Friday Five: Under-appreciated Moms

Friday Five: Under-appreciated Moms

So with mother’s day coming up, I thought I’d wish a happy mother’s day to all the moms out there.  But for today’s Friday Five, I want to wish a special happy mother’s day to five groups of under-appreciated moms, including myself, the doggy mom. So to all you moms of actual humans, or these five under-appreciated moms, have a happy mother’s day!

1. Dog moms.  You may love your dog more than you ever thought humanly possible- and if you’re like me, you post WAY too many pictures of your dog on Instagram. That’s ok. You love them like children. So happy mother’s day doggie mom.


2. Cat moms. Cat moms may sometimes be called cat ladies, but they love their furbabies like kiddos. Props if you bathe your own cat. That’s a tough job, but only a loving mother could do it. Happy mother’s day cat mom. You’re awesome.


3. Aunts. I’ve always given my aunt a mother’s day card because she was a loving figure in my life.  She loved me, taught me things, and showed me how to have fun. So if you’re an aunt, happy mother’s day to you too.


4. Wives. That’s right ladies.  I know our husbands can act like children sometimes.  We take care of them when they’re sick, we clean up after them, and we do thankless tasks for them.  So even if you just have a husband, happy mother’s day to you for taking care of a grown-size man child.


5. Friends. If you have friends with kids, you are probably a huge help to them and you probably love their kids (if you aren’t a help to your friends and you don’t love their kids, maybe reconsider your life choices). There are so many kids in my life that I can step in and “mother” if I need to- whether that’s teaching their kids at church, watching their kids while they have a date night, or just loving their kids like a crazy aunt. If you have friends with kids, happy mother’s day to you because I bet there is a kid in your life who loves you and looks up to you.


So there you have it.  Happy mother’s day to all the moms- real or otherwise. And happy Friday!

Halloween Memories

Today’s Blogtober Fest post is all about Halloween memories!
I have tons of fun Halloween memories as a kid…but all those (embarassing) photos are at mom’s, so in order to keep you captivated with awesome photos, I will have to tell you about the last Halloween where I dressed up.
It was our first Halloween as a couple back in maybe 2008?  We were in college, and Tyler’s social club (fraternity) were going on an outing to Dallas over Halloween, including a Halloween dance. So we had to find costumes.
I am the costume queen.  After singing and dancing for my entire life (as well as a couple years in Branson), I have two closets at mom’s full of costumes. I have outfits for everything just about. A nurse outfit? Got it. Western? 50’s? Hula? Country? You name it, I can dress for it out of that costume closet.
So we started there. Tyler looked through my costumes trying to imagine what we could go together as.  Add a doctor’s outfit to my nurse? Nope, that wasn’t cutting it.  Go as hippies with my tye-dye pants as inspiration. Lame, he said. So we took a trip to the local costume shop.
It was a party store the rest of the year, but at Halloween, every inch of space were packaged costumes.  I told him to basically pick anything, and I would be the female pair to it.  Cop? Then I’ll be a robber. Want to be monkeys? I’ll get the gorilla suit. Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion? How about we do celebrity? Go as Brad and Angelina (I even offered to go all Tomb Raider). Again…a no.
We probably spent a good hour browsing all the costumes.  I thought we were doomed to go to the dance in regular clothes as college kids because Mr. Picky couldn’t find a costume. Then he suddenly gasped, pointed and exclaimed “That’s it!”
“It” was a Luke Skywalker outfit.  Tan leggings, a tunic, and a belt. WHAT? (to this day, I think he chose it because of the lightsaber.)
Now, my husband is NOT a sci-fi guy.  He’s a country boy who owns a motorcycle shop. He has never even SEEN all the Star Wars movies. What did that leave me to dress as?
Princess Leia.  Enter the bun wig.
I held up my agreement that I would be anything. I bought the white robe and wig.  I tried my hardest to make it cute by shortening the robe and adding leggings and high heels.
Tyler bought a “lightsaber.”  (I honestly believe he just wanted to carry a fake light up weapon all evening.  Admittedly, the glow of the lightsaber was fun at the dance.)
And here was the finished product.Yes, I’m aware they are brother and sister…but I was just glad we had a costume that got Mr. Picky’s approval.
Now, that night was fun.  But let the record show that I have never gotten my Halloween revenge choice of outfits. We haven’t been to another Halloween function since then.  I want so desperately to be Lucy and Ricky from I Love Lucy.  I was Lucy at a celebrity function in college and totally pulled it off.  
Evidence.  I kill it as Lucy.
And I think Tyler could carry a bongo.  He does like the props.
What was your best Halloween costume?

Weekend Recap: Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a great holiday weekend! We stayed home Friday night for Tyler to race at the RC track. I stayed home relaxing. He ended up winning the race! Woohoo!
Saturday, we slept in and then headed to Hot Springs. We had a little birthday party for my uncle Neil at his nursing/rehab home. Then Ty, me and the boy cousins went to the Hot Springs RC track to watch their races.
It is a much bigger track than we have at home.

Me and Gavin.

Me and Lukie.

After, we came home and swam. I also got to snuggle moms new dog Cabo. 🙂

Sunday, we all relaxed. Even Mikey.

Tyler worked on his RC cars, and I laid out by the pool reading. I finished The Help. So good. I also sported my bikini, which I haven’t worn one since high school!

I am no swimsuit model, but I am proud of my progress! I look misleading in the pic above, here is me in the water. This week, I will post a before pic to compare from just before Christmas and 10 pounds ago. A big difference!

Then dad BBQed for all of us!
Monday, we went for an early morning boat ride and for breakfast on the lake.

Then we came home and swam. Tyler is great with the kids. He plays so great with them. He will make a really great dad someday.

For lunch/dinner our family had a progressive dinner. We started at Jose’s for margaritas and queso. My fave.

Then to Fishermans Wharf for seafood. Tyler loves it!

We ended with dessert at Scoops for ice cream! Momma loves their ice cream!

Now we are headed home. Sunburnt, full of food and love. Fun weekend. Were you like a and forget to reapply the SPF? Mom said we aren’t sunkissed, we are sunslapped! Haha…
Now to apply the aloe… 🙂
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New Fiesta and V-Day Decor!

 I got lots of fun new Fiestaware!  Some were Christmas gifts…

Lilac pitcher
Two cappuccino mugs- juniper and new chartreuse
A fun little yellow display piece in pastel yellow
The bottom bowl is the new piece…..its Original red (or radioactive red!)
And my bestie got me this bread plate with the Fiesta Christmas tree in ivory!


Some I got from ebay or antique stores….

Original yellow cream soup bowl
Original green and old chartreuse -Two sugar bowls (missing lids…its ok…they are old) found at an antique store
Original yellow celery tray

And some I got at the Dillard’s New Year’s Day sale…

5 Christmas tree plates…to give me 6 total…and then I found 4 more on ebay for a collection of 10 Christmas plates!
Christmas cutlery!  Originally $99 a set….got them for $30 a set!
Close up of the Fiesta Christmas tree!

My current collection!

And I am all decorated for Valentine’s day!


I change the plates on this plate holder for each holiday…

And I also change the decor in my apothocary jar…
And the decor on my dining room table!


And for fun….these are some new things in my kitchen!
A fun little plaque I got at a local kitchen store!
And a fun chicken I fell in love with at Hobby Lobby! I just had to have him!  He sits on my baker’s rack!

And this was our guest book at our wedding…and I finally got it from mom’s house to hang in our kitchen…