didn’t get a pic of us all, but my coworkers wore very powerful patterns- a floral kimono and a fun elephant skirt!


11. ACCESSORY. I threw a headband on over my day-two hair…and Donna rocked some blue accessories!


12: THROWBACK. I went with a mod 60’s inspired look. I LOVE this dress from Anthro, but it’s loud, so I don’t wear it a ton. Like everything I’ve dug out of my closet for this, I got lots of compliments on it!


Paige wore the outfit she wore 4 years ago on her first day at work, and Donna wore a shirt from her previous job. A nice mix of throwbacks!

13: STRIPES. We all wore such cute stripe outfits on Friday!


14: OPPOSITES.  We went hiking for our anniversary, so I wore my camo leggings and my “Raise King Humans” shirt. It felt like opposites, to be kind and in war pattern. ha!


15: VINTAGE. This is my vintage Tri Chi pullover from college. I don’t remember which year I got this but it’s pre-2009, so it’s over 10 years old. One of the only items from college I’ve kept. I love this thing.


And just like that, it’s the end of wardrobe words. We are quarantined at home- working from home (so hello yoga pants!), trying not to spread COVID19. So I’m done playing dress up for now. 🙂


Stay well, friends.

Wardrobe Words Week 1 Recap

Wardrobe Words Week 1 Recap

Week 1 of Wardrobe Words is done! We’ve reallllly enjoyed digging in our closets and creating looks around these words. I have two coworkers playing along for sure (and if anyone out there wants to join us- come on along!)


  1. Nautical. I did some blue/white stripes, but then to me right now, nautical means cruising! We are headed on an Alaskan cruise this summer (Coronavirus be darned!), and so I’ve been adding a few pieces to my wardrobe to pack, and this cozy oversized sweater is one I can’t wait to wear on the boat. So it’s nautical to me!


2. Preppy! A floral blazer with a gingham scarf and a clean, white shell were preppy for me!


3. BRIGHT. This is Donna and Paige- two of the sweetest people you’ll ever know that I’m blessed to see every day!  Donna has an amazing wardrobe because she’s spent a lot of time in Africa for missions- and this skirt is one of those unique pieces!  I love our bright looks here!  This dress is one that I bought but hadn’t worn yet (in like a year of it hanging in my closet).  I got lots of compliments, and was told I looked like a pinata, in a good way! ha!


4. SOUTHERN. I went gingham (second time this week, yes!) and a tied chambray shirt. I also rocked some pearls, because that feels southern belle to me.


Paige did a cute tied shirt and her boots, while Donna (with her AMAZINGLY long never-been-cut hair) was in cute pigtails with a denim skirt.


5. MONOCHROMATIC.  I went with all green. Camo and a green suede shirt. I usually wear these camo pants with a jewel tone- like a burgundy- and I felt a little off in the green, but I think it worked!


Paige did classic all black, and Donna went with pinks head to toe


6. FAVORITE.  So I did my favorite band- Hanson!  And I’m PUMPED to be fitting into this shirt again (it’s a fitted medium). I also wore my leopard TOMS, my favorite shoes, but I didn’t get a pic on my way out the door. 🙂


Can’t wait to see what we put together next week!

Join us for Wardrobe Words

Join us for Wardrobe Words

One of my coworkers was wearing a cute outfit, and I commented that it looked nautical (striped skirt and cute little jacket).  Then I got to thinking about the 21 Day Fashion Challenge I participated in years ago- where she gave us outfit inspiration every day.

I mentioned it to my coworkers who LOVED the idea- to dig into our closets and get inspiration from the things we have, to look at them in new ways.

So I ran with it. I made a list of words to inspire outfits in the month of March.  Play along for a few days when you don’t know what to wear, or join us for all 31 days.  Use the hashtag #wardrobewords on Instagram to share your outfits. I’ll be recapping mine here weekly, and sharing some of my faves from others, too!


25 Days of Christmas Outfits: Week 4

25 Days of Christmas Outfits: Week 4

The last of the Christmas outfits! Just a few days left to show off.

Saturday was pretty low key. Remi was home all day- with us and then a babysitter (we went to Tyler’s grandfather’s funeral- more on that later), so she wore a snowflake shirt while playing.

Sunday was this ADORABLE get up- a nativity dress, tall socks and a big bow! Everyone at church LOVED it.


Monday she wore TWO Christmas outfits. The first was this cute Eleanor Rose shirt (that I really ordered for next year on clearance, but it arrived on Monday, so she wore it!) while we played and did family Christmas.


Then a second nativity dress for Christmas Eve service!


On actual Christmas, she got dressed up with this new Rudolph outfit from cousin Kelsey for lunch. You know I love leopard print!


It was fun to parade her in our cute holiday clothes all month long! Since so many outfits from last year fit again this year (and I feel like the same will happen next year), it only made sense to wear them every day!

Until next year, Christmas clothes!