Monthly Date Nights: January

Monthly Date Nights: January

wOne goal, resolution or whatever you want to call it that we discussed for the year was monthly date nights.

Yes, I know many couples who find time for weekly date nights, but that seemed a bit of a stretch for us.  But we DO have moms who love watching Remi, so we knew with a little intention, we could easily do monthly date nights.  It’s crazy how without planning, several months could go by without any intentional time together.


So we had a night where we took Remi to the Monkey House, and then my mom took her home to put her to bed and we went out after.  We went to our newish wine bar, Uncorked.  It’s SO GOOD.  I went a couple months ago with coworkers, and they’ve only improved since then.

The food is mostly small plates and appetizers.  We shared a few- including these delicious venison nachos!  They also offer beer flights, a wine vending machine-type thing that’s so fun to sample new things, and fun drinks.


We had a great spot in the side room, so we got to talk and hang out.  We had a bit of a scare when Tyler got a text from his supervisor wondering if he was working the basketball game that night.  Apparently he was supposed to be there, but they had it covered, so he didn’t have to leave.  But it was before we had gotten any of our food or drinks, so he could have left if he needed to.  Thankfully, we still got to enjoy our date night!

Here’s to more next month!

Date Night to NWA

Date Night to NWA

We snuck away one night last week for a belated Valentine date. I’m so thankful that mom kept Remi for us so we could enjoy some grown up time!

We started the evening at our favorite spot- Kobe for sushi. We got some delicious rolls, and the chef made a smiley face out of this plate!

We happened to be there during Happy Hour, so sushi and drinks were cheap. Holler!

After dinner, we had a little bit of time so we walked around Whole Foods.  We couldn’t really do much shopping since we were about to sit through a show (and I didn’t bring a cooler bag) but we did splurge and get a mini-dessert sampler. You got to pick 6 mini sweet treats. Tyler got a canoli, chocolate macaron and a chocolate tart. I got a salted caramel macaron, raspberry tart, and a key lime cheesecake. They were YUM.

We ended our evening at the newly renovated Walton Arts Center for Circus Oz. They are the Australian National Circus and they are SO GOOD. We saw them years ago and loved it, and this show was even better! Funny, breathtaking…the cast is so talented. (watch a preview video here) It’s sort of like a Cirque show that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. If they come near you, go see them!

We had a great night together.

I’m thankful for this wonderful man. He loves us well, is always encouraging me and I couldn’t imagine this life without him. I’m so thankful for time to connect, laugh and enjoy each other.


More Christmas Fun! 

More Christmas Fun! 

We had a lot more Christmas fun this week!

On Monday night, we headed up to Bell Park after dinner for our local light display. I love this one. You donate a few dollars and get to drive through a beautiful park filled with light displays. And this week, they had the live nativity, so we also got to see donkeys, camels, goats, and a live nativity.A great focus on the real reason for Christmas.

Funny story- at the live nativity, there was a goat stuck in the fence. Tyler hated to see him stuck so badly that after we finished our drive through, we went to a friend’s house who lived nearby to get tools to go cut the goat out of the fence. I love that big hearted man of mine!

Then on Tuesday, we headed up to Fayetteville after work (yes, playing hookie from Zumba!) to have dinner and see Home Free at the Walton Arts Center. Home Free is a country acapella band that won the second season of the Sing Off. We love them- we listen to their music in the car a lot. So I was thrilled to hear their Christmas music live! It was a fun night! We were so impressed with their talent! 

Of course we had sushi since we were in  Fayetteville. Tyler’s favorite!   
Now we move on to prepping for our Christmas parties this weekend!

What are you doing to celebrate the season?

Life This Week

Life This Week

Here are this week’s highlights:


I think I’ve been voluntold to teach a Bible study next semester at church. ha! I was texting my pastor’s wife (who is in charge of the women’s ministry) about a book I’m loving…and I asked her if anyone was teaching the study next semester.  She responded with “You are!”  ha!  So I ordered the book to look over and borrowed the DVDs to check out.  The study is “Fight Back with Joy” (and you better believe if I teach it that I will blog about it!). I love the scripture memory verses in the back of the book including the first one from Psalm 16. 

On Monday night, we had a Christmas date. We went to dinner after work and ran a couple errands…and then we went to one of my favorite things: Creekmore Park.  This park in town gets decked out in Christmas lights. It’s free to walk around the trail and see the lights.  It was a great night for this- not too cold.  Because of that, it was BUSY.  There is also a train that costs just 25 cents to ride- and it takes you around the park.  The Rotary Club was giving out free hot cider- which was a nice treat, too!


Pippin is CRAZY.  He is 100% my dog.  This pup wants to be with me, sitting on me, being near me ALL THE TIME.  He will even sit on my shoulders like a parrot. I love it.

I love our Christmas Tree. That is all.

And in Pippin fashion, he joined me VERY CLOSELY as I did my Bible study the other morning. In case you can’t tell, he is laying his head on my tummy in between my book and my Bible. ha!


How has YOUR week been?  Any fun Christmas things going on?